Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mountain Breeze

Here I am!

Here I am in the rays of the sun,
when your feeling blue.
I send to you, my love for you.

Here I am in every drop of rain,
a storm can bring.
I send to you, my love for you.

Here I am in every song a bird sings,
I send to you, my love for you.

Here I am in all the world surrounding.
I send to you, my love for you.

Here I am ....
My love silent as a Blue Jay squawking in the hills, still as a cat chasing chipmunk tails.
A Wail heard singing with the mountain breeze, a hullabaloo roars through the trees.

Spring, summer, winter and fall, the seasons of life my heart enthrall,
toss in a day with you and there is nothing a women can do.

Singing>No tears or gloom allowed, there ya go falling through my cloud.
I’m reaching to pull you back, in my arms for a love attack.
Hold you close and kiss away, all the blues of your yesterday.
Can’t you feel my heartbeat, so close we’re on a love retreat.

No tears or gloom allowed, there ya go falling through my cloud.
I’m reaching to pull you back, to rid the darkness of all that black.
Whispers of I love you dear, can be heard everywhere.
Can’t you hear me say, I’ll be here for you each day.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

In the Clouds..

High above the clouds a caslte built for two, for those days when you are weary and life is a bit scary. I'll be waiting there for you, in the castle built for two.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A morning kiss of two!

Wind blown whispers of a tale, captured in the gales.
A love so pure and free. Rushed out to sea, returns to
me. You are my evermore, the mountain and the
core, of what we have yet to explore.

Floating gently with the wind, enraptured by your
love your soul bonds to me and there you will see,
the beauty of we. The sun, the moon and the stars,
the world at large, our imprint to see.

You are more then dreams, more then memories
for you are love and love forever remains me.
Reach out to me, I’m reaching out to you . A
morning kiss of two, my love I share with you.


Frolic in the garden amongst the floral scene, feels so
awfully empty when silence begins to sing.
Laughter in the air from the days when you were near,
smiles in my heart from the moment you whispered dear.


Frolic in the garden amongst the floral scene ,feels so
awfully empty when silence begins to sing.
Tears of sadness accompanied the day, that you were not
here my love and my life felt in a disarray.


Frolic in the garden amongst the floral scene , feels so
awfully empty when silence begins to sing .
I begged to hold the moment of all our yesterdays,
to challenge the quietness and make life sing our way.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


No need to ask, no doors to this cloud,
no sadness, nor sorrow or blues allowed.
I’m here to hold you so tenderly,
to the sound of love, I'll kiss
you to sleep.

The sound of your heart beating close to mine,the song of love and dancing on a cloud. In the dark of the night your love gives me sight,while dancing on our cloud, I'm in the arms of my knight.There is nothing I can’t do with this love I feel from you.I’m high about the mountains, soaring next to you.
Am I your angel or are you mine? Or are we two souls who met in their prime?
Your love for me, my love for you, a bond that grows stronger, to the heavens it climbs.

In this world of dreams, you’re the King and I your Queen.
Dancing in your arms each night and in your heart I lay.
The arms that hold me from a distance everyday, kiss away
the sadness and only joy makes its way.

Not of Crystal that can break nor of snow a castle make,
ours is built in the heart, where Love ingited from a spark.
Bursting bright blinding sunlight, visions reflecting that I couldn’t fight.
Hand and hand strolling the hills with you, just follow me baby.

Grass green beneath the feet, image of your kiss to my cheek.
Hand and hand strolling the hills with you, just follow me baby.

Paradise that only we can make, love could never be a mistake.
Hand and hand strolling the hills with you, just follow me baby.

It is dandelion weather anytime we are together, we’re walking through the seasons of life.
Take a little sunshine and add our share of funshine and life will be twice as nice.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On the Carpet

Laying on the carpet and my mind drifts away,
the moments that we shared now make our yesterdays.

You walked into my life and became apart of me,
chased away the darkness and lit a spark in me.

Opened up my heart where you now reside,
entwined our souls and nothing can divide.

Laying on the carpet and my mind drifts away,
the moments that we shared now make our yesterdays.


Hear the song of my soul sing, to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
I’m on a cloud and I’m dancing high, with a angel by my side.
Take my hand and follow me, we’re at the start of a new dream.

A Spring celebration is simply compensating,
for that long drawn out time of the year.
Scattered on the hill and dancing in the fields,
a performance of life prevails.

Singing>Waking up in early spring, to the smile of life you bring.
Red Buds Blooming on the mountain top and the song
birds making a nesting stop.
Waking up in early spring, to the smile of life you bring.
In my heart is where you’ll stay, in my mind night and day.
Waking up in early spring, to the smile of life you bring.
In my world and in my dreams your touch is what I sing.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A walk in the park

Through my eyes, a childs walk in the park.
Through my heart, a adventure to embark.
Shared with you rids my world of any dark,
a hot dog, a smile and a walk in the park.

What would love do?

I won't let gray skies shroud your heart, nor will I let the river keep us part.
On the days that you are far, I will keep you close in my heart.

Options, I think in life there is really only two. To drown in negativity or to reach for the positive and pull yourself from any depth of despair. Why are adages so important in our life? I believe
they have survived through time because each of them has a grain of truth to them. “ the grass is always greener” . I have never been one to look at someone else grass. A friend once compared my life to that of rollercoaster and in many ways it was filled with extreme up and downs and not to mention a toss of a few left curves. I looked at peoples lives where the path appeared a little smoother and I questioned what the differences were. One and as I have said many times before, the most important and crucial differences in life is not separated by the haves and have not’s. The groundwork for life is based on two people willing to give there all
to a relationship. If this relationship is built on a strong foundation of love and trust, respect and passion, it is able to challenge anything and everything that comes in its path. There lay the true gift of life for no evils, no sadness , no heartache can break down the walls. The mortar was placed properly the first time around. Which leads me to the next adage “ a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

It is true that muddy waters make for unclear vision, but in a loving relationship,
the partner is there to reach out and clear that vision.
What would Love do?

Walking in the Park

The waters calmed my mind, simply graceful your love entwined,
oh! so playful. A walk through time your heart next to mine.

Good Night!

Roar thunder roar, restless are we, roar thunder roar tonight.
the sounds of discontent, to my heart a message sent.
Roar thunder roar.........

Loneliness to the heart is prison to the soul !

If a heart can bleed then mine bled, if a soul can cry then the tears now fall, if the mind is lost, then I am in the thicket without direction.
If life is that easy then why is their so much pain.
Hold me close as the stars fade behind the clouds of gray, may your
arms catch me fallin, and your soul feel my embrace .
Has anyone ever dehydrated from to many fallen tears?
One for the world book of Guinness.
I think I am really tired, so as I lay my head upon the pillow and my heart within your arms. I........

Friday, April 21, 2006

my survival kit

In the middle of a journey, I find I am standing still.

Don’t know which way turn or to climb that darn steep hill.

Inside out for you to see, how vulnerable in life are we.

In the middle of a journey...

The Lord gave to me the words to write, this

journey long, surely full of fight. We are not alone

my friend, this journey simply has no end.

The Lord gave to me...

Step by step a vision do I see, wings that carried

me on a troubling journey. One feather to my

heart I hold, a reminder of this treasure gold.

Step by step a vision.....

Take my hand and walk with me, sunlight gently weaves.

The sounds of joy is heard, but song has little words

, a whisper dear of thank you, from my heart to thee.

Take my hand and walk with me....


Survival Kit

In my survival kit I placed a dream or two,

so special they always include you.

I placed a prayer each day, the smile that found its way

and a song of love from me to you.

In my survival kit, I placed a dream or two,

to accompany the journey when alone and feelin blue.

I placed your tender kiss, your love and memories to reminiscence.

I placed my love for you.

In my survival kit, I placed a dream or two.

The caress of your arms and your kindness to.

I placed you so ever close, to hold you whenever I chose.

I placed day and night on a journey through life.

I placed the Joy I found in you.


I do Love You!

The rain gently fallin to my soul kept a callin,
sweet lyrics of a love far away.

I stopped to pray that you were of thinking me
today and that tonight my arms you would lay.

The rain gently fallin caused my heart, to go a crawlin
in your arms where I will gently stay.

Closed my eyes to dream , that in your heart you’ll
see my love for you each new day.
Lace top stockings and blue birds squawking and rainbow in your eyes.
Silliness talking and the world is gawking as there walks you and I.

The Ultimate Betrayal

Here we are over a lifetime given the knowledge to make decisions. I clearly remember holding back on issues as to not upset or anger, at the moment it seemed like the right decision. In the long run it proved only that we really are aware of the right decisions and at times and these responses just might hurt someone. I wouldn’t consider myself a submissive person, just one who witnessed enough personal violence to not want to be a part of that ill arena. I had as a child placed my life in God hands, guide me , lead me in the directions that is destined. I do believe I went against what I knew in my heart and felt in my soul was right. Every abuser whether physical or mental meets up with the perfect victim, the enabler. They say that it is a cycle passed down, I have come to believe that we are taught as children was is acceptable and not. Call it a conflict of interest, but I do believe our inner soul can feel what is right and wrong, even if it goes against our teachings.

I gave my heart , I trusted , I loved and I feel the ultimate betrayal.

Feel the wind against my face, the tears of life to take their place.
Stripped of sight to see, I could still feel it in the breeze.No songs to be
sung , no sounds the heart to hum.The sadness is a ending to the life as
it used to be.
I don't think anyone was ever destined to feel such betrayal.

Love cannot exist where greed flourishes, it's not in the equation.


Angel Friend

Encapsulating , I could barely breathe.
The trees in the hollow moving in on me.

In the darkness I clutched to your wing ,
to soar freely through the eyes of fantasy.

My grasp loosened and tumbling through
the sky, a slow long gasp and I thought
I'd surely die.

Wakened by the crack of dawn,
a disembodied soul longed, as I felt
a warm embrace in the arms of my angel
friend, where at that moment I belonged.


Cars and busses fill the roadways near ,
sounds of chatter and laughter in the air.
Lovers walkin hand and hand and the little
old panhandler man, all part of my cache
memories of yesterday. Close my eyes and I still
see the walk on down those busy city streets.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blue sky Blue

Blue sky blue, no secret when it comes to you.
A world debut my love for you, viewed in the sky of blue.

Blue sky blue, upon the clouds I dance with you.
Up high where dreams come true, I see me and you.

Trout lily, spring frilly to the heart a bee sting.
Wake up my love to the seasons life ring.
Fragrant the flowers of each new day,
aroma enchanting creates a bouquet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hold me for Life

There is no forever, till your love stepped on board
and touched my heart like nothing before. My love
I give you, my soul was yours. The moment we
met on life’s northern shore. Hold me today, hold me
tonight, close your eyes and hold me for

It is my heart.....

I have heard the adage time heals, but as a friend quoted no one ever said how long it takes for this healing process to complete itself. I dwelled on the emotions stirred from within and I came to a round about conclusion that a heart broken never truly heals. The mind can trick the soul into distancing the heart, but in any moment of a day, in every drop of rain, in the glistening of the sun or in the dark of the night, that which was shared becomes a part of the whole.

It is my heart, you walked on in, took your place deep within.

How heavy the heart where memories lay, compounding fragments echo throughout the day. If the pain subsides and I can no longer feel, then the sorrow of emotion will be buried in these hills.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dares to Care!

It wasn’t the roar of wind nor the silence of the hills.
The emptiness inside is what I truly feel.

Cattails in a marsh , Daisy’s in a field, natures blend with
love is a dramatic thrill.

Unshared the moment, goes without much fanfare, as God meant
for love to always be shared.

The world closing in , does anyone care? I’m fighting for the moment
my soul will be spared.

Hold me through the night, only if you dare. The test of life ongoing
feels like solitaire.

The flowers in the vase a reminder dear, how beautiful is life when
someone dares to care.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stole my heart!

I tried to say goodbye my love,
to heal my broken heart.

All I managed to do my love,
is crutch the wounded heart.

Yesterday is filled with memories,
today the pain still lay.

I can’t replace the spark
that ignited a fire in
me that day.
I tried to look away, to not give
the visions any thought.
The dust glistened like that
of crystal,magic from
the start.
My world was awfully lonely,
my life soured like a apple tart,
till you crossed my path that day
and there you stole
my heart.
I wanted to tell you, I wanted you to know ,
I wanted you see inside me, how love really grows.


Look out mountains I’m gonna soar, beyond the trees hovering outdoors.No longer bars or chains, nor years of restraint. Gonna make them hills behave, as I fly high and look back to wave. High above the clouds with you, I turned to bid adieu. Farewell to yesterday, no longer the hollows slave. I ‘m gonna feel the wind blow and take a chance and let my soul grow. Look out mountains I’m gonna soar, beyond the trees that barred outdoors, no more heartache, no more pain from now on only love shall reign. High above the skies of blue, I’m gonna catch me a star or two. Gonna feel life and experience to, send a soul into flight with you.

Singing> Look out mountains I’m gonna soar, beyond the trees hovering outdoors.

The lift to my soul spin, I felt it in the wind.
Tipsy turvy and uncontrolled, unwinding the years unspool.
Fish swimming up the stream, beat the odds of natures scheme.
Sky hawk flying all around and a little bat looks like a aerial clown.
Sun set and the darkness lay and the moon and the stars come out to play.
In the night, the child within laugh and dance with her best friend.
My heart weeps for you my love, the touch of souls undreamed of.
Where emotions rule the moment and your life the additional component.
To keep us dancing in the stars of near and hold you forever my dear.

With you by my side, there's no mountain to high...

With you by my side, there’s no mountain to high and no river wide.
Take each storm as it comes, head up, roll drum, my heart succumbs.
A overwhelming desire, ignited a fire, uncontrollably burning.
Step by step with me, to challenge a dream, found my soul yearning.

With you by side, there’s no mountain to high and no river wide.
Your soul next to mine, there is nothing to hide, you see right through me.
Love found a way to make music play through the night till day.
Holding you in my heart is only a start, it cannot fade.

With you by my side, there’s no mountain to high and no river wide.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

With You...

Rock and rollin and petals unfolding,
songs of life to the heart is courting.
A soul is troubled and a heart cries
and in a butterfly cocoon will surely die.

Children fishing in the mountain stream, jumping around on a grapevine swing.
Sky is blue and the clouds are white and I'm struggling with this eternal fight.

You see trees and I see bars, you view hills and I view how far.
You say yes and I say no, I say yes and you say let's go.

Peach tree blossoms and the Quince devine and
the loneliness is from deep inside.


If I could wipe the tears forever from my heart and rid the canvas of the notion,the existence of
black art. If I could make you understand just where I'm coming from, I'd start it all over as if life had just begun.

Oh! my heart told my mind not to interfere
and my soul danced to songs, as if you were here.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hidden in the hills

Swinging on a rope of a old tire swing,
took me back to childhood dreams.

Swimming in the river, barge on by,
gulls in flight and Dobson flies.

Yesterday a story made, survival
of those early days.

Swinging on a rope of a old tire swing,
took me back to childhood dreams.....
No longer Dormant is this season that I feel.
The blooms in life have away to make you heal.

I felt your love, I feel your love, I am your love,
hidden in the hills.

If the heart of paper, then the scissors you command.
Snip and cut, snip and cut, confetti in your hands.

Can You?
Can you hear me calling in the darkness of the night?
When the sounds settle with silence and my heart feels a fight.
Can you feel my touch in the middle of the day?
Heart and soul embraced in the most amazing way.
Can you see me in the reflection of the moon?
The silhoutte entwined reflected of us two.
I fear that never a tear shall dry.

Upon the clouds

The pane of glass fragile and transparent as can be, separated with distance your body next to me. The heart crossed the barriers, your soul gently entwined and as we met upon the clouds, we left our mark in time.

Friday, April 14, 2006



Deeper then waters, in the deepest of sea, a love grows deep inside of me.
Mountains can frame, rivers can tame, but nothing can hold back
what my heart set to claim.

Timeless message in a bottle, no sorrow in the breeze.
I met with love and love met with me.
A dance in the hollow, underneath the willow tree.
I met with love and love met with me.
Silent the song bird, no sound do I hear.
Freezing your love, as if you were here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Chasing those puffs of white clouds, I trembled with delight.
The arms that held me closely resembled a white knight.
Dancing tenderly to a different tune, the song had the lyrics
of the words I love you.
I lost count of the tears shed through out the years, some of sadness, loneliness and fear. I asked the Lord to guide me and strengthen on the way. A journey that was troubled since the early childhood days.

The stars twinkle in the heavens, your love shines in my heart.
The world seems awfully lonely, with you and I so far apart.

Mystic as a unicorn, the hint of honey sweet.
Pulling you ever close, I feel so complete.
Chains of the mind, bolts on the heart!

Donnybrook Lane

Through the minds eyes or through the heart, is it a ending or is it a start?
A clash in vision, down Donnybrook lane, the stab to the heart drives you insane.
Responsiblity- Moral and rational decisons that one's life is balanced on.
I, the reflection appears, as I look into the mirror.
Choices strong and choices weak, but no choice shall show defeat.
Muddy the water, sky dark and gray
Heavy the heart, alone in the day.
A cloud of sadness made its way.
one which we live with the choice of the day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Compassion is one of the most loving and giving of the emotions. The ability to sense with a deep level of awareness another’s suffering and even more to comfort with the simplest of gesture.

A kiss, a hug, a word, June bug
confronted with your empathy
Understanding of what’s inside
of me.

Your hands to my hair, your comfort my dear.
So gentle a touch, to the heart means so much.

Love is not something you need to work at,
imagination and desire can never go flat.
Possession is meant for rubies and beads,
love is meant for dreamers
and those who believe.

Wasn’t a fire nor the current of waters wild,
emotions stirred were from pure joy and desire.
Softness of touch, to my heart like fluff
yet strong to my soul set free
the love trapped inside of me.

I could not say it better, about lovers affect on the weather.
Fall winter or spring as long as we are together.
Take the summer sunshine for everyday we share,
to warm your heart and let you know how much I care.
I cannot explain the smiles that hold back the tears.

The inner workings of the mind.. it is another one of those trappings of the human mind the desire to see the future. A view of what’s to come, as we struggle with the past separating good from bad memories, there is this overwhelming hunger or curiosity that dwells on the decisions of today and the choices of tomorrow. It has been recorded early in history, this desire to know what lays in our future. Reading of palms, analyzing the stars and crystal balls all in hopes of having a glimpse of the what the future holds for us. I pondered on my own desire to peek into the future. What did I want to know or what did I want to see? The past had shown that though unhappy, the path I was on was strictly dominated by my own choice. Yet I did not see it as chapters of my life to regret, I saw it as the building blocks of character, each decision in life set us on a path, each path leads us through the lessons of life. Could we predict with any certainty what the future holds or if we could, would altering it effect who we are?

What do I see in the crystal ball?

I see the child who dared to dream, the young women in the water scream.
The float that was tossed ,the hand that reached.
The heart that felt, the soul set free.

What do I see in the crystal ball?

A little girl fears, a grown women tears.
Yesterday’s heartbreak, answered prayers.
The float that was tossed, the hand that reached.
The heart that felt, the soul set free.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

In you my friend....

Please don’t worry my dearest friend, angels from the heavens quickly descend. In the path of light I see, a future still awaits for me. In holding my hand the strength I gain from your love the words engrained.
Please don’t worry, please don’t fear, God is with us everywhere.
I trust in the highest powers, that for all of the past a direction lead and in the path of the future I shall succeed.
I have never known anyone to care more, to feel more, to be more. You are just that ....more!
I know this and this I know, that God Is in everything that glows.
In the heavens, on the earth, in the stars and with a child at birth.
The day our souls crossed the path,
I news our hearts quickly latched
With you I am ten, sixteen and twenty one!

Smile! for that was the gift I received,
the moment your love to my heart weaved.
In you my friend a story told of how quickly love
takes ahold!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Gift

A finch dressed in feathers gold, beauty of nature as it unfolds.
Out the window on a tree, the finch a song sung to me.
Beauty in the mountains and in the rock bed stream
and if you listen closely, you'll fall into my dream

The hills of the hollow silenced on this day of spring,
as I listened to the sounds of love in full swing.

Sunshine made its way, turning night to day
and warming of my heart, turned it into clay.

Slowly molded to perfection at its best, as
it fits perfectly into your arms to rest.

The moon replaced the sun lit sky and your laughter replaced the tear in my eye.

No more sadness, no more pain and in a storm there’s no more rain.

A tear not fallen from my eye,
weeps from the heart a sigh.
No words spoken, silence broke.
The whisper of your love,

to my heart a gentle stroke.

You are the feather that tickles from inside .

I need not promise in the night, my arms will find and hold you tight.
You know I am always there, close your eyes and feel me dear.

When darkness falls and silence begins, Your arms I'll lay, our love no sin.

Where distance the wall, your memories the bridge
and the clouds await us, as our hearts start to spin.
The Gift
When the rains of life a storm make, i'll direct the sun to your heart awake.
In the rays of light a solemn vow, where laughter placed remains a smile.
Follow the rainbow and you will see, how simple life was meant to be.
In my pot of gold you'll find, the treasure that touches the heart and mind.
I watched the flowers open and I watched the flowers close and like the
chapters in my life I watched the petals blow.
A opera sings to the heart, life sings to the soul.
If in sadness seeds the pain, then in happiness a bloom is gained.
If all of life is but a experience and all of us a choice, then how did sadness
find its way without so much a voice.
Shine sun shine, upon the grass of green.
Blow wind blow, gentle and serene.
Once touched by a moment of a hour in a day multiplied by the joy recieved
spans all eternity to remain side by side with the soul.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Lioness

A speckling of buttercups tossed through out the lawn, like the scattering of my thoughts that dwell on right and wrong. Yes, the sun is shining and the ducks are on the pond and the blue birds are chirping and I know I must be strong.
Instinctive for a lioness to fiercely protect her young, to set safely on a journey her precious little cub. A mother relates to the animal of the wild, as she stands between danger and her child. Graceful is her beauty and wondrous her smile, until confronted with the display of natures soul written vow.
A willow’s root are shallow and weakened the tree maybe, the oak stronger they root inside of me.
Fear, the shield that protects with caution.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eyes Closed, Heart Opened and Soul Free!

I contemplate the moment when a mountain disappears and the song within your heart can be heard far and near. As simple as a grain of sand, a pearl is conceived, as simple as the moment you said hello to me.

Grapevines tangled in a tree and finches flying, as well as bees.
Rivers rocking and the blue sky talking and then there’s you and me.
No more sadness, no more blues, everyday a new debut.
Sun kissed moments in the valley deep, joyous songs from my soul sing.

The beauty is as simple as a coo of a dove and as wondrous as the heart touched by endless love.
The cradle of the mountain and the valley deep, the caress of life and your memory.

The moon in its fullness commands the night sky, illuminating the mass of the mountains near by. The warblers in migration a wonder to see, nature’s announcement it must be spring.
No season of sadness, no tears shall I weep.
Yesterdays gone and tonight I shall sleep.
Each gift is but a seed, scattered to the winds.

Nurture with love, feeds the soul .
Feeding the soul, heals the mind.
Eyes closed , heart opened and soul free!

Good Night!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

When the rain begins to fall and the sun no longer shines
and the birds lose their gift to sing and the river bed runs dry.
I’ll remember you my love, the dance on cloud nine.

My hands meshed with the soil, my heart with you entwined
and as the distance part us, my soul reigned in command.

I entertained the moment, where merriment resides and
as you danced into my life, the tears began to dry.

I didn’t stumble or fall, nor did I hit my head,
the words began to flow, when I reached for a thread.

In touching my heart, you released my soul.
In touching my soul, unfettered the words.

Fine polished amber, translucent a gem to see.
Like a heart that hardened, transparent are that of we.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A season

A season within a season, as each color is reborn. Varied shades of yellow to violet and orange. Each color like a rainbow of vision restored, as images of life, is how memories are born.

Distant in thought, I felt severed from my surroundings. Unable to focus on the reality of what is, the embodiment, a separation of body and soul that in essence felt the entrapment of body and freedom of mind for which our spirit explores the world around us.

Hearts dancing, souls enchanting,
rhapsody of love implanting!

To embark on the journey where teardrops are left behind,

is the encounter with loneliness, a meeting eye to eye.



I saw her in the distance through the window pane.
The closer I became, the further she drift away.
I wanted to free her, I wanted her to soar, I
wanted to open the lock upon her door.

I ran so very quickly, I wanted to engage
with the touch of a child in a ghostly stage.
The faster that I reached out, the quicker she
disappeared, the little girl imprisoned
who lived inside of fear.

Visual her being, yet no description
could I tell, apparent is the image
of a child’s last farewell.


Time has a way of putting life into perspective. It is true that when your head is above water and your legs quickly tire from treading in turbulent waters, you can neither see forward nor back. The entrapment of emotion blinds the spirits vision as it struggles to overcome all obstacles.
Like the shattering of crystal ,which fragments into sharp tiny splinters, piercing the mind evoking memories that scratch beneath the surface of the soul.

No question goes unanswered, only answers go unquestioned.