Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Night and Day

Night and Day

I can feel your lips kissing, in every midnight dream.
The sound of hearts colliding, a treasure in the breeze.

Honey sweet the memories, my heart and soul devours.
Embrace of every shared moment, rushes into hours.

To love you, to feel you..... everyday. I would walk the
mountains over in search of the highest peak. To feel
the closeness of your love blowing through the trees.

To love you, to feel you.........everyday!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Holidays

Little Candle

With the Christmas season quick upon us, I found myself looking at the new decorations to celebrate the season. The stores were filled with larger and more elaborate thrills and gadgets to deck the halls. It took me back to childhood and that once a year tradition of going to downtown Pittsburgh to see the department stores animated windows. The windows drew such crowds, I remember squeezing through all the people to get a glimpse of the
elves and dolls that would spin, blink their eyes and move in motion to the music. I had carried on the tradition for many years of taking my own children once a year to the city to see the lights and have our luncheon together, unfortunately our special meeting spot is no longer there, gone as so many stores before it, to progress and industry buyouts.
With the large impact of commercialization on our Christian holiday, I remember fondly of the little house we use to stroll by each evening, where one lit candle set each night in the window. That one small candle had more impact then any decorations before or after that time. It was the early 60’s and our neighbors son had been sent over to fight in the Vietnam war. She lit that candle everyday, patiently waiting for his return home, last I knew she was still lighting that candle each night waiting for the return of her son.
What makes each years holiday so special? Growing up in what I call a domestic war, the holidays brought peace for a short time in our lives. The short lived season where hope and faith seem to make everything possible. An inner peace, a calm that had you believing in tomorrow.How quickly time goes by, what seemed like yesterday mounds into many years. With my own inner struggles, there were times that I had forgotten that one little candle means more then the largest store bought decoration. In that one flame burns our past, present and future ignited with love to bring us peace.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mystical Bond

This smile is made of magic of all we
say and do, the dance is in my heaven
since the day I met you.

A page torn from my memory of your
embrace and step by step across
the sky, on the dance floor of life.

I will always hold the moment you
appeared and changed my world
forever, the day you held me near.
My body now sleeps, my soul never rest,
dreaming of you, puts the mind to the test.

To lay my head gently on your shoulder
tonight with a image of paradise and a
love guided light.

Your sweet pleasantry, your passion and
fire, built the steps one by one to the top
of the tower.

Dance in the heavens, released from the
hell, the lull of the knight comforted
the belle.

So kind and so gentle I had fallen
asleep in the arms of the man where
I peacefully dream.

So innocent a moment, so dangerous
a thought, that If I’d open my eyes
the magic would stop.

Heart beating faster, a unhidden
smile, as I hold to your charm
and drift for awhile.

Rest my darling, tonight we sleep
with the memory of love, on a cloud
of dreams.

Sleep sweet darling tonight I’m
yours,to sleep peaceful till
early morn.

Moonlight magic is here
to stay, till the sun rids the
enchantment away.

Truth untangles the woven intricate thread of life, Love simplifies it.

Looking back is a glance through muddy water, looking forward is to falter through expectations. Wafting beyond yesterdays memories and tomorrows dreams, to feel the current swiftly whisp my spirit with a wind of emotion.The shawl of happiness surrounds with a comfort, seizing the present day magic as it embraces with the warmth and excitement of our mystical bond.


The silence broke by your memories,
flawlessly performed in sweet harmony.

Beat by beat it raced the time, to open
doors of my mind.

Crashing daydreams creates a spark
ignites the love of two lost hearts.

Yours and mine unite in dance,
to the song of evermore.


Beyond the hills

I feel your touch from beyond the hills

where laughter and joy repeatedly spill.

In my heart and soul and surely

my dreams is where your love

sparked my memory.


Hold me darling, hold me close, under

the blanket of starlight a glow.

Hold me darling, hold me close, listen

as the beat of our hearts compose.

Hold me darling , hold me close,

day and night we reveal the rose.


Sunday, November 12, 2006


Driving Down the Road

Driving down the road felt like the first of May.
I looked around at the mountains, as the
distance made them fade.

Beyond the hollow and the bare winter trees,
release of my spirit, I was once again
set free.

Holding onto the wheel and a bit of control,
I waived goodbye as I viewed a new goal.
Yesterday vanishing a little more and
I'm now waiting see, what tomorrow
has in store.

Holding hands we explored a little more,
traveling so much further then the day
we shared before.

Driving down the road with my friend by my
side, a thousand miles and mountains couldn't
distance us on this life we ride.

Some Say Goodbye

Some say goodbye, some never do,
some build a bridge, too little, too few .

I don’t know what part they play,
all I know is that part of them

They left in my heart, a chapter or
two, they awakened my soul,
to life a review.

A polka dress and shoes in blue
a perfect match, like when I’m
with you.

The foundation you laid was built
with trust and dusted gently
with truth and your love.

I couldn’t let go even if I tried,
nor walk away, you have
made your way inside.

This bond was made, like a permanent
glue, to seal our love of my friendship
with you.

Mingling with the mystic of the stars,
brought your love so close from
so afar. No silence in the hotel room,

as you taught the midnight sky how
to croon.

La La La... la la la La La La.. la la la

I wanted to whisper the perfect set of words that could express my gratitude, thank you. I wanted them to harmonize with each love struck beat of my heart to tell you how much I care. I wanted you to know that I have known forever that there are bonds beyond this life, creating the explosion of magic that I feel when my soul dances upon the cloud of dreams with yours.~

The touch without fingers,
a kiss with out lips,
the embrace of acceptance,
our place in the abyss.


It's that time of night, when I meet you up on the clouds.

A star built bridge across the night sky,
channeling the magic, linked you and I.

I kept a running and you kept a hold
and as we spanned the dreams, our

love unfold.

Raindrops falling and the sun
at my backdoor, dried all the tears,
there is so much more.

A star built bridge across the night sky,
channeling the magic, linked you and I.

What once seemed a vast emptiness of immeasurable loniness, is now filled with the beauty of love as it flows from heart to heart, a embrace beyond dreams, to create our own reality.

I asked the wind to fill in for the emptiness of your body by gently embracing my soul with a brisk, cool breeze that envelopes my body triggering a storm of emotion.

You went and did it, you gave the hollow that symphony sound. Released from your heart, bouncing off the hills, it echoed with your wonderful smile.

You went and did it, you hit the high notes somehow and everywhere I go the music just flows from your heart to mine.

Oh Baby! you went and did it, you gave the hollow that symphony sound.
Released from your heart bouncing off the hills, it echoed with you wonderful smile......
Oh baby! it echoed with your wonderful smile.

Can't Wait

I can’t wait to the time of the day, to escape and to get away.Quickly run into your arms, beyond the chill of the hollow,through the charm of the hills.

Strolling on a love retreat, we surfaced in the dream that joy create. A paradise made for two, especially created for me and you.

Just one word and my heart relates, it starts pumping
faster and begins to race. Conversations that bring me round, center my life and hold me steady on the ground.

This smile I give to you, the one who’s here to see
me through. Your hand I hold night and day, locked
forever in a magical way.

I can't wait till the time of day, to escape and get away.........

Lay your head upon my heart,
allow each beat to soothe and
to spark.

Place your soul next to me, let
your mind slowly be free, this
very moment you are mine,as
we create our own design.

What you see through your
soul, is what you and I hold.
Wipe one tear from my face
and in its reflection appears
our embrace.

There is no letting go, this
vine does grow, entwining
life as it continues to grow.

I am loving you so and this
you should know, I'm holding
on to you as each day goes.


I believe the concept of a child running away is pretty common one,
at one time or another I am sure everyone had thoughts about getting
away from varied situations. I had planned the great escape since I can
remember. Sometimes running away was as simple as a hiding place,
a room away from siblings, fabricating a fantasy or sliding down a
rainbow of dreams.

When my family name was recently translated, I laughed to myself at the meaning of the name from my cultural homeland. The family name was translated to “chaser”. My response was that I might have not been running my whole life after all , I might have just been chasing, dreams, love, romance, passion and the magic that seemed always one step away.

However you view life, maturity begins to prepare you to accept or with a stronger insight, open your eyes to a vision of understanding more, much more.. It was clear to me, you can’t run away, the mind can’t be left behind and it has the ability to haunt or enhance the emotional process. Facing the ghost that lingered for years, I took a stand, moving forward, not running foolishly. There is no scarring from past experience, only a deep seeded awareness that cloaks with caution.

I remember my sisters each buying a new home, my younger sister said is mine better then hers? I said her home is right for her and your home is right for you, there is no better or worse. Listening to people talk of their lives, what they have, what someone else has, was like a curtain opening and I could see.

This is my world, compare it to none,
this is my choice, your arms, my love.

This is my heart, I give to you,
this is the magic that made
the skies blue.

This is the plan, that is out of
our hands, this is the moment
someone else commands.


I wanted to say goodnight, I thought if I said your name over and over you would hear me, If I closed my eyes to make it so you would feel me.
If I asked the night to place me in your arms it would keep me there till morning. At this moment may the kiss of love land upon your cheek and
and the joy of love tickle you from the inside out.

A flock of chickadees gathering seed,
a doe startled when she spotted me.
The water rising over the banks, the
world quietly calm, till I heard a laugh.
Heart to the wind, your love the
guide, soaring the heavens, my
friend and I.

Worth repeating to the world and yelling from moutain tops....Hold me for Life
There is no forever, till your love stepped on board and touched my heart like nothing before. My love I give you, my soul was yours. The moment we met on life’s northern shore. Hold me today, hold me tonight, close your eyes and hold me for life. I love you!!!!!

Looking Back

I looked back at my life and the path I so followed, was I fulfilling the expectations of others, living on the road of choice or simply trailing
what fate had planned all along? There was a time, that I was overwhelmed or maybe even consumed or maybe better to say confused by the circumstances surrounding my life. Torn somewhere between my consciousness and my sub consciousness, I centered on the sphere of life, like a child’s top spinning down to a slow stop, I felt a wobble to the left a wobble to the right as if now I was beginning to collapse. It was at this time when emptiness ruled, that doors one by one began to open. Excitement, joy and a beauty penetrated with such energy. I was filled with a renewed blend of youth and a touch of womanly experience that felt the magic of the fire that would now burn from the inside out.The spirit of imagination fused with reality complimented the momentallowing survival to shed its last weight of tears and washed for the last time the pain of yesterday.
Here where fantasy danced liked forest nymphs about the hollow, I eagerly grasped at the light of passion that fed the hunger. Not living in a land of dreams, but powered by dreams, a vision seen with much more clarity broadened the view and opened the gates of love. A internal yearning took me from a stroll to a leap. What would soon transpire would free the chains on my soul and at last free my spirit.
Stepping forward, not once did I look back, nor did I ever feel the strings of regret. I had left all behind and dove with out regard outside the present world abandoning the walls of reality that so enclosed my being for many years.
Like a battery sitting on a charger I gained in days what years could not
provide, at a speed gone unaccounted for, I had absorbed more love, peace and passion through the windows of the heart and mind. Here where the sweet blend of your inner touch bonded our worlds, morphing each moment without boundaries or limits upon the soul.

Much More

Tossing a branch into the muddy creek, the rage and roar floated it down stream. A little bit further and this I saw the stick went over the waterfall. Close your eyes and you’ll see what is going to happen will be naturally. Your in my heart and in my dreams and the closer you look, the more you will see.

Poetry is in every grade school and high school curriculum not to mention in attaining your college degree. Highly valued for teaching small children with the use of rhyme, through music and puppetry and as adults we find poetry used in everything from advertising ploys, greeting cards through lyrics and jingles. Poetry is such a huge part of our lives and yet glazed over by the industry as if it were second best to other forms of literature.
Who is at fault for giving poetry a sour flavor? I believe that it is both, teachers and publishing houses amongst others that fail to recognize or promote a quality vision for poetry lovers. A teacher’s responsibility is to instill a love of learning and maintain a hunger for it in a healthy and yet fun atmosphere. The publisher fails to recognize that all great writers are not great poets. Therefore many quality manuscripts become overlooked. What is considered great literature? I personally believe that any set of words that meet the test of time and maintain a place in history becomes great literature. It is used as away to educate, to stir memory, to touch hearts through the varied set of emotions.
I was shopping yesterday and overheard a mother with her teenage daughter,they were wardrobe shopping, and the daughter said to her mother “only you would wear that, that is so ugly mom.” I chimed in and said “actually it is very unique and your mother is making quite a statement to who she is as a individual.” The young girl quickly jumped to a defense, “I want to look just like everyone else.” The mother shook her head and smiled and quickly responded “you don’t want to be like everyone else and said the woman is right one day you will understand what it means to stand a part from others and choose from within.” Whether it is clothing or a style of music or the books we purchase, the industry still has a certain amount of control in what is the next fad in a wide range of products. Their money is made not on individuality but on the commoners outlook that they want to be just likeeveryone else. Get one famous person to wear, listen or read your product and that maybe the next trendsetter. This style of marketing is hard to compete or keep up with, it comes in like the march wind with a roar of a lion and limps out like a wounded lamb, the scenario “move the stock or get burnt with it.” Classics surface and maintain their ground throughout history, they tend not to be on the extremes of any particular side. Reminds me of the adage” everything that goes around comes around” I believe poetry will again find its rightful place in the sun, enjoyed and respected, loved and passed down to the future generation.

There’s no getting over, no getting away, I packed my heart to travel your way. From the moment you wake up till you fall asleep, I’ll be in your arms, I’ll be in your dreams.

There's no getting over, no getting away, I packed my love to keep burning the flame. A kiss each day to remind you darling, how much I love you,
how much I care.

Il n'y a aucun obtenir plus de, aucun partir, j'a emballé mon coeur pour voyager votre manière. Du moment où vous réveillez jusqu'à ce que vous chute endormie, je soyez dans des vos bras, je soyez dans vos rêves.

Il n'y a aucun obtenir plus de, aucun partir, pour continuer à brûler le baiser de flame.A chaque jour pour vous rappeler chéri, combien je t'aime, combien je m'inquiète.


I’ve traveled down this road many times before,
I recognize the vines and the roses they bore.
Entangled in the games we played,
I felt the thorns of your memory
to my heart betray.

Like a dagger piercing through my heart,
I remember each moment from the start.
I picked a rose and sheared it of a dozen
thorns, to recreate when our love
was born.

I won’t race the seasons as they go by,
I’m not gonna stand here and watch
my life fly.I have to filter the sun rays
and place atop the mountain ,to rid it
of any grey.

All I ask from you is to hold me close,
to whisper words of love that only you
could compose. If I should stumble
and perhaps fall, you’d be there to pick
me up and stand me tall.

Hold my hand for a little more. I promise
never to make it feel like a chore,
a kiss in morning bright and one
every dark of night.


Hold me, everything is doable ,
tell me anything is possible.

Love me, I’m loving you back
and that's a matter of fact.

Can’t make mountains any
higher ,can’t make rivers ,
can't me from loving you.

Miss you, like a summer come and gone,
when the days were filled with laughter
and my heart played along.

Love you, like a first fallen snow,
glistening white reflects what

we both know. A touch of
excitement and a bit of joy
every moment to my heart

Need you and that magic
touch, a feel inside says
I'm love struck.

Want you, to meet me
on the clouds of our
memories. Loving you,
loving me makes a
day worth experiencing.

I felt the distance of you,
my heart breaking in two.
I don’t know what to
do... without you.

I tried to keep you here,
hear the song fill the air,
make the pain disappear
without you.

A fog glazed memory,
set on replay, kept
repeating my love
for you.

We could walk away,
pretend we never made
the music between us.
I thought to run and hide,
close my eyes and deny,
how my empty world
is without you.

I took a ride on the
clouds , the magic
brought you around
and there you stood
with me.

Hand and hand once
more, nothing else to
explore, as my world
is open to you.

Running , running, running to your arms,
when the night is filled with darkness ,
your my shining star.

Smiling, smiling, smiling from the day,
when you tickled me for life and
nothing has ever been the same.

Touching, touching, touching with
the heart, embraced the soul from
the very start.

Dreaming, dreaming ,dreaming
that you here and we are on
the clouds of love, no
sadness and no fear.


Intuition the ability to have quick insight. We have all had a variety of experiences, a mixture of positive and negative. Which leads to the adage “if it feels good it must be right” but what if feels bad, does that mean it must be wrong? Call it a conscience or a internal perception of either the mind, heart or soul.
We have all felt and yet we fail to act on that first notion that enters from our inner spirit. Why is it we question our self? There are as many reasons as there are people. Sometimes it’s our own insecurities that we find ourselves doubting and other times it’s reviewing the whole picture, over analyzing.
Not to overshadow the subject, what if intuition is ill perceived, or misinterpreted? Emotions and feeling of all sort subject us to self analysis, understanding the moment. I believe if we are honest with self this is not a issue, where truth lay the path, only truth shall follow.
I use to believe that it was almost sexist the level at which we understood and interpreted conversation, relationships and life. The more that I filtered through the people I had met, I realized it was much deeper and expanded many more levels then male and female. Intellect, culture, the era in which we are born, all play a important part in how we recognize and register the signals both verbally and physically.
I have heard people say I know how you feel or I understand , but can another truly understand the level, the depth with which every experience is felt? We could probably relate to another persons plight, but truly understand. This old saying has survived the years, “ not until you walked a mile in my shoes” and what a selection of shoes. Every experience is unique to each individual, this is the variations of life.
Through life’s multitude of experiences, I believe people truly are relating to the emotions explored. Whether short lived or a forever pining away, they fall into only so many categories. Each word written is based not on a experience but on a emotion felt. Happiness sadness, Euphoria, distressed, relaxed, quite, dull, exiting. All the stories of life that have spanned the time, were not because people related so much to the story
as that they related to the strings of emotion pulled in their hearts.

I do not see into everyone’s heart, I listen, I absorb and then I write through my heart the words that you interpret with your heart. ~~


You taught the silence how to sing, conducted the birds and the wind blown trees. A song that no one else can hear, is meant only for you and I my dear.

Vous avez enseigné au silence comment chanter, conduit les oiseaux et les arbres soufflés par vent. Une chanson que personne d'autre peuvent entendre, sont signifiés seulement pour vous et I mon cher.

I covered my lips, I closed my eyes, I try to hold back what’s inside. No
denying, there’s no hiding , you put that smile on me.

J'ai couvert mes lèvres, j'ai fermé mes yeux, j'essaye de tenir en arrière ce qui est à l'intérieur. Aucun nier, là n'est aucun se cacher, vous a mis ce sourire sur moi.


I’m not gonna let no sadness replace the memories,
I’m gonna hold the good ones and set the bad ones

I’m not gonna let no heartache become a part of me.
I’m gonna hold the love and let the anger be.

I’m not gonna let the tears fall, like those of yesterday.
I’m gonna hold the smiles, the frowns have no place.
I’m not gonna try to decipher what I don’t understand.
I’m gonna listen to my heart, but let my mind command.

Fly me to the moon........

I thought of the people who believed they had fallen out of love, I don’t see it quite that way. The heart is a huge puzzle and we spend our life trying to find all the pieces. You don’t lose what becomes a important part of who you are.A rose beautiful in bud becomes more intriguing as each petal unfolds the mystery of the moment. The heart is no different, the more joy that is felt the more wonderful the emotions explored.You have become a major part of who I am.......

I’ll be the candy maker, If you can be my butternut cream,
a little bit sweet and a tad bit nutty, as long as you keep
loving me.
Cover you in chocolate, place you out in the sun
and when you start to melt, you’ll get glimpse of the fun
of what you do to me.

Leading Man

Silence on the stage, surrounded by a emptiness.
The curtains open and there in the darkness a
glimpse at life through the eyes of love.
Hey !Mr. Leading Man.

Leading Man

Silence on the stage, surrounded by a emptiness.
The curtains open and there in the darkness a
glimpse at life through the eyes of love.
Hey! Mr. Leading Man.

I’m reasoning with my heart and mind, Hello, hello,
goodbye, goodbye. You are like a fickle winter breeze,
unpredictable and filled with so much uncertainty.

A cap of snow settles down, a blanket of cold to cover
the ground. Irony filled it begins to relay a chill to the soul
yet holds the warmth of May.

Flakes of winter yet to thaw, frozen laughter, frozen tears,
truth or lies, happiness or fear. Then why! oh why ! do I want
you here?

There is something unique and yet innocent about the classic romance movies. It’s the boy meets girl and all the magic that is created out of simplicity. Each time you view one of these marvels of creation, you absorb just a little bit more of the emotion that explodes from the screen.

A sweet blend of reality and fantasy dances together in each script, from an era that breathed a bit of the Rockwell scenario, the white picket fence. Here in our imagination is where romance becomes the vessel that conveys the messages of love.

The stage can be the sandy beach under the night sky or watching a sun rise, cuddling in front of a fireplace while the snowflakes fall or even a walk in the park, or better yet a meeting in a crowded city with everyone looking on, perfect setting for boy meets girl.

Which take us to the characters, the leading man, handsome, debonair, the touch of romance, the song of heart. Which leads to the leading woman, ahhhhhh how do we say melt?

The magic is that everyone of every age can view one of these pieces of history and interpret it to the caliber of their understanding. Looking on at life and the dreams we hope to fulfill, I believe the message is the same as it has always been.

We are trapped in our world that teaches us more is better and yet what could be better then holding hands walking down by the stream, skipping stones, watching the hawk take flight, sharing hearts and placing a kiss forever on your soul.

I love you! You make one hell of a leading man !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Just Another Love Poem......

Amongst the Stars

I placed the words on the page and yet they lacked the laughter, they were merely letters arranged to remain for the hereafter.

I shifted them to the left and a little to the right, but nothing seem to matter, they didn't reflect the light.

I challenged the story and softly I sang, with words that would waffle through the air like a love bird that appears in the first days of spring.

A stillness, a emptiness of dreams, as these words mean very little, unless it is with you I begin to sing.

I closed my eye tightly and in your arms I danced and now the words written seem to have a chance.

Magically they awaken and to you my dear appear, the warmth and beauty of our love from my heart I share.

I could almost feel your kiss, your arms a comfort of delight
and the words magically written have found their place amongst the stars of bright.

Exotic the fragrance of Jasmine in bloom,
enhances the memories like a day in June.

This little world that we create, has all of
the secrets of love and fate.

You smiled, I laughed, you held me, I
danced. Inside out and all around, I
danced my life with you.

Don't let the distance get you down,
my love can be found, jumping,
circling, zapping and tapping
around you.

I'll be the stars in the night,
a sparkle of love you won't
be able to fight. I'll be
shining, doing my time,
bringing my love to you.

Don't let the distance get you
down, my love can be found,
in your heart, walking through
the park,or like a strawberry
mark, I'll be next to you.


You waltzed on into my life
and took me by the hand. You
could have been the king of
dreams or loves leading man.

One hello sent my heart spinning,
one smile took command and
when the day was over, I was
feeling grand.

I will never see tomorrow quite
the same way, yesterday has
changed forever how love is

My heart in disguise, camouflages the cries.
This trickery a veil, to pretend I couldn't feel.

The night set the stage, a star lit canvas of dreams.
A masquerade of smiles to bridge the miles.

I won't let it fade nor conceal what God
had made. A love that raced the wind,
champions a win.

Silence holds the key, to release in memory.
The joy deeply etched, seeps love at its best.

These arms embrace and are willing to face
the distance of night, that I stand to fight.

My soul in flight, rest with you each night,
no matter when and where, I'll always be there.

Restrictions and the constant ill behavior that feeds insecurities, these are the bars that people can't see. Have someone put their hand over your mouth and then try to scream. Try living like this for all of your life. Distrust in a relationship is the first set of blocks to crumble, leading to a poor foundation, which weakens the structure and prevents a rich quality of life.

Words used in a demeaning manner act as a sword that pierces the heart and soul and places one in the mode of defense. I find myself troubled by the shear magnitude of educated people who still live with inner self doubt. So much so, that they are quick to turn on those who they claim to love. There are many lesson that only come with experience. One that surfaced many times throughout my life, was if you "act like a victim, then your a victim." I had wondered were we some how predisposed as humans to find ourselves attracting certain personalities? In a relationship is it natural to have one who controls and one who plays the part of the character in the children’s cartoon, “ The Perils of Penelope Pitstop” ? She was portrayed as always the victim, always needing rescued.

There definitely are traits in people that separate them into particular categories. Some actually have a heart and understand the concept of
compassion and for others itÂ’s as remote a thought as the top of the mountain to the floor of the sea. Emotions played a huge part in this division between people. I wouldnÂ’t say that it was a sexist role, as I believe it has more to do with individual upbringing and what I call cultural irrationality. No matter how many times I try to reason with the facts, it comes down to the basics for which all of human life should be entertaining. What is love? Respect, compassion, humility, desire, trust, joy, yearning and a timeless explosion of magic that keeps us viewing life through the window of the celestial heavens. Exciting, expanding, spiral of beauty that never ceases to amaze the child that lives within.


Your the all season lover,
I'm your all season clown,
laughing on the outside,
crying on the in, waiting
for you to come around.

Surrounded by the mountains,
yelling for you to see, I'd do
just about anything, but the
words just echoed back to

See the lovers running hand and hand, view the foot prints left on the sand, reminders darling that I love you, are the left behind little clues.

Not a world of sophisticate, it's the natural that can't be missed. A step
closer and its apparent to see, we are the kiss in every wind blown breeze.

Hold me close and caress my love, the pleasure beyond the physical.
This magical embrace that holds you tight, it's our souls taken flight.

Documented are the words of love, a gift that you don't have to speak of .
I left it to the stars to sparkle above and show the world our love.


Shuffle and toss, toss them in the air, words that just won't disappear

Falling and this you should hear, words dealt for only your ears.

Da da da .. da da da ... da da da.... da da da..... only, only for your ears.

I tried to find the perfect ones, those that would tell you how I feel.

I tried to let you know I care, and hold you with these words.

Da da da...da da da... da da da... da da da....and hold you with these



Where ever you are, whatever your doing, just stop and for that moment know that I am there..........
When the rain begins to fall, I feel... the day you came to call, I feel...the magic of it all, I feel.. you next to me.
My love in every drop of rain, my love...here there is no pain, my love...
with happiness to gain.
Whispers, that no one else can hear, whisper only for your ears, whisper
the song through the air.


Collecting pine cones, my heart still moans,
when I tried to put you out of my mind.

Autumn leaves crunch beneath my feet,
and yet I still hear your laughter with me.

Sun set, moon prepared a bet, that a
silhouette will appear at sea.

Hand and hand , this is what I see,
a stroll along the stoney point peak.


Am I missing you! This I know that when something good comes into your life, you sure miss it when it's gone.

You warm my days with your laughter,
you kindly offered your hand and when
the wriver bederflowed the riverbed, it
was you who taught me to tread.

When the storms kept moving in
faster and my life felt like a
disaster. It was your smiles
that crossed the many miles to
bring a little love to me.


The scary part is there are only two options, to live or to die.

Monday, November 06, 2006

One petal fallen

Your Love

Oak dressed in red, maples in gold,
paint the hollow with a rustic color of old.

Images follow from our day in the sun,

your warm embrace could never ever be undone.

A song broke the silence, as my heart it took

hold and the gentle whispers of your love softly unfold.
That's How Much, I love you So!

Watch the river rise, view a hawk in flight,
where mountains brace the blue skies.
That’s how far I would go, just to let
you know, how much, I love you so.

I’d take a bee hive and direct it to fly by,
send you a little buzz, of bumble bee hugs.
That’s how far I would go, just to let you know,
how much, I love you so.

I’d take the stars at night, mixed with the moon bright,
and while your sleeping, I’d have them cover you tight.
That’s how far I would go, just to let you know,
how much, I love you so.

Go and try to cross that river wide, hold that tail
feather in flight, race the top of the mountain high.
That’s how far I would go, just to let you know,
how much, I love you so.

Go on and duck those bees and hide behind those trees,
you‘ll not get away, there directed to stay. That’s how far
I would go, just to let you know, how much, I love you so.

Go on, close your eyes, in the dark of the night, the stars
and the moon are still shining bright. That’s how far I
would go , just to let you know, how much, I love you so.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Be Happy!

My pillow is yours, my arms may you rest
and as the night unfolds , we will be at our

I feel the comfort of the embrace of souls,
the magic my friend is what took a hold.

No words need spoken, no physical hold,
our story of love has yet to be told.

Look to the sk , watch the star shooting
by, the energy felt compares to what
is inside.

You calmed my evening , you rid my
pain , you gave me your love, now
nothings the same.

You can keep the rain, you can keep
those grey skies, as nothing is gonna
take my sunshine away.

I’m holding you now, I’m holding forever.
Those moments of two, when you and I
are together.

You can keep the rain, you can keep
those grey skies, as nothing is gonna
take my sunshine away.

Your in my heart and no looking
away , I see your reflection in the

my life, and you can’t get away.

You can keep the rain, you can keep
those grey skies, as nothing is gonna

take my sunshine away.

No Regrets!

A rose dried loses its vivid color and fragrance from its days of glory,
but remarkably it’s able to retain a day of love in story.

When forever stages a platform, it's meant to take on various forms,
as a untransformed moment is one that’s yet to be born.

I don’t see the sadness in days taken to the wind, I dance with glee
and gladness from the moments that live within.

If you pushing , push now!
If pulling, pulling now!
If beside me .....kiss now!


Scattered my thoughts, scattered my dreams.
In the land of enchantment, where hearts
are set free.

Follow my love, follow my heart, where
each day given is a fresh new start.

Rose petals drying remind, but your love
like wine gets better with time.

Loving me, loving you, my tribute I
write, as we document the whole of
our life.

Life cannot be perfect, because life is unpredictable,
but true love is perfection at its best , it knows
comfort, warmth, respect and joy, when to
hold and when to toy, a glimpse at the man
and the little boy. This view of love was
meant to be enjoyed.


I could have cried, but today I laughed,
I could have died, but today I lived.
I could have given up, but I took a stand.
I could have allowed my yesterday to
control my tomorrows, but then I met you.
I am the luckiest woman in all of the world,
because I have you in my life.

This tear is of happiness it washed away yesterdays pain.

The blankets look inviting, but I promise not to go under them without you!

The clock is standing still and the mirror shows
no faces, a hand is on the wall and yet my heart
still races.
A trace of love found in the most secretive of
places and when I close my eyes it doesn’t erase it.

Be happy!

Friday, November 03, 2006


........because I'll be thinking of you.

I hope your thinking of me, because I'll be thinking of you.
When the Sun light greets the morning, burning off the early dew.

I hope your thinking of me, because I'll be thinking of you.
When the moon and stars meet in the sky and shower dreams
of you.

I hope your thinking of me, because Ill be thinking of you.
When the wind tickles the leaves on the trees, the memories
keep coming through.

I hope your thinking of me, because I'll be thinking of you.


Standing in the doorway, with a small
window of time, quickly it opened and

at that moment my heart took a dive.

A world that was free, no restraint,
no regardto the warden who lacked
the magic and the charm.

A glimpse in your world and I knew
I didn’t belong, but oh how my heart
and my soul desperately longed.

The feel of excitement, the experience
to know that for one moment a real love
started to grow.

I said to my heart stop this silliness
and tears, your stronger then this,
you through the years.

I am thirsty, I’m hungry for what I
have not, I want those arms to hold
me and never ever stop.

Foolish woman, the hills don’t
embrace, the bars of the mind
are what hold your soul in


Shattering, test, release to let
me , I want a glimpse of what's
beyond the hollow's trees.

I shouldn’t have to analyze the moment for each days survival.

When my heart broke you caught the pieces,
when fear set in you held my hand. When doubt
appeared you gave me strength.

When the hills no longer sing and the hollow drowns in silence,
and the tears behind the eyes ice over the mountains as they
reminisce .

The chill of winter sends a brisk reminder,
numb is the heart. No more laughter,
no more tears, penetrating the darkness
to my heart a spear.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Your Turn

Life would be simply un-complicated, if the mind were not so complex.

Oh! Those calendar men! If nothing I have been given insight to the variances of the working mind. For whatever reasons, people and their thoughts and response to life have taught me of the imperfection of being human. Life is simple and it is only we as people who complicate it.

From childhood your taught to play games, from simple toss and catch to highly competitive and even strategic ones. I find that as early as elementary school we are instructed of the rules to follow. Of course we are told like the old adage it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it's how you play the game. Except that deep down you know it does matter, everyone wants to be a winner and there can only be one in each game.

Life is a structure loosely based on games, and it doesn't stop with children, it dominates the adult mentality. Who has more, who gets more , who wins! You can choose to step away from this game of life, shelter yourself, hide from society, pretend it doesn't exist or you can do the complete opposite in a rebellious way, make your self heard, change the system through the checks and balances of democracy or deny that there is a game at all and like a ostrich hide your head in the sand.

It all seems pretty easy, we know when we wake up in the morning we have a 50/50 chance of our life being altered the moment we walk out the door. Hmm a betting game, or just facing reality? The problem is not what is the name of the game, but what are the rules, they don't seem to be as clear as childhood hopscotch, ah oh your outside the line, lose a turn .

What are the rules? This is much more difficult, as they are based on varied plateau's, depending on where your standing, what view you take in. There are morale based rules, which fluctuate through out individuals and society based rules as varied as each community. A step further reveals that there are even variances based on what the heart and mind comprehend.

Rules teach us to obey and to follow a sense of order, but they are constantly evolving and are rarely adhered to. Morally you would think every game would be based on honesty, how could you possibly win with a lie, this is based on the common factor that we believe everyone knows right from wrong.

Our system of rules is based on the interpretation and the support of such given rules as well as editing and altering of them to each situation that occurs. So it's clear that every system has rule makers and enforcers, how much more clearer is that. No where in the rules does it say we have to respect everyone, but we assume everyone does, nor be untruthful, yet depending upon the consequences, people make excuses where they will find it acceptable to lie.

So now we are treading on exactly what are the rules, are they mandatory that we follow? Obviously not, then that means they must be optional. There we go complicating this game of life, as we now are in a grey area, where we are left to our own decision making. Do we lead with our heart or our head, and does this or should it change how we process the decision making?

Willing participants in any step of life assume that they are standing on a platform of truth, as they climb higher they step on to respect, which leads to all the other emotions which flow with ease upon entering the sphere of life, where we see our own individual role.

Knowing the rules and following the rules are two completely separate chapters.

Instinct , environment , obsession, possession
with the power of aggression.
The winner takes all or does he?

I didn't even explore the option of evasion.....