Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, June 29, 2012

Embraceable You

Every night I reach for your hand
and I find your heart. 

I am so tired...

I have met souls in passing,
but it is the soul that found
comfort next to mine that
unites in a eternal bond.


The closer you are to hate, 
the further you are from love.

Rejoice in the magnitude 
of loves power... feel it, see it, acknowledge it. 



Rainbows like raindrops
each color from the sky
brings a reminder of
the dreams of you and I.

There is sunshine in the
morning, blue skies through
the day and laughter forever
after from the moment you
came my way.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Embraceable Love

I woke up before the sunrise
and I laid there all alone,
the dreams had all but vanished
and my memories were full blown.

I reviewed all the years from
childhood till now and tried
to make sense of what my
heart would surely allow.

The road was sometimes
troubling and other times
blue, but when I lay there
daydreaming of the good
times, I was always there
with you.

I woke up before the sunrise
and I laid there all alone,
the dreams had all but vanished
and my memories were full blown.

If doubt should be cast upon this day
and darkness resume, I shall only but
think of you and the skies will again
be blue.

Whimsical thoughts,
magical dreams,
on the dance in the
clouds  and a day
down by the stream.

Rainbows and stardust,
sunshine and storms
when I am holding your
hand it is like never before.

Sings> I wanted a song only for you,
with words of love that in our hearts grew.
I wanted a moment that was ours all alone,
so I took to the heavens to make it our own.

I wanted a dream that was certain to come
 true, one with sunshine and skies of blue.
I wanted to feel your heart next to mine,
I closed my eyes and I went back in time.

Interpretation rewrites history. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deep breath and slowly blows in the wind...

When souls connect and two hearts
meld into one the comfort of truth
is revealed.

I know the limitations of the human heart and
the revelations which unite soul to soul. 

I am so lost without you...

Pulls you close,
and with a kiss
places my love
upon your lips.

Whispers sweetly
words of love,
joy and happiness
from the clouds


I am so very tired...

In the valley of despair,
I could feel the thunder
ravages through the night
sending destruction here
and there.

Trembling spirit, darkness
filled with fear and in the
night the shadows of
 loneliness gave a awful


I don't know where the month of June went, it is like a blink in time. The weather has cooled a little  bit and it is perfect for sleeping. I actually just enjoy lying in bed listening to the rooster crow and the birds chirp and the fan purr.
We go through life achieving and reaching a certain set of milestones. I am not referencing the usual achievements, church, school, birthdays and holidays that celebrate everything from anniversaries to marriage. I am referring to the milestones that are unique to each of us as individuals.  Many of these moments which are documented in time came a little later in life for me. When I think about it, I created a company, learned to drive and with each day I stroll through the day with the excitement and wonder that brings with it new experiences.
Sunday I traveled a little further into the mountains. Traveling alone I was a bit over anxious, over cautious and overly concerned with whether I could do it or not. As I took to the road and the traffic was minimal to the usual week day traffic, I felt at ease and much more relaxed. Pulling into the Christian Clay Winery,  I entered a zone of both a warmth and a comfort. I had reached a milestone, I had traveled, set up and succeeded in carrying out my endeavors , some that people only dream of.
Celebration! We celebrate many holidays throughout the year, but the greatest of celebration is with each morning. We rise to meet the rays of the sun and the mystery that life unravels before us. I use to be more concerned with my legacy what I would leave behind than in the days celebration. I can't help repeating the cliche as it is going back to the writings of shakespeare " all the world is a stage..." That little space under the tent is my stage and I rule my little world. The excitement comes knowing I can and I am doing. I have faced many fears and stood my ground as I challenged the trials. Somewhere on my desk, under a mountain of papers is the little framed engine " I think I can..I think I can, I know I can!"
Where will this journey take me and what will come of it all? That I don't know, there is no crystal ball to tell the future. But I have learned to appreciate the magic of the moment , the glory of the day and the privilege to journey but once through life.
I was speaking with my mothers, I was her fifth pregnancy and she said" I should have stopped after the first. " I said " I wouldn't have been born had you stopped " She replied " I wouldn't have missed what I didn't know" Well I wasn't all so excited to hear her version of life and regrets. But I am here and I am alive and I have even in a  minuscule way made a difference in the world, in the lives of my children, family and friends. Just as family and friends and the people I have met make a difference in my life.

The Glory

To watch the sunrise,
stroll by the stream,
blanket in the grass,
lay and daydream.

Challenge each moment,
while holding your hand
and celebrate the glory
of love of the uncharted

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Love

It's not another love song
nor a worldly poem, the
words I write for you
are for you alone.

Scripted in the heavens,
in the blue skies you'll
see, the clouds passing
by are from our dreams.

It's not another love song
nor a worldly poem, the
words I write for you are
for you alone.

Dancing heart to heart,
embracing soul to soul,
from the first day you
had an everlasting hold.

It's not another love song
or a worldly poem, the
words I write for you are
for you alone.

I have always felt I had this uncanny ability to read people. Even when I didn't want to admit or acknowledge or accept I had to come terms with the reality of life.

I can read your heart,
I know what I see,
for you have shared
a love and granted

I can feel the difference
from the moment you took
my hand and danced like
the ocean washing up on
the sand.

I can read your heart,
I know what I see,
for you have shared
a love and granted

The clouds stopped to let us board
and we danced the dance no lover
had danced before.

From high in the heavens we spiraled
to the earth, united in happiness our
love gave to life a worth.


Again I ask " how many words can I write?" " How many songs shall  I sing ?" " How many dreams will it take to bring you to me ?" The words are endless, the songs vary in the heart and the dreams cast a light that removes all traces of the dark.

My heart sings,
my soul embraces
so, that every thing
we do, causes our
love to grow.

My heart is open
and your love may
step on in, you're
welcome to stay
deep within.


I laughed a little and
still a teardrop fell,
to separate our love
 is surely a sign of hell. 

This my darling, is the
doorway to forevermore,
for I will surely love you
from deep within my core. 

Good Night ... my love. 

Celebrates a day in motion!

There is a responsibility to the heart
through the doorway of one's own soul. 

Scattered thoughts, 
powerful emotions, 
interaction with 
heart and soul. 


Power and greed work hand in hand 
in revealing man's never ending ignorance


Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Love Will Live Forever

Wake up! Wake up!
Good morning sunshine!
Blue skies, mountains and
then there is you and I.

Wake up! Wake up! 
Good morning sunshine!
Silence rules until your
heart beats next to mine.

Wake up! Wake up! 
Good morning sunshine!
Kisses sweet and your
hearts embraced for all
of time.

The rose petals will fall,
the stream bed may dry,
the seasons will change
as time goes by.

The roads will be replaced,
the cities will all be gone,
a million years from now
all that will be left is our song.

Our love will live forever,
nothing will change that,
through our hearts our
love keeps on giving back.

You can see it in the sunrise,
in the skies of black, the stars
have charted our love and that
my darling is a fact.

Time will pass and our bodies
will slip away and all that will
remain is the love we entered
into that special day. 

The retelling of our story
allows it to live another day,
as it gives to the heart the
power to keep our love from
fading away.

I put the words in writing,
I traced them from the heavens
high and like the stars at night
shining, all you need is to
gaze unto the sky.

On earth our time is limited
and therefore I write for you,
the words of love as my heart
would have me do.

Purest of energy,
magical the smile,
we are but a moment,
a glimpse of love on file.

Stored in the heavens,
noted on every cloud,
the dance of lovers
from the blue sky down.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Passion Flower

As I looked on at the passion flower blooming in the garden, my mind drifted to that of the emotions passion infused from the soul to the heart. I snapped the picture and as I placed it in a file, I went on to view pictures of myself in both the past and present. It is a fact that you cannot duplicate a moment or an experience or the emotions that flow. The pictures revealed all that was in my heart and is in my heart.

I wiped a tear,
I smiled with glee,
in my heart you'll
always be.

I felt the emotion
flood on through,
dreams of happiness
under skies of blue.

I wiped a tear,
I smiled with glee,
in my heart you'll
always be.
I saw it in the mountains, it appeared down by the stream, on a summer day through fall, winter and spring. I saw it in the blue skies, in a rose yet to bloom, in the rays of the sun I saw the love of you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Song in the Hollow

There is a song in the hollow and a voice in my heart, as I dance to the music that love bestows from afar. Closer and closer the bonding of souls, when I accepted your invitation and your love took a hold. You opened a window and a new view could be seen and that my darling is better than dreams. There is a song in the hollow and a voice in my heart, as I dance to the music that love bestows from afar. ~ The rain will fall, the sun will shine and I will love you for the rest of my life. ~ I see no sorrow or sadness, I waste no time on what tomorrow will bring. The celebration of love is so empowering it brings you here to me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Prose, Poetry , Memory or a Glimpse of what you mean to me.

It is amazing the capabilities of the mind, it has the ability to remember a moment in time and occasionally forget. Though some years in childhood are vague others standout as if they were yesterday. Incredible as it is I can see my very childhood bedroom, the window, the flowers, the furniture and the tiniest of details. My sisters always said that "a good memory can be both a blessing and a curse."
There is something about the age where we first embrace adulthood. I can vividly remember being ten years old, lying across the bed, gazing out the window and pondering how I might make a difference in the world. Even at that age I was fascinated with the brain and the mystery of how it works. The mass of tissue that seems to form our character and identify the world as it records it for future use.
I have attempted to file my memories according to importance as if  I were to distance myself from the negativity. In doing so I believe that we move forward as we heal and grow. Occasionally our memories don't so easily fade into the background. I have come to realize that until we have completed that sector of a chapter or understand the lesson, the experience of a specific moment in time can be a daunting trial in which we journey.
As I look back in retrospect it has come to light that without all the pieces of the various puzzles, we cannot complete nor appreciate the impact upon the soul. We tend to lack a broader understanding of both our visual and emotional ability to comprehend.
Leaning on the old adage" blowing in the wind" I believe we not only have to detail what it is we need to keep and let go.

Remembers the kiss sweet to my lips,
soft and gentle like honey drips. One
moment in time and a dream that makes
you mine all mine.

Friendship's face to face embrace, arms
so wonderful they can be replaced. One
moment in time and a dream that makes
you mine all mine.

Hands locked two as one and two hearts
interwoven of love and fun. One moment
in time and a dream that makes you
mine all mine.

Looked into the sparkle of your eyes and
you were looking back to my surprise. 
One moment in time and a dream that 
makes you mine all mine. 

I placed your memory in my heart and 
keep close so its never far. One moment
in time and a dream that makes you
mine all mine.

La dee da de dum... I love you.

Sit here beside me and I'll tell you true,
the words of love and all it can do.
Hold my hand tight and don't let go,
from season to season, and spring
through snow.

Place your heart within mine,
I'll keep it safe for all time.
Day and Night and night and
day, I am yours and you are

Sit here beside me and I'll tell you true,
the words of love and all it can do.
Trembles with a whisper of I love you,
and it's our hearts that rule the blue.

From the top of the mountains,
through the valley and streams,
the sun breaks through the clouds
and cast its rays down upon the trees. 

From high above the heavens
and deep within the heart,
the love that you share joined
our souls from the start. 

I ordered sunshine, but along came the rain. I reserved a cloud and the wind took it away. From down in the valley to the blue of the sky, I knew it all didn't matter as long as you were by my side.

I asked for normal and crazy came on through, that silly excitement that belongs to me and you.  I wanted a moment that was yours and mine alone, one that you and I would never let go.

I once felt sorrow and grief had met my soul, but that was before I found your love and it's magic took a hold. It lives within me, night and day and for that my sweet darling I give thanks and praise.


We Are Ok

Happiness is away of life, 
to feel the wind, touch the
heart and embrace the soul.

The Chapters of Life 

...it is, what it is!


Each and Every Day

I have been up since 2 am and in the silence and through the darkness the mind wades through the thicket of emotion. I felt the water of a thousand seas and the freedom that surfaces as I felt my soul come up for air. Taking a deep breath I blew away all that remained of the days gone by as I stood in the realm of reality. 
The sun has yet to rise and the silence of the early morn is broken only by my own thoughts. Like dominoes that lean one upon the other, my experiences pushed forward, but not with the control that once dominated my being. 

The Teetering of Emotions

Up and down,from the earth to the clouds high, balancing my emotions and the dreams of you and I. No rain falling,
the night is still and in the darkness, my heart your tenderness feels. Like the sun on the flowers, the wind to my soul warms my very being with a gentle and loving  hold. No tears or sadness, we replaced the grey, painting the skies blue each and every day. 

Hold me, 
hold me,
hold me 
love and 
never let
me go. 

Kiss me,
kiss me, 
kiss me 
unto you
my heart 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Capable of Being Touched

Sings>You touched my heart
 and embraced my soul,
held my hand from
day one, as you gave
to me your unselfish

I felt it, explored it
and safely I stored it
for those dark and gray
days without you.

You touched my heart
and embraced my soul,
held my hand from
day one, as you gave
to me your unselfish

When loneliness appears
and I filled with uncertain
fears, I reach on out to

You touched my heart
and embraced my soul,
held my hand from
day one, as you gave
to me your unselfish

It was apparent that
this love was true,
it took the gray skies
and made them blue.

You touched my heart
and embraced my soul,
held my hand from
day one, as you gave
to me your unselfish

Our sweet existence,
is wonderful and pure,
and keeps on getting better
as we find what's all in store.

You touched my heart
and embraced my soul,
held my hand from
day one, as you gave
to me your unselfish

I re-wrapped the sunshine 
as my daily gift to you in
its rays I sent my love
to shine down on you. 

I bartered with the rainstorms,
if they must pass my way, 
that I'll let the clouds clinger
as long as in each raindrop 
dreams remain. 

I looked on at the seasons and
how quickly they come and 
go, as they record my memories
from April showers to winter snow.

I accompanied the wind on its 
windy escapade, packed with 
my kisses to celebrate the day. 

You are my love, 
my dreams, my 
sweet devotion. 

You are my friend,
the one I share my
life with 


In the rain I see the sunshine
you to give me each day.
In those passing clouds
I view our little get away.

From the first of the morning
and all throughout the long day,
I find my self thankful for your
warm and loving ways.

This is my gift a few simple words,
and yours my friend is the blue bird.
Written for all to see, the warmth
and kindness through pure simplicity.


I welcome the day,
welcome the dreams
that bring you here.

I welcome your love,
welcome the sun that
shine warm on me.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the heavens...

The start of the rain,
the clouds passing by,
a summer day and
blossoms blowing

My wishes for you,
my dreams that dare
to come true and
the love that is
shared under the blue.


Our dance on the
clouds, our prints in
the sand and our love
I am sure is all part
of the plan.

I felt a bit of sorrow, 
empty inside, I was
wanting and needing 
 to have you here by
 my side. 

I wiped a little tear,
I erased it with a smile,
as I felt your love bridge
the many miles. 

Things you take for 
granted but dare not
say, like the holding
of my hand each and 
every day. 

The unexpected makes
us all aware that we 
we are graced with each
day we share. 


I won't let in the darkness,
no clouds of gray, I won't 
let the sorrow rule my day. 

I won't let  the memories, 
no thoughts of pain, I 
won't let the night take
my sunshine away. 

Opening the curtains, 
the sun came shining 
through and on this 
special day I felt your
love infuse. 

It calmed my rattled soul, 
it soothed my restless heart
and on this day your love 
gave meaning from the start. 

Windows in the mountains
full of dreams and I opened 
them one by one and they
brought your love to me. 

Hugs and kisses, dances 
in the heavens high and
when I stopped to look 
through your love caught
me by surprise. 

The sun was going down 
and the moon began to rise
and again I thanked the Lord
for giving me a sign. 

This my love is a special place 
indeed, for only you and I 
can enter this dream. 

Sparkling star dust falling from
the sky, blankets us with hope
and faith to get us by. 

I prayed in silence, removing 
all traces of fear as I looked 
around the hollow and felt
your presence near, I knew
that I experienced love, 
because you my darling care. 

Whenever my mind wanders 
through the dark and gray, 
I think of you and the darkness

Whenever there is a trace of fear,
and I overwhelmed and need to share,
I reach for  you and find your hand 
reaching back across the land. 

Whenever I can't see and my eyes
are blinded and I am on my knees. I 
close my eyes and I reach for you
and you appear right out of the blue. 

wanting more under God's blue skies,
I close my eyes and like a star at night,
I find that all I need is in sight. 

Whether there is a God, Natures creation or a miracle of science, it is obvious that we are a speck in this great masterpiece called the Universe. We are a source of energy that leans either towards the positive or the negative. It is in the revelation that selfishness appears and our wanting ways create barriers, tear down bridges and drain the seas. 

We hold the reigns and happiness control, 
guided through darkness a light to behold. 
The fortune and success that is seen, is 
bestowed through friendship right out of need. 
I placed a rose each day 
as a reminder of the games
people play. 

My soul once took flight 
and damned the wrong 
and made it right. 


I cannot  change my yesterday
and today will pass on by and 
with you close to me tomorrow
will belong to you and I. 


I am but a pebble and in the sea I dwell 
and with your love we replaced the darkness
and removed all traces of hell. 

We wiped away the heartache, 
we dispersed all the loneliness and fear
and on this day I celebrate all that 
we have come to share. 

Expectation is the move of a foolish heart..

I am okay, not because I live in your world or that you live in mine, 
but that we live in a world separate from them both. Unique to us.....


I looked back only to see that 
I was mirroring my own future. 


As I try to rearrange the pieces of the puzzle, I find it difficult to make it all fit. So as I bounce around from the positive and negative emotions, I move it all a side and view in clarity. Music playing, dances in the kitchen and celebrates the joy of life.

That's what friends are for ..

Monday, June 11, 2012

Round of Emotions

Sometimes I feel balanced and maybe a bit in control of my life. Like a puzzle there are many pieces that are missing or
don't seem to fit. Maybe it's a combination of the soil rich between my
fingers, the necessary rain that falls from the heavens in a rather teasing fashion and a week in passing that says " Yes Rachel you can do it "
In a strange way of come to terms with this loneliness that has haunted me for years. It might be that I have come to realize that we don't always get everything we want.
The human hunger for companionship and the love that makes our lives here on
earth complete are not always so easily to attain. There is the sphere , the world in
which I live.
The garden tiler is in need of repair , so I have been working the garden with manual tools. This time in the garden, not only took me back to a time when the garden was my own world, it also was a reminder of my current accomplishments.
I am just amazed what people think and at the same time a bit frightened, for I am quite aware, that " time is a changing"

I have felt the death of my spirit so many times, that I thought it was impossible to just start it again. 

Strangely enough this feeling of contentment brings to the moment
and end. 

Be careful what you wish for...

Only love can lead the way....

I didn't see any of this in the deck 
or I would have played my hand differently. 

Sweet Enchantment

I can't deny what took 
a hold of me, your love
was not a fascination 
or a dream. 

Flight with an angel,
a dance in the heavens
high and as we ventured
closer our love embraced
heart soul and mind. 

I can sense each morning 
and feel it every night, the
affair with happiness caught
me by surprise. 

Your Kiss

I am pleasured by the dreams, 
intrigued by the thought, that 
you have left your kiss right 
here in my heart. 

Time is passing but there is 
nothing that can stop the 
magic of the moment that
embraces from a far. 

I am happy, the puzzle 
almost complete and 
as I close my eyes I 
know you are a part 
of me. 

I am pleasured by the dreams,
intrigued by the thought, that 
you have left your kiss right
here in my heart. 


Look on out my window,
follow my memories and
you will hear the laughter
cast from every dream.

I woke up with that feeling,
that you were by my side,
with the sweet memories of
yesterday filling my mind.

Surreal the images that
forever are mine, quite
frankly the warmth of
love is to my soul

Look on out my window,
and see as I can see, the
beauty of the morning
belong to you and me.


It wasn't a dream,
no stories do I tell,
the words that I
write are cast
in a spell.

For all I feel
and all I know,
you are inside me
and our love continues
to grow.

It wasn't a dream,
no story do I tell,
the words that I
write are cast in

The night had a calm,
the morning spoke to me
and there in the dark,
was the love you gave
to me.

It wasn't a dream,
no story do I tell,
the words that I
write are cast in

Rolling on over,
my pillow close to
me as I hold my
blanket, I again
start to dream.


I can't shake this feeling,
it has a hold on me and
when I close my eyes
you take hold of all
 my dreams.

I quivered at the thought,
a chill came over me,
it was as if time was
simply haunting me.

Falling petals from the roses to the sea,
a drift I placed my kisses and my memories.
Powerful the waves that took me by surprise
as they washed up upon the shore like footprints
left by time.

Pleasure and passion led the way and like the
innocence of that first moment love grew like
the first day of spring. Heirloom roses, the
petals a treat embrace the love that is inside of

Falling petals from the roses to the sea,
a drift I placed my kisses and my memories.
Powerful the waves that took me by surprise
as they washed up upon the shore like footprints
left by time.

Time Fades Away

I'd call it an ending,
I'd say it was a day,
leaving goodbyes
as time fades away.

I'd bury the sorrow,
I'd close the door
on tomorrow, if
only it would make
the pain go away.

I'd call it an ending,
I'd say it was a day,
leaving goodbyes
as time fades away.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

...your love in me.

Baseball games,
children play
and all I can 
think of is...
I love you. 

Sunshine, dreams 
and memories 
and all I can think
of is ... I love you. 

Land of Bridges,
skies of blue and
the rivers that run
through and all I 
can think of is
I love you. 

The child's memories,
and insecure teen and
the struggles that time

All I can say is that
it was yesterday and
tomorrow awaits.

The bluest of blue skies,
happiness and love from
me to you, my special one.

Like and angel smiling,
a dream of the heart,
it seems as if you've
been with me from
the start.

White linen,
candle light,
a table for two,
you and I all
night lost in
a dream or

Sharing in the
moment, holding
your hand and
a gentle kiss
between two
lovers that
bridges sea
and land.

Gaze on out
the window
at the rivers
down below.
This is where
my life began
and I have yet
to know where
it will go.

Where does the dream begin
 and end, on a road with hills
 and a few bends?  If I had my
way I'd be with you, each and
 every day under skies blue.

How can we make it slow?
The time that passes as our
 hearts grow. If I could hold
still the hands of time, I 'd
 make sure you were in
 these arms of mine.


I haven't forgotten how love should feel, that special embrace that makes the heart stand still. The whisk of your breath quick to my cheek and the love we hold through our dreams. Soft and gentle, beautiful as can be, the love that I feel is your love in me.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lost in your arms...

I am sure I had no hand in 
the writing of life's script...ok, maybe a little. 

It is so much easier to get beyond the truth,
than it is to live with a lie. 


Ice tea, 
porch swing,
blue skies,
white clouds,
gentle winds,
sweet kisses,
all in a warm embrace. 

My Star Lit Sky

If dreams came true,
I'd be there with you. 

The stars inviting as I gazed into the night and there shining in the darkness was the brightest of light. Skipping through my memories, I stopped where love was found and like a cloud of angels your love came showering down. 
My heart a melody sweetly played and like the courting of the night the dreams of love were made. I saw the silhouette of two bonding souls and as I looked a little closer I saw it was you who had a hold. 
The smile found its way and my eyes twinkled so as I thanked the Lord for such happiness that set my heart a glow. The day was so delightful and this much I knew, when you've accept love the sky takes on a different hue. 
The tears that fall are like none I experienced before, for they are filled with joy and the magic that's in store. I reached out into the darkness and you were reaching back and from that first moment I felt love was on the right track.

Two hearts, one love

Worlds apart and close in heart...


My idea of a perfect Day...

Holding your hand
in a stroll through 
the park. 

Sweet kiss from 
my lips and again
from my heart. 

Rocking chair dreams 
and a forever embrace,
here in our special place.


Where there is love, 
there is happiness.

Where there are dreams,
awaits a new tomorrow.

Where there is faith, 
there is hope. 

Where there are locks,
there are keys. 

Where there is silence,
there is a whisper. 


This love of ours 
brings happiness true,
whispers like magic,
sing " I love you."

This love of ours,
surfaced the sea
and challenged a 
mountain to bring 
you to me. 

Roses in bloom, 

flowers cascading
and dreams of you.

Wind, soft and cool,
teases the heart
with memories old.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Like a rose, the petals fall...

Because there are many interpretations,
I believe there are many truths. 

My biggest fear is never reaching my goal.

With my eyes closed tightly
and my heart opened wide,
I embrace your love 
for all of time. 


Success is not a matter of financial gains,
it is recognizing love and sharing 
in happiness. 

We are all capable of mistakes,
but loving and being loved
is never a mistake. 

We are only limited
but our own expectation. 
I reached for a star and
you gave me the moon.

I reached for the sky and
you gave me the blue. 

I reached for your love and
you gave me your heart. 


I am tired of goodbyes,
because they hurt to much. 

Sometimes it all makes sense and than I worry that it can be all taken away without a moments notice. I am grateful for today, for this hour and this moment and each second that passes.


I was thinking of a few of the friends and family members that have passed away over the years. Not a one of them was ready to move on. In a perfect world people should be ready when their time is up. It reminds me of the old adage " never do tomorrow what you can do today."

I wanna take today and
tell you that I care, I
wanna take this moment
and the night to share.

I wanna love you forever
 and a day and I want to
whisper the words that
will never fade away.


I want you to believe...

I want you to know
and to feel how
much I love you.

I want you to dream
and to live with
me beside you.

I want you to dance
and sing the words
that my heart wrote.

I want you to know
and to feel how
much I love you.

Nat King Cole - More

More - Vic Damone

I woke up singing this song and I couldn't seem to kick it. I once complained that I didn't feel love as I loved. I wanted that same passion and excitement that I have for life returned. I spent my life feeling as if something was missing. When I think about this so called journey and the path that I am on it occurred that it really isn't about what we receive. After giving it much thought I said well maybe its about the foot prints we leave in the sand.

This really cool vendor made a profound statement
 " If it were that easy everyone would be doing it"

It's the smiles we share,
oh the way you care. It's
the dream so sweet and your
wonderful treat.
It's your voice so warm
that calms me in a storm,
its the love that is beyond
the norm.

We may not live forever,
but our love will live forever.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On the Canvas of Love

I painted a sunshine in a sky of blue,
in the water I placed my love and sent
it down stream to you.

I climbed the hills to reach the heavens
high and waited on a cloud for you to
come on by.

My feet started dancing to the beat in
my heart as I was spinning in circles
with you on my radar.

I painted a sunshine in a sky of blue,
in the water I placed my love and sent
it down stream to you.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Gift of Love

When the words take on a voice
and it you my sweet love I hear.
When the dreams take on a life,
they bring you so very near.

How many poems will it take
to reserve, all of eternity for
you and I?

How many stories must I share,
before the world knows how
much I care?

How many stars are there in
the sky and how many dreams
between you and I?

How long can we stand locked
in a kiss and forever embrace
lips to lips?

I caught the tears from falling
and I redirected my thoughts,
engaging in sweet memories,
your love was all I sought.

My heart began racing and
my soul took to the sky
and I found you there waiting
the partner of my life.

I caught the tears from falling
and I redirected my thoughts,
engaging in sweet memories,
your love was all I sought.

Images appeared to me
and in the dark of night
I felt your love take
a hold of me.

I caught the tears from falling
and I redirected my thoughts,
engaging in sweet memories,
your love was I sought.

The most precious thing on earth is time..
for it is the most limited resource. 
The only gift greater than falling asleep in your arms,
is to wake up in your arms. 

Me and My Pillow

Intense the feelings,
overwhelmed with desire
to hold you in my arms
as your sweetness I devour.

Absorbing your love
while we embrace the night
and savoring each moment
before the sun begins to rise.


My best friend is my bedtime pillow,
I talk to it each and every night,
hold it close and squeeze it tight,
while it catches every tear in sight.

My best friend is my bedtime pillow,
never matters what I say and do.
Loyal and trust worthy, cushy and fun,
it is always there when I am feeling blue.

Place your fingers to your lips
explore the outline of my kiss,
sent to you day and night
just enjoy it please don't fight.

From your lips to your heart
just embrace the evening stars,
I connected a few in the sky of
blue and spelled out the words
" I love you"


The Chapters of Life

The child was running
to find a place to hide
lost in the moment,
hidden in the mind.

Each day a little different
as time is passing by
and now I stand before you
with a tear drop from eye.

Tears that wash away the
blue and give to life a
canvas to create something

Take a step back and look it over
and this is what you'll fine,
you've had my heart from the very
first moment and now we are
forever entwined.

Take a step back and look it over
and this is what you'll fine,
the chills that you feel,
is my love running down your spine.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

You and I

Surrounded by the mountains,
staring at the sky, counting
the stars and dreaming of you
and I.

The carpet of green invited
me to lay and as I watched
the clouds in passing my
mind drifted away.

The night was magical
indeed and I could see
the silhouette our souls
soaring free.

In the dance upon the
heavens where our love
unites, is the vision of
heart and soul, yours
with mine.

Surrounded by the mountains,
staring at the sky, counting
the stars and dreaming of
you and I.

Are u home and are you listening now? Do you know how much you make me smile? When the skies are a little gray and the clouds are  dark at the end of the day, that is when I find myself thankful for the time that you share with me.

Loving You

It was the Beatles song that said it best " the long and winding road, that leads to your door will never disappear. I've see that road before and it always leads me here. "
Trading one need for another fills in the void that can at times be controlling. I spent the day keeping busy that my mind had little time to dwell on the absence of my desires.

All I need to do is close my eyes
 and you are there. 

The cold day of June, 
is a reminder of our vulnerability. 

To wake up in the morning 
and kiss your lips of sweet. 
To hold you close while
bringing me to my knees. 

To walk through life,
hand in hand with you.
To celebrate each day in
 honor of my love for you. 

It was once said, "sometimes you
 don't choose the road, the road chooses you."

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Road on a Blind Bend

Open your eyes,
I've opened my
heart to you.

Open your arms
and you'll find
I am waiting 
here for you. 


Friday, June 01, 2012

on a road going nowhere

To hold your hand and walk the beach
and lay beside you while you dream.
Rocking chairs and ice tea and kisses
from you to me like that of spring.

To be so close that our hearts one,
sharing the day till the day is done.
Wipe a tear and replace with smiles
on the day we lessen the miles.

It is the little things...


True confessions of a Naked Heart

One thing I learned from the nudist resort is that you can't hide anything. Unlike the heart that we seem to keep under cover. Imagine that you made choices and lived life based on the needs of the heart and without first trying to shield and protect the heart. It is comparable to the lessons you learn when your a child, " think before you speak."  We go about the day doing what is expected and not what our heart tells us to.

Hungry heart,
empty soul,
weary, leery
dark and cold.