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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Round of Emotions

Sometimes I feel balanced and maybe a bit in control of my life. Like a puzzle there are many pieces that are missing or
don't seem to fit. Maybe it's a combination of the soil rich between my
fingers, the necessary rain that falls from the heavens in a rather teasing fashion and a week in passing that says " Yes Rachel you can do it "
In a strange way of come to terms with this loneliness that has haunted me for years. It might be that I have come to realize that we don't always get everything we want.
The human hunger for companionship and the love that makes our lives here on
earth complete are not always so easily to attain. There is the sphere , the world in
which I live.
The garden tiler is in need of repair , so I have been working the garden with manual tools. This time in the garden, not only took me back to a time when the garden was my own world, it also was a reminder of my current accomplishments.
I am just amazed what people think and at the same time a bit frightened, for I am quite aware, that " time is a changing"

I have felt the death of my spirit so many times, that I thought it was impossible to just start it again. 

Strangely enough this feeling of contentment brings to the moment
and end. 

Be careful what you wish for...

Only love can lead the way....

I didn't see any of this in the deck 
or I would have played my hand differently. 

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