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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I have always felt that Easter was a very personal religious holiday. I never quite enjoyed the sharing of it, for it is blend of sorrow and happiness . But like the season in which it falls, it brings the hope , love and faith in the spirit of renewal. Tis is the month of spring when that which slept through winter shares in life once more.

There is a rainbow in the heavens
arched across the mighty blue,
magically bridging my love to you.

The day is passing and I don't know
why, but I find myself dreaming
of you and I.

The sky a warm and wonderful blue,
lays a foundation for all that we


Organization has never been my strong point, though God knows I try, it is like the movie" Somethings gotta give" I spent a little time clearing out my folder for the new year, deciding which events I would like to do and tossing out the trash. I came across a paper that my son wrote while in college " The Most Influential Person" It touched my heart to think that I made an impact in his life, so much so that when he thought about who to write about he chose his mother. I always wondered about a legacy, what did I leave behind or what difference did I make in someones life. What greater impact than that on a young mind. In his opinion I was succeeding against all odds. Against all odds? I must admit there have been challenges and many hurdles to overcome. Sometimes I felt like I was at a stand still and other times like that awful childhood game of " Chutes and Ladders' sliding back. Each time I found myself at the bottom of a mountain trying to climb back up. I imagine I am not alone in trying to conquer the demons that we ourselves create.
There are a few things that I seem to be dwelling on and one seems not to relate to the other, other than both have to do with rain. One is the song singing in the rain and the da da da, you know the da da da I am singing in the rain , just singing  in the rain oh what a feeling... and the other memory,  I am ten years old and I am in the living room of my childhood home. The memory is so vivid ,the windows are high close to the ceiling  and its storming. I can hear the rain hit the window in a violent way. The  treat of a tornado passing, the wind brisk and violent as tree branches hit against the side of the house. Mother nature has away of going about showing us our vulnerability. In the times it takes to snap your fingers the moment can be altered, a journey can begin or end.
I always believed that when times are most difficult, we reach for a positive memory like a life saving device to bring us to the surface for a breath of fresh air. My head spinning like a mosh mash of a collage, with people, times and places swirling about. It seemed a little my desk, everything in a disarray.
I have always enjoyed reading biography's. It gives you a better understanding of the vulnerabilities we will all confront. If you think about it to long it becomes a bit frightening. I think the ten old is surfacing, let's go out and play. I'll run you catch me. oops I'll trip and fall make it easy for you.

I celebrate the moment, and joyously I sing,
for we are here another day and another day to dream.
My soul is inquisitive, like a child who observes the day
and strolls through the thicket to find her way.

Challenging the memories, replacing the etched like pain,
with whispers of love and a vision that does not fade.
Accept the path that lead us to tomorrow and remember
who loves you and promises to remove the sorrow.

My mind is awfully busy,
few will understand,
I feel no threads of sadness,
no gloom of any shade ,
for I am but the moment
in the words of another day.


I took to dreaming,
I placed you in the role,
the king within the castle
and your love my heart
would hold .

The sun is always shining,
no tears like drops of rain,
for in this dream my love
you are the light that
never fades.

I looked to the heavens,
I spoke not a word, yet
my heart could surely
be heard.

It whispered of a love
true, when the Lord
redirected my life
to you.

"Welcome "said the Crocus,
shades of purple and white,
the first blooms of spring,
bring the first signs of life.

Strength is it character,
to challenges the snow
and cold as it pops its
head above the earth
as a new day unfolds.

I am shouting here in silence,
my heart reaches out to you,
to pull me close and hold me
tight under the heavens blue.


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