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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Behind The Gray

Behind the gray the skies are blue,
beyond the clouds the sun shines through.
In the darkness a light shines bright,
from your heart to mine holding tight.

From weariness and despair,
love and laughter we have yet to share.
Kindness of caring and bonding so,
that is how our love grows.

Worse than outside tears are inside tears,
because inside tears are carried for a lifetime.

The more I learn about the Monarch Butterfly, the more it relates to life. One that it is engrained in its DNA to complete the journey and that something so fragile can be strong enough to complete a three thousand mile journey against all odds. The caterpillars are just getting ready to complete their cycle and merge as a butterfly and begin their long journey. I am amazed at this gift of nature and the lessons of life they shower upon us.
As a small child I was always taken by the butterflies. That my father began to call me the little butterfly. In letters that I have from him in childhood. He would start with Dear Little Butterfly. The journey we take in life is longer than the three thousand miles the Monarch travels but never the less it to comes with the positive and negative that living life offers. Not always feeling so strong, yet always trying to remain in flight.

The journey long and hard,
with years of lessons to the heart.
Waiting for that special
that in your arms I will lay.

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