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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Like a rose, the petals fall...

Because there are many interpretations,
I believe there are many truths. 

My biggest fear is never reaching my goal.

With my eyes closed tightly
and my heart opened wide,
I embrace your love 
for all of time. 


Success is not a matter of financial gains,
it is recognizing love and sharing 
in happiness. 

We are all capable of mistakes,
but loving and being loved
is never a mistake. 

We are only limited
but our own expectation. 
I reached for a star and
you gave me the moon.

I reached for the sky and
you gave me the blue. 

I reached for your love and
you gave me your heart. 


I am tired of goodbyes,
because they hurt to much. 

Sometimes it all makes sense and than I worry that it can be all taken away without a moments notice. I am grateful for today, for this hour and this moment and each second that passes.


I was thinking of a few of the friends and family members that have passed away over the years. Not a one of them was ready to move on. In a perfect world people should be ready when their time is up. It reminds me of the old adage " never do tomorrow what you can do today."

I wanna take today and
tell you that I care, I
wanna take this moment
and the night to share.

I wanna love you forever
 and a day and I want to
whisper the words that
will never fade away.


I want you to believe...

I want you to know
and to feel how
much I love you.

I want you to dream
and to live with
me beside you.

I want you to dance
and sing the words
that my heart wrote.

I want you to know
and to feel how
much I love you.

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