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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet Gentle Kiss

They say that each of has one good story within us. I think it might be safe to say that a few of us have a few good stories. As I look back on life I find myself reviewing the various chapters of life. The  importance is not in what yesterday has written but what tomorrow holds. I found myself at ease when I realized that to not turn a page is to not grow. What is growth? Personal, business, emotional, physical, there are many ways that we grow.
When I was a small child I would spend hours down stairs in the room next to my fathers electronics place. The floor was dirt and yet it was a palace. My mother had random china pieces which became my favorite tea set, for that tea party which took me a way to far away lands. In the room next to me, my father tinkered with the tubes on the old radios. I could hear him communicating on his ham radio with people in various languages from countries all over the world. He always had on a set of black rim glasses to read the numbers on the tube and he went about his business of repairing as if I wasn't there. I had a doll short brown curly hair, she happened to be my best tea party partner, my best student when I played teacher and my best friend when I needed to escape into the world of fantasy.
I have always found that to be the most difficult, facing the reality of the day. Just like the little girl who pretended to be queen, I found my self reinventing myself along the way. Wife, mother, friend, poet, entrepreneur and sometimes lost soul. In all reality I felt like all of the above and none of the above. I do believe that I spent a lifetime conforming to the expectations of others. I still find myself battling to hold my ground and write the next chapter according to my own dreams and desires.
There were obvious signs of growth a long the way. Some of them seeming a little more selfish than others. From child to women I found the world a constant place of learning, achieving, building through the creations of my own mind.  There I was tearing down of walls and a building of bridges that helped in forming the character in which people related with. The current weeks troubling on many levels and yet I found a sense of peace. It wasn't so much a form of acceptance but as I screened the many years I came to terms with the chapters of my life. There were moments that I found confusing and out of my control, to only find that nothing is out of our control. Each journey is dictated by the choices we make, like standing at a crossroad and deciding which direction to take.
I have met so many people over the years that many of them  have become woven into my very being and some more vivid in color and others faded into the background of the tapestry of life.
The emotional calm is in knowing that we are loved. I can't explain it any other way. Just as people are woven into our individual tapestry, we are woven into theirs. I have always like intricate weave of a plaid quilt. Vibrant colors in a wide range of hues, from deeps red's to just a hint of white. Such is life as each color comes together on a canvas that is forever woven in time.
The obvious is sometimes the most difficult to see, like looking for your eye glasses to only be told they are on your head. I once thought that the experiences that relayed pain were the most complicated and yet they reveal the inner workings of emotion.
I am a bit tired, not in a sleep kind of way, maybe you can call it exhaustion as all the worry in the world won't change the facts. So as we turn the page and begin to write, I squeeze your hand a little tighter, place a kiss upon your lips and feel you pull me closer to you.

We are on the swings
and you push and pull,
a smile upon my face
recounts the days of old.

The sun is shining and
the dreams are so surreal,
as I close my eyes and
your love is what I feel.

No tears tonight,
no weeping hearts,
for we are together,
we have been here
from the start.

From this moment,
today we move on,
expanding the journey
your arms I long.

To embrace your love,
your sweet gentle kiss,
for now and forever
in a state of bliss.

From this moment,
today we move on ,
expanding the journey
your arms I long.


Anonymous said...

A kiss can be magical. There is one kiss I will never forget.

I remember the anticipation of the seconds seemed forever as my lips approached hers.

The racing of my heart as our lips met.

Rachel C Miller said...

Lucky women!