Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Gentle Breeze blows~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Love ...the emotion that moves mountains and stops the rolling sea . Whispers of song and dance set to memories.
A gentle breeze blows so warm and tenderly to lay upon your cheek my heart felt love for thee.To awaken you each morning and hold you through the day and when nightfall arrives it's in your dreams I'll lay....
My mission

To weave
a rainbow out of hope, faith and dreams and send it
over mountains direct from you to me.
To teach a crow to sit upon your window and chirp the
sounds of love like a heart sick sparrow.
To hold you in my arms and cradle your fears away
and wipe your brow.... everything will be ok.
On top the mountains where the hawk has made his stay,
I’ll teach the wind to blow my love your way.
Placing a kiss in every drop of rain, I'm sending
you a storm for each and everyday.

My mission.... To hold you in my memories to cradle you in my dreams , to dance upon the mountains with you right next to me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Sequestered the Heavens

The silence begins to chatter through memories of the mind . Emotions explored as we travel side by side. The wind that blows is stronger everyday, whimsical it made the leaves dance and sway. A invitation leading to my heart to comfort and love and never set apart. I don’t need to look into your eyes. What my heart has seen cannot be denied.

We are free to soar the skies of blue and dance upon the clouds anew . The love is cradled in our heart where it flamed from one small spark.


I have sequestered the heavens ,they now belong to you and I. It's where we can meet beyond this earthly time. Beyond the common seas ,high above the mountains best and past the shadows of lifes ongoing test.


I can feel warmth of the sun stronger everyday ,as it was sent from your heart to brighten up my day.It wasn't words that reached within and snagged my heart setting it on a axile and starting it to spin.The emotion that I felt like a breath of morning dew were seeded in the moment with the love I felt from you.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Singing > I stood beneath the waterfall ...

Singing> I stood beneath the rushing waterfall ...listening as the gush of water cascaded over me. The magic trickled with the stream..... woke my heart and spellbound.....I began to dream.

My smile a day away since you’ve been gone, my heart can feel the loss and my mind knows something wrong.

Captivated by the embrace of memories ...I took it one step further and I felt you next to me.
This is more then just a dream.... as the spirit of your love lives inside of me.

I stood beneath the rushing waterfall ...listening ...listening as the gush of water cascaded oooooooover meeeeeeeeee.

Lyrics by Rachel Charlotte Miller


The Block of Time!

The cicadas hum a introduction to the new season that waits impatiently to burst into a celebration of new beginnings. A late night breeze ruffles through the leaves of the trees as a revelry of emotion conjures a visionary calm placing you in my arms.


My soul to soar beyond yesterday's sorrow
as my love opens the door of tomorrow.
My heart has seen what my eyes cannot
and the mind has touched
what the hands
Do I understand why rainbows never end and a duck flys south just to return and nest again?A journey unmapped and incomplete test the mind to battle defeat.
No mountain high , no river deep , no blue bird song and no tears to weep.
The road ahead is what I fear a path that leads and I don't know where.
Beyond the darkness a trail appears.I question what it is I dare.
Every horizon has a sun and every dream can't be undone
No path alone , no closed doors lie The sadness is the block of time.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Lord knows I have been the inquisitive type since as far back as a I can remember . I think it had to do more with our existence and the wrongs that are evident in the world then the typical "why do birds fly?"......... human emotions consumed my thoughts in my youth. I was told I was just to sensitive. Can you be to sensitive? My father a man who loved to quote old adages repeated this one many times through out life" Treat others like you would want to be treated" A simple philosophy that seemed to make sense to me. Cheers to a friend who recently quoted that opinions are like arses everyone has one. That is where respect and acceptance of differences comes to play. No one every said life would be easy. lol

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lost Luggage

I petitioned the heavens to grace each and everyday to rid the evil and keep you from harms way. One prayer each morning , one prayer each night and one to accompany the journey through the darkest night.

Lost luggage ...

Sender request luggage to be forwarded to intended owner.
Small enough to hold in your hand and large enough to fill your heart.

Enclosed..... one kiss to awaken you each morning
One hug for each and every night.
One dream to jar your memory.
One dance to hold you tight.
One star to guide you safely.
One song sung to delight.

One love to see you home
with God's speed of light.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

To Dance upon the Sky of Blue.

. It has been said that we rarely appreciate the gifts granted to us until one of them is taken away. Each morning that the sun rises we are graced once more to breathe life and beauty into a new day.The day I fail to dance upon the sky of blue or miss the wish the dandelion blew, then I will have died a thousands deaths and surely I will have gasped my final breath.