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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heart and Soul

I am a strong believer that all we need to  know about life comes from nature it self. It gives us lessons on love, peace, respect as well as situations that are out of our control. As in caring for a flower we get to appreciate a bloom, respecting our surroundings we are granted a peaceful view.

The cool mornings of Autumn
allow us to appreciate the warm afternoons.
As I was walking along the stream caught between Molly catching a chipmunk and the minnows racing for cover, I found my self in awe of nature. The song came to mind and I began to sing" more than the greatest love the world has known" It was at this moment when the merging of souls and the sharing of a moment made all that much more sense. Love is the sharing of a moment, whether that be the nuthatch waiting its turn at the bird feeder or the squirrel jumping branches or the simple notion of one heart caring for another.
Our heart is indeed a puzzle
with various pieces interlocking to provide us with a view of life.
Love is simply appreciating
the magic of sharing heart and soul.

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