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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Two hearts, one love

Worlds apart and close in heart...


My idea of a perfect Day...

Holding your hand
in a stroll through 
the park. 

Sweet kiss from 
my lips and again
from my heart. 

Rocking chair dreams 
and a forever embrace,
here in our special place.


Where there is love, 
there is happiness.

Where there are dreams,
awaits a new tomorrow.

Where there is faith, 
there is hope. 

Where there are locks,
there are keys. 

Where there is silence,
there is a whisper. 


This love of ours 
brings happiness true,
whispers like magic,
sing " I love you."

This love of ours,
surfaced the sea
and challenged a 
mountain to bring 
you to me. 

Roses in bloom, 

flowers cascading
and dreams of you.

Wind, soft and cool,
teases the heart
with memories old.

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