Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 07, 2012

My Star Lit Sky

If dreams came true,
I'd be there with you. 

The stars inviting as I gazed into the night and there shining in the darkness was the brightest of light. Skipping through my memories, I stopped where love was found and like a cloud of angels your love came showering down. 
My heart a melody sweetly played and like the courting of the night the dreams of love were made. I saw the silhouette of two bonding souls and as I looked a little closer I saw it was you who had a hold. 
The smile found its way and my eyes twinkled so as I thanked the Lord for such happiness that set my heart a glow. The day was so delightful and this much I knew, when you've accept love the sky takes on a different hue. 
The tears that fall are like none I experienced before, for they are filled with joy and the magic that's in store. I reached out into the darkness and you were reaching back and from that first moment I felt love was on the right track.

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