Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hanging on to sunshine

Taking in a bit of the summer garden . A array of beautiful colors blend into natures own masterpiece . A calm in the air sets to rest my weary mind . `The flowers at their peak are a mixed blessing as with their glorious colors come and end to a season. Shall I rejoice in the promise of the next seasons new beginning or cry out for that which passes by so quickly.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Twenty five plus Eternity

Young love and a more mature love so very different or is it? :Love has been labeled under chemistry and physical attraction for its initial spark.. Obviously it is instinctive to look at someone and either find them attractive or not. If we took the outer shell a way and dared to look inside could we change how people fall in love. What initiates the spark? So many questions and the answers maybe as unique as love itself. I once believed if you never had the chance to be truly loved how would you know what you were missing. Once you have tasted respect and compassion and felt the joy of loving and being loved you cannot go back to a disrespect or continue a journey that does not partner side by side. People go on existing in lifestyles that do not bring happiness . Life is so short and how sinful to not be happy. I think there is always a battle between what the mind knows and how the heart feels. I considered that there needed to be a inner self that can relate with one on one to overcome all obstacles . A common ground deeper then what movie to see. Love should be equal to see each other through the difficult times. Trouble is when love is not returned in the same way it is given. When you have a giver and a taker it is sooner or later going to burn out. There has to be periods of give and take through out a relationship that balances the trails of life. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Crickets and tree frogs a concert for the eve.
Their song a haunting that starts the heart to dream
I graced a path that tipped my curiosity.
Underestimated love picked up velocity.
Twenty five plus eternity, bonds your soul to me.
No river wide can part what in life is meant to be
Life is a give and take ,you give a little of your heart and I give a little of mine. I take that back! Life is a give and take , You give me all of your heart and I give you all of mine.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I"m singing in the rain

I never liked rainy days. Wet and damp they send a chill. Then I realized it doesn't matter what each season brings . Snow , rain or sleet or desert of heat. It has been said that love conquers all. I believe if each person allows them self to feel to allow the traits of love into their heart , compassion, trust , understanding , passion, etc. That love can truly over come distance , time , heartache.

This is the very first piece of poetry I ever wrote.
I can remember how I felt at that moment.
Exploration, understanding and a whole
new world await.

Head and Heart
I will never see the rain the same way again.Each raindrop holds a story
Every splash across my face a reminder, and each drop that roles down
my cheek a memory. Where there is
thunder a wake up call, where
lightening now direction.

Singing> I'm singing in the rain Just singing in the rain........ what a beautiful feeling
I'm happy again

To the wind

Paced with a butterfly, my heart to the wind.
High above the trees, I am lacking oxygen.

Gazing down below, upon the field of dreams.
I try to catch my breath as I held to memories.

A entrapment within the valley , a moment of desire
Traveling romance caught my heart on fire.

My flight wings clipped and I plummet to the hollow
surrounded by the trees I look to see you follow.

A joyous look upon my face , nothing takes your place
as you singed into my heart that warm wind embrace
My favorite thing to send Warm Wind blown kisses to land upon your cheek

Utterly impossible ?

Dreams, fantasy,land of enchantment or magic.As a child we are not forbidden from riding in the zone of fairyland and dreams. As we mature the thought of holding on to such magic is inconceivable to many.What separates people who survived horrific crimes compared to those who drown in the flash of memory that continues to haunt them? Some people more capable of abandoning the situation, living in denial simply looking beyond the realism of life. Forgetting and remembering all has its place in time.
Today I am in a glass castle in the clouds . I'ts wonderfully beautiful! I am looking down over the world, interesting place to be. Ah guest are arriving . The first such a gentlemen he kissed my hand, mm I am blushing . Welcome to the dance of fantasy where we make a evening of magic feel as real as the sun that warms the morning.
Take my hand follow me, where your mind is totally free. Hold my hand as we dance .. spinning round the air with me ...... It's our chance for one more dance to feel your heart beat next to mine ,to hold you close in my heart and finally stop the time.
This very moment belongs to you and I.

Utterly Impossible

Utterly impossible to have fallen in a dream. I squint , I stare! what is this I see? A extraordinary vision , your standing side by side with meA tremble , a chill and the shake of the earth beneath my feet .Topsy-turvy my mind can barely think.
Standing on a axle swaying in the wind , your hand reached out and touched me and something happened deep within.I felt compassion love and care and something truly amazing your fingers through my hair.A path through thistle thick and rough now a path of cotton that feels like power puff.Trailing beyond loneliness and despair I welcome the magic that simply brought you here.

She bows to the stars and takes her place on the clouds

softly singing>
Open your heart and let me in , A rose to bloom the winter when the colds a sin.
Open up your heart and let me in. I promise a dream a day is a good place to begin.When your filling lonely , I'm a thought away.When you need to dance I'm in the clouds each day, Open up your heart and let me in!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Today is Just another ordinary day!

Little Boys

Looking back is spent energy..Looking forward is growth
The tracks lead forward beyond past seasons
to the fields hope.

Yesterday's treasures, tomorrows faith and the courage
to journey and do it with the utmost of grace.
TrainsThe rush of the locomotive with its string of box cars following behind , powerful not only in its ability to travel with utmost speed but its repetitive sound that hums a calm which soothes a troubling disposition. The train’s song briefly replaces the sounds of sadness with its own music that has an eerie effect, one of sound and silence. Cruelty of fate held at bay as an extraordinary vision of peace cradles the moment longs enough to allow my heart to recharge. A tremor of joy exposed along a questionable path, one with out apparent reason.

One moment of pleasure multiplied by the times my heart felt your love., your compassion, your attraction , your reaction equaled to know other emotion known to man.
It recently occurred to me that my Great Aunt would be in her 80’s she outlived four sisters and 2 brothers and more friends then you can imagine. As I thought of the friends and family who had spent such a short time on this earth. I wondered was living alone as my Great Aunt had done for so many years a blessing or a punishment as the sadness of each person final time out, is like replacing a vase of flowers every week. I tried to see life from all perspectives, each person who we come in contact with left a gift behind. Then the selfish part of me appears and I miss and want more.
My oasis of peace an tranquility battles the warrior of time that close in with each breath of day.

Follow Me

Courting devils time, plays tricks with the mind.
Keeping you from me, tries to steal my world of dreams.
My heart feels the sadness I’m entangled in this madness.
No blue bird song or river’s long can heal the ache in me
A long came a memory and placed you next to me.
Close your eyes ...and let your heart lead beyond your mind. Love at your fingertips let your soul entwine with mine.....Place your hands overhead, feel your cheek next to mine. oh !the scent of you sends chills up my spine.Breathe deep into my soul , I’m losing control. Playing
with yesterday, I’m tomorrows fool.

Follow me.......

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hold my hand One more.........

The eeriness of the heavy fog was exaggerated by the radiance of a full moon as the glow penetrated the cloud like atmosphere casting a trance . Paralyzed and yet detached I felt suspended in time. The Merciless memories bound me to yesterdays sadness and the emptiness of the moment. Unexplainable, the mechanism of Survival triggered a response interacting with my hearts desire and thrusting you into my path of dreams. I grasp to hold the beauty of the heart felt warmth moment deep in my soul. The visions surreal played trickery with reality
as I dance hand in hand in a cloud of dreams.
Singing> Close your eyes follow me through the magic of a dream.Hold my hand one more time, let your heart beat next to mine.No tears , no sadness , no fears, no madness my arms to comfort you, as we dance under clouds and skies of blue.
Whispers.....Hold my hand one more time, let your heart beat next to mine

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Those nasty little choices that keep popping up through the day. Clouded in judgment over the years I found that sheltering which is portrayed as a protectiveness is quite the opposite , it does very little to promote a foundation where growth can flourish. Stagnant life becomes a mere existence , rather then a contribution of self to the world around us. I battled the years of regression as I tackle each moment in the day to gain independence of thought and allow my inner self to reach its full capacity. The long journey had planted seeds of self doubt which have rooted within .
You can imprison the body , setting limitations upon ones abilities . But you can’t hold on to the spirit within, that seeks to soar the heavens. The minds capabilities are unlimited. Finding the strength to not question what it is the heart feels and allowing freedom to overcome all obstacles.The strains of indeciveness grips when I least expect it.I find that I need stimulation and constant reminders to encourage the journey forward. Hungry for the contact that comes with reaching out beyond the perimeters set in place many years ago. I find each person I come in contact with is a lesson in life and fuel for the days ahead.

My mind battles fiercely with my heart and soul, my heart to the wind to feel your embrace ,my soul beside you as we journey in place.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Off to War

Someone to watch over you.......

A ground hog sluggish grazes upon the foliage green and a fisherman cast his fly rod to not get caught up in the trees.Black Eyed Susan all in bloom lace the fields of old , painting the landscape with lace of summers gold.My heart is crying why do they ignore ? Can’t they feel the sadness my friend has gone to war.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let the Song Bird Free

A muted song bird has lost the gift to sing ,without her flight wings she lost her hope and dreams .Tethered and bound she lives on memories . Open up the cage and let thesong bird free.

Behind these Eyes

The forest growth heightened by the mist of rain, surrounds the hollow with a calm that lures the heart into a state of tranquility. Nestled deep in the comfort of nature's beauty a spell of enchantment placed your soul close to mine. Strolling beyond yesterday's sorrow, the gateway of tomorrow opens to a
surreal moment that reaches out to feel your love.
Blinded by sadness sight unseen I felt your love.
Behind These Eyes

To Dance upon the Clouds

Caught in the cycle of existence like a animal that forages the forest grounds for winter storage . Survival was based on getting through one day at a time . The child in me never fails to question.Was not looking back and moving forward defeat or victory ? Character is built upon the long journey that twist unclear paths through the briar berry bush ouch! Was this life’s great lesson? Yesterday lay the ground work for tomorrows dreams. I had forgotten to dream , as joyous as a dream maybe it is nothing unless shared.
Dreams teach the heart to dance up the clouds and the soul to grasp your hand in flight.


A little bit of rain , a little bit of sunshine
A little bit of love, a little bit of heart break
I can't stop from loving you.....
Autumn's world is my escape. When I need to get away no one or nothing can't hurt me.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

In Unity

The Carolina wren nest in the corner of the porch, as she has done every year since I moved here. Each morning I glance out of the doorway to greet her as she flitters about finding food for her young! A barely noticeable drizzle of rain gently falls upon the surrounding hills of the hollow. Cradled in a bed of melancholy emotions, the wonders of nature were quick to remind me of the essential ingredient of a partner. The seasonal changes bring with it hope of a new beginning, a rebirth that invites the heart to look beyond the past pains of yesterday and welcome a new tomorrow that is layered with a path of hope and faith .
Shaken by a chill of thought that as I reached for your hand you were reaching back. The journey not traveled alone, as the spirit of hope cast you into the path and the spirit of faith bonds our souls.

One does not a paradise make!

The ability to share the path laden with hopes and dreams opens the gate of love and bond the hearts through the trials of life. In unity the traveled path is
not a ache of yesterday, it is a glimpse of tomorrow.
To know you is to love you!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Be Happy!

The temperatures way over the ninety mark and the humidity compared to only that of a sauna. The tree’s of the hills calling out with a invitation to once again travel through nature’s doorway. The Further away from the signs of human destruction the closer to the heavens I became. A path filled with the bouquet of wildflowers scented the air with a seduction that encouraged my soul to respond to my surroundings. Alerted by the sounds of the screech of the hawk as she warn her young of human encroachment upon her territory. The deeper into the wild I traveled the more acceptance I found. The waterfalls rushing over the rock sent a coolness that complimented the heat of the day. Reaching down to the pool of water I cupped the coolness and allowed it to roll over my body .
Wild berries just ripening had a bitter sweet taste. Turning to pick the ripest of berries I found a feather that belonged to the blue heron. Bending down to pick up the feather a child like emotion passed over me. Alone amongst the wilderness a smile passed across my face. I found the simplest of joy in coming in contact with the beauty of life that lie untouched by civilization, as I continued on natures trail ,I found conclusion that as people we were responsible for complicating that which nature perfected. All the answers lie within our surroundings. Our need to have more materialism in our lives have had the opposite approach to happiness. The duckling diving under the waters , the bull frog sunning on the rock.
Who can canvas more beauty then nature already has?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sharing my Guardian Angels

What are friends for!
It has been said that "laughter is the best medicine"

I Accept

Its happy Wednesday!
As I spoke with a friend about emotions and how they awaken something within. I decided today’s post would be just that, about accepting the gifts that are placed in our path for a moment , a hour , one day or a life time. In my case I believe the gifts are eternal and once given become apart of who we are . No tears of sadness as the joy of life brings with it the beauty of each days renewal like that of a spring day.
My Friend
I love the morning of sun lit bright
reminds when laughter outshined light.
I love the breeze that whispers in my ear songs
of romance only I can hear. I love the feel of soft
cotton gentle against my skin, reminds how gently
I was touched from within. I love the moment at the
waters edge where the river takes my woes down
stream and memories are set in. I love the treasures
not of silver and gold but more valuable as they
are shared from our souls. I love the day that
our hearts had met and you became my friend .
I shall not forget.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Once again peering through my "Rose Colored Glasses"

Is violence instinctive and passed down through genetic inheritance or a learned behavior from as early as childhood ? Researching the possibility that the blue print for war is instilled within our genetic make up and that some cultures are more predisposed to violence over another I wondered if the theory of educating the general populace would eminently change the face of the future and how we deal with attacks upon humanity.
Intuitively my mind considers that society on a whole is based on good and evil and some personal code of morale conduct and that biological make up is a societal excuse for failure to accept personal responsibility.
If you look at the structure of our political systems and how it benefits the upper crust of society and how we make the less advantage dependent upon the system we see failure and weakness within the ground steps of human rights.
In all instances of war we must consider the economic benefits compared with the investment in peace. What price is put on the future of humanity. Peering once again through “my rose colored glasses” in a perfect world we would have no greed , no sickness and no hatred. Unfortunately the greedy thrive , the sickness is not always seen and hatred runs ramped through the mines of many.
So where do we start in understanding and changing the future? It starts now , not only with ones ability to seek change but the ability we have to make change within ourselves first.
Genetic mapping is our future can we use it for good in giving birth to a more intellectual and peaceful people . A futuristic thought at that or as long as hatred finds a home we shall continue to have violence and war .

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The battle of mankind

With the thought of my friend leaving for Iraq I question what will be gained by continuing a war that seems to have no end , as for every evil person that is removed another simply takes their place. Are our mens lives that replaceable that we would continue to place them in harms way to fight that which we cannot see. Hatred gains strength as it is able to condone the evil and promotes its cause world wide. I have spoken with women from all over the world in various cultures and I find that intuitively we are simple in the visions of what we want or expect for the future of our world. Strength of many and the battle to educate is the sword of justice.
The more I tried to understand war , the more I realized that not all problems have solutions that make sense to the world as a whole. As I gain insight to the magnitude of the deaths of innocents in all spectrums of life. I see that as far as we have come as a people we can see historically very little has changed .Barbaric in nature we see that evil grandstand against good .
Can we be on a peace keeping mission and still protect the innocence from the hatred that gains strength with its own soldiers of destruction?
The mentality that exist within some cultures to justify taking a life has not evolved through out the years but has gained in warriors of hatred to carry on a medieval and uneducated response to our existence. As I review the history of people I see that everyone believes in their cause , that they are able to give their life for rebellion in the name of freedom in one format or another .The human race and the leaders and followers leads me to believe that people as a majority want peace and yet fail to express or support their beliefs, as generally those who stand for the peace and the goodwill of all people are rarely aggressive in nature and tend to follow those in control of our very lives.
Yet I speak as a mother who understands natures instinct to protects ones own. What animal in the wild would not stand to protect its young when threatened? I have questioned my own response to violence as I see its effect on people from domestic violence to government controlled wars. Could I stand by and watch harm come to my own children or would I fight to protect what I so dearly love? Not violent in nature first thought is like that of a rat backed into a corner , no choice but to fight.
No matter what side you are on it is the human race that is at a loss. Our intellect , ability to comprehend and speak separates us from all animals and yet instinctively it is the animal trait within that has not found another way to deal with violent attacks upon humanity.
Education takes time to change the cultural defects engrained within people . The political climate of control cannot be removed but only replaced with another view of who should have the power.
Our enemies will not disappear , from as far as history could be recorded we see that there are two sides to every war. Good verses evil ,one the aggressor the other the defender. If we fail as people to educate and we believe that good can overcome evil by removing a sector of people we are only fooling ourselves into a false hiatus, that separating a few will control all.
I fear that we do not have the essence of time on our side and that the animal instinct instilled within will continue to battle the evil in the way of the bible passage a eye for a eye....words written so long ago still ring true.
Looking at the bigger picture are we actually full filling our role as protector and are our borders and the innocent lives guarded against evil or are they just carefully sitting back awaiting a weak moment in history to again attack us on our own land. Invisible armies gaining strength as we sit in denial of right and wrong and the impact on the human race and its existence.


I see Control as the dominate quirk of humanity at all levels of the hierarchy. This Idiosyncrasy to assert power over people and to gain some personal satisfaction in restraint over the freedom of life and liberties.Control camouflaged in the name of righteousness, to set limits on the souls ability to soar beyond the structural containment set upon everything from individual relationships to the government at large.In the name of love , religion, money and power people gravel to set what they believe is structure . I see it as limitations set on the mind to reach its full capacity. If you dare to explore beyond what is expected in the societal approach to life you are either outcast or whipped into conformity. The encroachment upon our freedoms are set to protect those seeking the ultimate power.
To step beyond what is bred from birth and allow the only control to be that which seeks power over ones own action. To enrich the world around us with a diverse cultural and less then paradigmatic approach.
Simple in theory, if we not dealing with societal misfits and the mental illness that runs rampant within the community at large. Tobelieve that we can live in a idealistic world would be to view life again through “my rose colored glasses.”

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Inner bloom

The hills of the hollow awakened from a somnolent state, as the leaf bud of green profusely tantalize the inner spirit with a taste of reality and a hint of dream. The carpet of floral spring display , song birds eager to nest and the gentle sound of trickling water through the ledge of rock soothe the temptation to let the mind wander through an array of events past and present. The soul restless comforted by the familiar surroundings, grasp towards the sun and the world that await. Graced with the gift of life , I am haunted by the instability that man himself thrust. True paradise exist within the mind. The courage to see within oneself, to view the inner beauty and know that the true gifts of life start at the first moment you allow yourself to feel and react accordingly to the splendor of nature that blooms inside from birth. We are who we dare to be!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Love met survival

Emotions are those tricky threads that weave our heart through our soul. I find the similarities are the survival with which we cope. Fantasy dreams and the desire to have one distant feel close . You are viewing "Love met Survival" simplicity is not a word that can be used to encounter the minds ability to survive . I find the issues people deal with are quite similiar. How we choose to get beyond the circumference of sadness to grasp with blinded faith varies.

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Just your ordinary day!

Living within my own corner of the world issues with which I have to deal with seem trivial , as much beauty that exists, the simplicity of life cradles upon the determination of evil to stain that which seems so pure in thought. It boggles my mind that the negative energy has found a platform to survive.
Astonished with the lack of conscience that exist within some individuals and a troubling mind set that would enable one person to hurt another or the ability to carry out destruction without any morale respect for human life . I can’t imagine walking in the steps of evil. What must evil do to condone such actions?
Is educating enough or is the mind bent from birth to lean towards the beast of violence. Optimism wavers as each violent strike against society trials the patience of good. The instinct to protect threatens the stability of our world as we know it. Do we step on the same podium of destruction to prove righteousness? I fear that the minds whom we trust to make decisions have a Neanderthal approach. The old adage “ history repeats itself “ sends a chill of sadness.