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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Skies

I looked out the window as the rain was falling down and listened to the pit and patter as each drop hit the ground. The sun was breaking through and a rainbow arched from the heavens down, creating a bridge where dreams could be found.   I began to wander through the images of my mind, remembering the days lost somewhere in  web of time. From the child who gathered flowers, roots and all, to the women who struggled to hold it all together and balance without a fall.
There were days of great sadness where little made any sense and a few filled with happiness lost like a dollar spent.  Troubled I try to document so as not to forget that mistakes were made and with time  we pay down the debt.  It was in the essence of our being , where maturity takes a hold and gives to us the lessons that remain  like a treasure of gold.
There is a mound of similarity though different we may feel, but only so many emotions written to scale.  We have all experienced the birth and the death for that is the journey and life's greatest test. Moments of weakness and days fill with strength as we stand hand in hand cleaning up the mess.
There is a clearing in the distance as the clouds pass on by and no longer are the raindrops falling from the sky. Reaching with the heart and grasping with the soul while attending to the emotions that makes one feel like a fool.
The day is quickly ending as the sun has said goodbye and the hills stand in silence, still toying with the mind. The view is of a journey, the chapters more than a few, where we challenge the gray skies by painting them a lovely shade of  blue.

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