Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I have always felt that Easter was a very personal religious holiday. I never quite enjoyed the sharing of it, for it is blend of sorrow and happiness . But like the season in which it falls, it brings the hope , love and faith in the spirit of renewal. Tis is the month of spring when that which slept through winter shares in life once more.

There is a rainbow in the heavens
arched across the mighty blue,
magically bridging my love to you.

The day is passing and I don't know
why, but I find myself dreaming
of you and I.

The sky a warm and wonderful blue,
lays a foundation for all that we


Organization has never been my strong point, though God knows I try, it is like the movie" Somethings gotta give" I spent a little time clearing out my folder for the new year, deciding which events I would like to do and tossing out the trash. I came across a paper that my son wrote while in college " The Most Influential Person" It touched my heart to think that I made an impact in his life, so much so that when he thought about who to write about he chose his mother. I always wondered about a legacy, what did I leave behind or what difference did I make in someones life. What greater impact than that on a young mind. In his opinion I was succeeding against all odds. Against all odds? I must admit there have been challenges and many hurdles to overcome. Sometimes I felt like I was at a stand still and other times like that awful childhood game of " Chutes and Ladders' sliding back. Each time I found myself at the bottom of a mountain trying to climb back up. I imagine I am not alone in trying to conquer the demons that we ourselves create.
There are a few things that I seem to be dwelling on and one seems not to relate to the other, other than both have to do with rain. One is the song singing in the rain and the da da da, you know the da da da I am singing in the rain , just singing  in the rain oh what a feeling... and the other memory,  I am ten years old and I am in the living room of my childhood home. The memory is so vivid ,the windows are high close to the ceiling  and its storming. I can hear the rain hit the window in a violent way. The  treat of a tornado passing, the wind brisk and violent as tree branches hit against the side of the house. Mother nature has away of going about showing us our vulnerability. In the times it takes to snap your fingers the moment can be altered, a journey can begin or end.
I always believed that when times are most difficult, we reach for a positive memory like a life saving device to bring us to the surface for a breath of fresh air. My head spinning like a mosh mash of a collage, with people, times and places swirling about. It seemed a little my desk, everything in a disarray.
I have always enjoyed reading biography's. It gives you a better understanding of the vulnerabilities we will all confront. If you think about it to long it becomes a bit frightening. I think the ten old is surfacing, let's go out and play. I'll run you catch me. oops I'll trip and fall make it easy for you.

I celebrate the moment, and joyously I sing,
for we are here another day and another day to dream.
My soul is inquisitive, like a child who observes the day
and strolls through the thicket to find her way.

Challenging the memories, replacing the etched like pain,
with whispers of love and a vision that does not fade.
Accept the path that lead us to tomorrow and remember
who loves you and promises to remove the sorrow.

My mind is awfully busy,
few will understand,
I feel no threads of sadness,
no gloom of any shade ,
for I am but the moment
in the words of another day.


I took to dreaming,
I placed you in the role,
the king within the castle
and your love my heart
would hold .

The sun is always shining,
no tears like drops of rain,
for in this dream my love
you are the light that
never fades.

I looked to the heavens,
I spoke not a word, yet
my heart could surely
be heard.

It whispered of a love
true, when the Lord
redirected my life
to you.

"Welcome "said the Crocus,
shades of purple and white,
the first blooms of spring,
bring the first signs of life.

Strength is it character,
to challenges the snow
and cold as it pops its
head above the earth
as a new day unfolds.

I am shouting here in silence,
my heart reaches out to you,
to pull me close and hold me
tight under the heavens blue.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Gentle Kiss

They say that each of has one good story within us. I think it might be safe to say that a few of us have a few good stories. As I look back on life I find myself reviewing the various chapters of life. The  importance is not in what yesterday has written but what tomorrow holds. I found myself at ease when I realized that to not turn a page is to not grow. What is growth? Personal, business, emotional, physical, there are many ways that we grow.
When I was a small child I would spend hours down stairs in the room next to my fathers electronics place. The floor was dirt and yet it was a palace. My mother had random china pieces which became my favorite tea set, for that tea party which took me a way to far away lands. In the room next to me, my father tinkered with the tubes on the old radios. I could hear him communicating on his ham radio with people in various languages from countries all over the world. He always had on a set of black rim glasses to read the numbers on the tube and he went about his business of repairing as if I wasn't there. I had a doll short brown curly hair, she happened to be my best tea party partner, my best student when I played teacher and my best friend when I needed to escape into the world of fantasy.
I have always found that to be the most difficult, facing the reality of the day. Just like the little girl who pretended to be queen, I found my self reinventing myself along the way. Wife, mother, friend, poet, entrepreneur and sometimes lost soul. In all reality I felt like all of the above and none of the above. I do believe that I spent a lifetime conforming to the expectations of others. I still find myself battling to hold my ground and write the next chapter according to my own dreams and desires.
There were obvious signs of growth a long the way. Some of them seeming a little more selfish than others. From child to women I found the world a constant place of learning, achieving, building through the creations of my own mind.  There I was tearing down of walls and a building of bridges that helped in forming the character in which people related with. The current weeks troubling on many levels and yet I found a sense of peace. It wasn't so much a form of acceptance but as I screened the many years I came to terms with the chapters of my life. There were moments that I found confusing and out of my control, to only find that nothing is out of our control. Each journey is dictated by the choices we make, like standing at a crossroad and deciding which direction to take.
I have met so many people over the years that many of them  have become woven into my very being and some more vivid in color and others faded into the background of the tapestry of life.
The emotional calm is in knowing that we are loved. I can't explain it any other way. Just as people are woven into our individual tapestry, we are woven into theirs. I have always like intricate weave of a plaid quilt. Vibrant colors in a wide range of hues, from deeps red's to just a hint of white. Such is life as each color comes together on a canvas that is forever woven in time.
The obvious is sometimes the most difficult to see, like looking for your eye glasses to only be told they are on your head. I once thought that the experiences that relayed pain were the most complicated and yet they reveal the inner workings of emotion.
I am a bit tired, not in a sleep kind of way, maybe you can call it exhaustion as all the worry in the world won't change the facts. So as we turn the page and begin to write, I squeeze your hand a little tighter, place a kiss upon your lips and feel you pull me closer to you.

We are on the swings
and you push and pull,
a smile upon my face
recounts the days of old.

The sun is shining and
the dreams are so surreal,
as I close my eyes and
your love is what I feel.

No tears tonight,
no weeping hearts,
for we are together,
we have been here
from the start.

From this moment,
today we move on,
expanding the journey
your arms I long.

To embrace your love,
your sweet gentle kiss,
for now and forever
in a state of bliss.

From this moment,
today we move on ,
expanding the journey
your arms I long.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet Lullaby

The flowers grow,
even with the snow,
the sun shines bright
as the hills await
the signal to shine.

The days are passing
as tomorrow nears
and again we will
celebrate each day
that we share.

The flowers grow,
even with the snow,
the sun shines bright
as the hills await
the signal to shine.

Left in the darkness
is yesterdays pain
as we replace it
with the joy that
love gave.

The flowers grow,
even with the snow,
the sun shines bright
as the hills await
the signal to shine.

My heart weeps for the feel of your arms, to wake up each morning free from harm. My soul had spoken and  I could not deny the love touch of happiness caught me by surprise. From morning till night fall when stars take to the sky, I find myself dancing with you my angel by my side. 

Angels in passing, 
stars light up the sky,
songs of love are sung
in a sweet lullaby.

The music softly played
for us to hear, courts 
the soul upon the clouds
where a dance we will

Angels in passing, 
stars light up the sky, 
songs of love are sung 
in a sweet lullaby. 

Some day the river will stop its flow and we'll stand at the crossing again wondering which way to go. The road is troubled the hills are awfully tall and yet I can still hear the song of love call on out to me. The day is all in passing, I find my self sitting here laughing.Remembering the dreams , wish the darkness away, holding on to your love as it takes me to another day. 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Quest for Truth

It is human nature to want to explore and verify the existence of the unknown. Our journey may have us searching the galaxy, our soul and sometimes our very own mind on our quest for the truth or the reality of what is. I doubt we would have to look very far, as the answers lie within us. Whether we choose to see them or not it is up to each individual to explore and accept.  In some instances  the truth is very different depending how we choose to interpret it. The variations of our journey is the script in which we live.

There was a clarity to the moment,
sad but obviously true and as I gazed
unto the blue skies  my thoughts
raced to you.

Trapped like a fly in a spiders web,
struggling to break free and surface
to get my breath.

The reality a doorway, truth a window
or two and I looked out one and the
other I walked on through.

I made my way through the darkness
as I saw the heavens blue and there
upon the clouds was reality and a dream
or two.

The truth brought an ache that I preferred
to deny as I envisioned a fantasy that
comforted heart, soul and mind.

Time was indeed passing and I held on
so long , dreaming of a paradise where
my soul belonged.

I didn't want to accept the years that
passed on by, but the truth lay in my
heart each and every time I cried.

I hate the game of chess
     the ponds are expendable...
The conclusion is in the final script,
individually written and 
dictated by choice. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Night or Good Morning

Like a rainbow arching the blue of the sky,
your love bridges the soul with the mind.
Paradise looks more like a nightly dream,
where I wake to find you laying next to me.

The bright early morning is not what I fear,
as long as I know in thought you are here.
My heart feels the pain that absence brings,
so beg yea to not wake me from this dream.


There is no melancholy nor songs of sad and blue, the reality is my love for you. I trust in the moment to heal my wounded heart and comfort my soul by cradling it in the dark.

The day is quickly approaching and I know not what I'll do, but as long as I have your love I know i'll see it through. The rain may seem dreary, but the flowers know so well, the nourishment of love removes all traits of hell.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Sky Blue

Encircled in the moment,
the wind spirals my soul,
reminders of your love
and the embrace of old.

Seasoned with the time,
the memories unfold and
reveal the priceless treasure
like the finest of  gold.

Charmed by the sweetness
of a summer sky blue and 
the whimsical dreams   
shared daily with you. 

Pleasant the images 
that I embrace, as they 
bring your love to our
sweet happy place. 

Charmed by the sweetness
of a summer sky blue and 
the whimsical dreams 
shared daily with you. 

I looked at the mountains, 
gazed out at the sea and 
wondered what life had
in store for me. 

Would there be someone 
to hold me at night or 
I would I be lonely for 
the rest of my life?

Silent the moment, 
no words did I hear,
but the music soft 
played to my ear. 

Follow your heart
as it quickly unfolds,
revealing the treasures
within your soul. 

The magic of love
like the finest of lace,
is woven of threads  
held tightly in place. 

My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose": Winter or Spring?

My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose": Winter or Spring?: I want it! I demand it! the warmth of sun upon my face, the grass green and the flowers that are in a blooming race. I want it! I deman...

Winter or Spring?

I want it! I demand it! the warmth
of sun upon my face, the grass
green and the flowers that are
in a blooming race.

I want it! I demand it! to wake
up from this dream and find
you never left and you're
lying here beside me,

I want it! I demand it!  to see
your smile once more as I
open up my eyes to you
whom I adore.

The flowers say it's spring but
the season is not kind as the
buds of tree blossoms are
frozen like the hills of ice.

I  imagine my head on your shoulder today,
as you wipe the tears of life for yet another day.
Your arms around me gentle and tight, brings
a little comfort when our souls take flight.

Memories the silence rules,
when in the darkness your
love takes a hold.

When days create a haze,
I reach for your hand and
remember the day when
life took a stand.

When your lips touched mine
and I felt your heart beat for
a mere moment when you
were next to me.

When the stars no longer
shine and the moon begins to
hide, I reach for you and
again pull you to my side.

When your lips touched mine
and I felt your heart beat for
a mere moment when you
were next to me.

The seasons have it all wrong,
they say spring is here, but as I
look on out my window, winter
snow appears.

Another day is in passing and I
don't know the why, but it
feels like a repetition without
the blue sky.

Lost in the dreams of life or
is it the fears I hid behind?
For something inside of me
must certainty have died.

Friday, March 22, 2013


I saw the little blue bird magical as can be,
it sat upon the branch and it began to sing.

Spring time was nearing and winter stands
to fight, as the trees are in bud and the hills
are cast in a winter white.

My mind began to wander to the time of
yesterday and again to the present where
there were clouds dark and gray.

I tried to comprehend the ache inside of
me , as my heart holds to the moment
waiting on that first warm day of spring.

Time is again passing and yesterday is gone
and I stand tall against the storms to leave
them with a goodbye.

There is no replacing the dreams that
heaven holds, as I go about rejoicing,
I feel the restraints upon my soul.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

..with a dream.

Gazing out the window,
the sun was shining bright
and for just one moment
I felt my soul take flight.

Soaring to the heavens
above the clouds so high,
celebrating the joy of life
as time quickly passes by.

Grateful for your friendship,
for the love you share with me
and the wonders of a lifetime
that started with a dream.

Death of a Soul

I saw the lights, 
bright in the night,
like a window through
your heart I watched 
your soul take flight. 

The chill rattles deep
into the bones as I 
try to shake the 
feeling that won't 
let go. 

Trying to move, 
I am frozen still, 
I am at the bottom
of a mountain 
looking out over
the hills. 



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Skies

I looked out the window as the rain was falling down and listened to the pit and patter as each drop hit the ground. The sun was breaking through and a rainbow arched from the heavens down, creating a bridge where dreams could be found.   I began to wander through the images of my mind, remembering the days lost somewhere in  web of time. From the child who gathered flowers, roots and all, to the women who struggled to hold it all together and balance without a fall.
There were days of great sadness where little made any sense and a few filled with happiness lost like a dollar spent.  Troubled I try to document so as not to forget that mistakes were made and with time  we pay down the debt.  It was in the essence of our being , where maturity takes a hold and gives to us the lessons that remain  like a treasure of gold.
There is a mound of similarity though different we may feel, but only so many emotions written to scale.  We have all experienced the birth and the death for that is the journey and life's greatest test. Moments of weakness and days fill with strength as we stand hand in hand cleaning up the mess.
There is a clearing in the distance as the clouds pass on by and no longer are the raindrops falling from the sky. Reaching with the heart and grasping with the soul while attending to the emotions that makes one feel like a fool.
The day is quickly ending as the sun has said goodbye and the hills stand in silence, still toying with the mind. The view is of a journey, the chapters more than a few, where we challenge the gray skies by painting them a lovely shade of  blue.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Little Bit of Sunshine

When the world is cold and I am all alone, I think of you and I and that place upon the clouds where we go. The day becomes a little warmer and in the night I still can see the blue, as I gaze upon the heavens thanking God for the day he sent me you. 

For every star in the sky and each moment that passes by is a documentation of my love for you. ~ Rainbows in the making...

Sings>I'll take a little bit of sunshine and my love for you, blend it in the heavens to create skies that are more blue. I'll add all my dreams, hopes and desires and create a blaze that will set our hearts on fire.

There are no tears in this story to be told, only smiles and laughter and a dream that quickly un-spools. Rivers that flow direct from me to you and the mountains that disappear as I reach on out to you.

I'll take the evening sky and all the stars that shine up above and build a platform of white puffy love filled clouds. We'll dance to the music played by the soul, as we document the moment with a long and lasting hold.

There are no tears in this story to be told, only smiles and laughter and a dream that quickly un-spools. Rivers that flow direct from me to you and the mountains that disappear as I reach on out to you.


Sings>I spoke to the wind on that stormy day, 
" wind , wind blow dreams my way"
The wind responded with a bow and
in my arms you landed with a smile. 

I spoke to the night where the darkness
reigned, "cast the sun brighter each day"
The night moved on with ease and 
the light of your love brought sweet 

I spoke to the wind on that stormy day, 

" wind , wind blow dreams my way"
The wind responded with a bow and
in my arms you landed with a smile. 

Star... star light blue,
tell him I love and
love him I do.

Star...star light blue,
shine down with
a kiss true.

Touched my heart,
lifted up my soul,
insured the dream.

Visions of the night, angels in disguise, 
dance upon the heavens. 

Sometimes hiding is not a bad thing,even if it provides false protection. 
To believe is to have faith as trust is to unlock the 
gate revealing the uncertainty

I strive to achieve in hopes that one day the world will be better. 
Walls of despair...removed by the dream

Education is the key to change,thus providing stronger foundations. 

More wonderful than falling asleep in your arms would be to  open my eyes and find myself waking up in your arms. 

    Once loved always loved...


If we close our eyes to that which is unpleasant,
we fail to make positive changes in the world.

There is a little bit of sunshine in everything we do,
a dream in the making that waits to come true.
There is a warmth that takes over when I think of you
and a magic to the moment that makes the sky so blue.

There is a beat in my heart that beats for only you,
a smile on my face that belongs to my love true.
There is a view out my window cast of you and I
from the sweetest memories and a rainbow up high.

Life comes with many challenges
and within one moment it can be
 altered indefinitely.

I am deep in a dream,
the sun is shining bright,
don't wake me up, I am
in your arms day and night.

Music is playing and teases
the heart as I dream of the
dance that started in my


I woke up to a snow storm, trees in  a blanket of white, only to find it quickly melting under the rays of the sun. This is the sign that spring is near , the here today gone tomorrow snow storm.

The angels listening,
my heart will tell you
why, at the moment
the dreams were
passing by.

The day was special,
the moment awfully
sweet, as I wake up
to your memory
and the love you bring

The hills awaiting sunshine,
spring is almost near and I
wait to share the moment
when the hills are green
once more.

Till than I lay hear dreaming,
of those sunshine days and
the love that took the shield
down and allowed me to
feel this way.

Holding to the day when
love first appeared and
I knew it was really
different as it brought
you here.

Imagine for a moment,
leaves are on the trees,
the sun is shining and
you are next to me.

I put it all in context
as time would have me do,
I separated all the dreams
from the love I have for you.

I saw it for the first time , for
what it truly is and I turned the
page to the chapter where
life again begins.

There were a few goodbyes and
many hello's but the one that
entered my heart continues to

Friendships in the making
that I wouldn't comprise
and a road we travel
that caught me by surprise.

There are mountains left
to travel, waves to sail
at sea and a journey to
document your love
here with me.

I talked to the sun
and I told it to rise,
shine warm rays
down from the sky.

Warm is heart and
touch his soul, send
my love in a summer
time hold.

The sun was listening,
its rays bright and strong,
were shining down and
I was enthralled.

I felt the magic, the
warmth of his touch,
like a million suns
shining down from
the one I love.
When tears swell
behind the eyes
and I am blinded
from inside.

When rainbows vanish
and reality sets in,
I find that distance
becomes the sin.

I wake up dreaming
you near to only find
your image disappear.

I start the day thinking
of you and like a balloon
pricked it all falls through.

The cruel joke life plays
is that it waiting way to
many days.

I couldn't tell you what's on
my mind if it were not for the
love I hold inside.

The day goes from gray to blue,
just be thinking of me and you.

I take each day to reread the words,
written from the heart and scripted
to the soul they cause a stir.

Dividing the moment, separating fact
from dreams, I wiped away one tear
as I took on reality.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I only know your love ...

There have been so many songs written on dreaming, from " When ever I want you all I have to is dream," " dreaming I'm always dreaming, dreaming my life away" " dream a little dream of me"    Dreams are the catalyst or the en-visionary tool that allows us create our own reality.
Life is so difficult and for each person that difficulty varies.  I don't believe it has to be that way, but it is seems man is hell bent on the inevitable and taking the simplicity and complicating it.
That which energized my being and in away jump starting it has also over shadowed with walls of darkness.

I close my eyes each night to be close to you and whisper of love true. To feel your warmth touch my heart and know you have been with me from the start.
I'm walking through life and I refused to open up my eyes, I need you beside me for all of time. No matter your travels or where time take you, I'll just close my eyes and be there next to you.

I am restless... distance is my punishment.

Sings> I don't know the reason,
I don't know the why, I only
know your love caught me
by surprise.

I can only tell you how I felt
that day, magical and wonderful,
as the blue sky chased away
any signs of  the dreary gray.

I don't know the reason,
I don't know the why,
I only know your love
caught me by surprise.

My feet were dancing,
and never on the ground,
the moon was so bright
as the stars were looking


Saturday, March 02, 2013

Here in My Heart, Soul and Mind

You can travel the world over
and see all the beauty there is
to find and when the day has
passed you'll know I have
never left your side.

My heart is always open and
you may step on in and rest
your weary soul from the
moment the day begins.

You can travel the world over
and see all the beauty there is
to find and when the day has
passed you'll know I have never
left your side.

My heart houses your love,
warm and wonderful, it
keeps me next to you. Like
a dream that each day
comes true.

My heart houses your love,
peaceful and safe inside and
grants the special memories
that in my mind resides.


Here in my heart and in all of my thoughts,
the dreams and the love will never stop.

From earth to the heavens, to the universe
wide, you'll always find me right by your side.

Under the stars on a stroll each night,
will journey together for the rest of our life.

Here in my heart and in all of my thoughts,
the dreams and the love will never stop.

From a child on I always has this urge to runaway. There were times even as an adult I had secret places where I could hide , think or just get away. Sometimes it was just enough time to pull myself together and gain strength.
If I gave it to much thought I was trapped in a world that I myself created. At one point the solitude gave me a time to heal and the energy to find myself beyond the structure of the whole entwined within the network of family.
I enjoyed the simplicity of sitting down by the stream as I watched the water flow over the rocks. The sound comforting and yet stirred a restlessness from within. I wanted to be understood,accepted supported and loved.
I took this quote from the story of oz, it had importance as a child because it reminded me that we can't step beyond the realm of our being until we ourselves accept the segments within the journey.
"Tin Woodsman What have you learned, Dorothy? 
Dorothy Well, I - I think that it - it wasn't enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em - and it's that - if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right? 
I grew up thinking that the quote had some merit, comparative to the old adage " the grass isn't always greener on the other side."  What I have come to understand is that its not always about responsibility, duty, standing still or settling. I do believe it has to do with appreciating what it is you work for and looking at the gifts that we are blessed with on a daily basis. 
Each morning I go to my desk and each morning I find a different note from my daughter. The first one said " Dear Mom, I miss you when I am at school, you are beautiful and I love you."In return I took the markers and I wrote a note and place it in her bedroom " I love you and hope your day at school is not to bad and that you are feeling better, I love you . Mom " 
In my mid forties the thought of my legacy crossed my mine what would I be remembered for. I kept worrying what the world thought of me, but the importance was what my children thought of me. Today all of them came together and helped in painting the house. It was the first time that I can recall them all working together to help with the overwhelming responsibility of maintaining a home. When dinner was ready to be served, I turned to them and said " Thank you for working together and making our house a home. " That is when my youngest children chimed in at the same time  and said "that is yours job, a mom makes a house a home."  I smiled as I remember the mug I got when my son Max was in kindergarten " Mom makes a house a home ." 
I don't think the oz statement means you don't grow or that you settle for less. I tend to believe that like a bird we build a nest and if the nest is strong the babies grow and fly. My sister said once ""why do you go through so much at the holidays? I don' t think they appreciate you." From the moment I had children my job was to make memories. When I am gone from this earth each one them will carry a bit of me with them. 
My hearts desire , there is so much I want to see and do, so much I want to experience. It is crucial as they say" we have all our ducks in a row."  before we journey forward. 
The world is my backyard and I want to explore all that it has to offer. When I received a call to speak at a women's club, I thought who would have guessed that someone would pay me to speak. Acceptance, it is self acceptance that is the building blocks of strength, from one stepping stone to the next. Liking who you are and accepting the journey for all it has to offer. 

A top the mountain ,
across the deepest sea, 
beyond the heartache
to the fondest memories. 

From the first days of spring,
till winter makes a show, 
I'll be grateful for each 
moment and never let it go. 

Deep within my heart 
wherever my travels lead,
I'll always take your love
you are the warmest part of me. 

Angels to greet us 
from the heavens high, 
bringing to us the moments
that give sparkle to the eyes. 
Here in the moment,
right next to me , 
is the love granted, 
like my fondest dreams. 

I feel your embrace, 
both day and night 
holding me tender
and with such a delight. 

Friday, March 01, 2013


Some people pass through the heart
and others set roots and
grow along with you. 

I am not alone...not at all. 

When I find myself at the foot of another mountain I just reach up for the tree and allow it to give me support... you make a great tree. 

The best thing about rainbow snow...
is that it melts. 

It takes just one small gesture to remind you how wonderful life is. 
I refuse to spend time on that which is out of my control, therefore I will celebrate each day for the gift that it is. 


My responsibility lies not with someone else's failure, but in my own choices... I choose to live, to love, to enjoy every moment granted to me upon this earth.