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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Love Will Live Forever

Wake up! Wake up!
Good morning sunshine!
Blue skies, mountains and
then there is you and I.

Wake up! Wake up! 
Good morning sunshine!
Silence rules until your
heart beats next to mine.

Wake up! Wake up! 
Good morning sunshine!
Kisses sweet and your
hearts embraced for all
of time.

The rose petals will fall,
the stream bed may dry,
the seasons will change
as time goes by.

The roads will be replaced,
the cities will all be gone,
a million years from now
all that will be left is our song.

Our love will live forever,
nothing will change that,
through our hearts our
love keeps on giving back.

You can see it in the sunrise,
in the skies of black, the stars
have charted our love and that
my darling is a fact.

Time will pass and our bodies
will slip away and all that will
remain is the love we entered
into that special day. 

The retelling of our story
allows it to live another day,
as it gives to the heart the
power to keep our love from
fading away.

I put the words in writing,
I traced them from the heavens
high and like the stars at night
shining, all you need is to
gaze unto the sky.

On earth our time is limited
and therefore I write for you,
the words of love as my heart
would have me do.

Purest of energy,
magical the smile,
we are but a moment,
a glimpse of love on file.

Stored in the heavens,
noted on every cloud,
the dance of lovers
from the blue sky down.

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