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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 28, 2013

I love you

I don't find myself melancholy with the rain but I do find I flounder, kind of wish washy as my thoughts review the days long gone. There is such beauty in the world that it is sometimes draped my darkness that we fail to see beyond. It is like the beauty of music, as I was listening to opera and symphony, I rejoiced in the time we have to share in the beauty life offers. I have always told my children God has given us each a gift, but it is up to us to seek out our gifts and to use them wisely. It does appear that some people have an easier time of doing that and others struggle never to reveal their true gifts within their own individual journey. As I look at my present position, of course money pays the bills, there is so much more that is important. Understanding, identifying and being grateful for the time we are granted. There are times that I felt my heart being chipped away at and I thought how dare I give this power over to people and situations and allow them to break down my existence. I rack it up to a time of weakness, a time faltering of faith and a misguided path in which I journey. Looking back into childhood, I was given the sight to understand the weakness of being humans. That each of us has a breaking point and its not what happens in life but how we respond to what happens in life. There are days I am emotionally rather tired and I think well I can't handle much more. It is that time that I wisest to redirect my energy.
Life is a puzzle, many piece we will find, putting them in place, can ease the mind. Understand the heartbreak, revealing through the time, the journey of life and the heavens fine. The skies blue, the sun shines bright as I think of you and make everything right. ~ I love you, that will never go away. I love you forever and a day. I love you, I can't deny, you are so sweet, to me a special treat. I love you, you make the skies blue, I love you no matter what we do. ~ Sings>The colors of life reveal to me, there is nothing more wonderful that a dream, when that dream includes you and me...includes you and me. ~ The love you give to me is all I'll ever need, it holds me in the night a reminder of a time. The love you give to me is all I'll ever need, it brings the sun and makes like so much fun. la la la la la la la ..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dance with Me

My sister and I were having our morning conversation. Today it was about stress, preventing a stroke and how to relax , not worry and find that peaceful place. I can't say that I have had a easy time at separating myself from the situation at large. So I looked back to a time where I was capable of doing that, of finding my own personal control over my life and actually mentally escaping. It occurred to me that there were more ways than one that people , family  in particular were capable of robbing you of the peace of mind we so crave. Which finds  a person looking for that time an the essence of being necessary and the special space to get away. One thing that meant allot to me was music and my speakers on my desk computer were broke and I was missing the relaxation that comes with it. The other thing that was essential to my well being was dancing, not that I am the greatest dancer, but I do love to dance. The crucial ingredient is a partner, that is capable of the kitchen dance. I not only want that in my life, I need that in my life. I want to be loved, I need to be loved, I want to share and I need to share. I think if I have one day left , I want to spend it dancing, on the moon, under the stars, in the rain and yes in the kitchen.

This dance is relatively easy,
no steps need be applied,
just put your arms around
and let your body glide.

Just a few simple request
and all will be just fine,
a kiss from lips to lips
and now you are truly mine.

We'll dance in the morning
and all through the day
just a dance of lovers
in the dreams the heart

Follow me my love,
it is easier than you think,
the steps just bring us closer
as close as two can be.
Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wand'ring bark, Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come; Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom: If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

I never looked to find,
and I never thought I'd see,
the love that you have given,
 become a major part of me.
Sweet drops of honey has
nothing on you, for the
pleasure of your sweetness
makes the heavens blue.  
You opened my heart
incredible as it may seem,
replacing the darkness
with a new and brighter dream.
It becomes special when a smile
appears, from a simple gift of
friendship happiness is
what we share.
Red rose petals slowly unfold,
casting a shadow of romance
that can't compare with
the magic of bonding souls.
The mountains can't divide us,
the seas won't keep us apart
as the love that unites us
is mighty, mighty strong.
I woke up in darkness and I could barely breathe,
I reached out to you and found only your memory.
Gone was all hope and all of my many dreams,
stripped of the passion, life was not as it seemed.
Holding on to the emptiness of air,
embracing what already disappeared.
One thousand deaths
I died a thousand times,
for life is meaningless
without you in my life,
my heart is just a mess. 
The sun no longer shines,
the horizon is gray,
I can't imagine life
without you for one
more day.
Love can never say goodbye,
for it is awfully special it
reaches beyond the mind.
Is it the work of angels or is it the devil that left the curse? To bring two hearts together and keep them apart upon this earth. To wake up to the darkness and always be alone, craving the kisses my lips will never know. I try to look beyond the barriers that capsulate my spirit, but I found myself listening to the night to see if I could hear it. Hear the love whisper of passion and desire.


Close your eyes

Close your eyes, close your eyes
I am there with you, in your
heart, in your dreams, I'm there
in your arms.
Close your eyes, close your eyes
and you'll see that we are like
a puzzle, we weren't to be.
Close your eyes, close your eyes
and you will see that each day
together is like a first day of spring.
To wake up in your arms
to find you by my side, to
dream the dream of lovers
brings a smile in to sight.
To kiss you in the morning,
to touch that heart of yours,
brings a magic to my life
when I think what is still
in store.
Love with lust is like a frosted chocolate filled cake,
without the lust it's a good cake , with it becomes a  little sweeter.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Déjà Vu

Haunted by a memory, dream, time passed , a clip of thought or something that has yet to happen . There is a visual that doesn't seem to pass and I can't quite comprehend what it means.  It's a place, people I don't know, surroundings I have never seen and this visual that has come back to haunt me time after time, from many years ago. I can almost feel the moment, see the outline of faces as if I were  there in that moment...déjà Vu

My heart races,
the dreams surreal
as I find myself
moving while
standing still.

Climbing a mountain,
wading through streams,
wondering what it all

The darkness is all is see
except for the images
right out of my dreams.

I am a little bit afraid
and I will tell you why,
rainbows are falling
from the sky.

The sky was once blue
with sunshine and now
it is now filled with
clouds of gray to
drape the mind.

I know somewhere,
somewhere they do,
that someone waits
to love me true.

I know somewhere,
somewhere far away,
arms of my sweetheart
will hold me night and day.

I know somewhere,
somewhere in the blue,
my dreams will surely
come true.

I know somewhere,

Forever is nothing,
if I am not with you,
the mystical image cast
entwined souls in the blue.

Just imagine your embrace,
the warmth of your love and
a kiss face to face.

Music of angels in sweet song,
the sounds from the heavens
welcome us along.

Forever is nothing,
If I am not with you,
the mystical image cast
entwined souls in the blue.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


You give me hope,
touch on my dreams,
you give me hope
make my heart sing.

You give me a warmth,
brighten my day,
you give me a warmth
that replaces all signs of gray.

You give me love,
stir the emotions,
you give me love
like a magical potion/

You make skies blue,
that is what I see when I am
with you. you make skies blue,
that say I love you.

You jump start my heart,
even though we are a part
you jump start my heart,
even though we are a far..

You are the flames of desire,
that set my heart a fire,
you are the flames of desire,
that burns deeper by the hour.

You hold my hand and
hold my heart,
you hold my hand as we
challenge the stars.

You make my day so worthwhile,
by giving me a warm smile.
You make my day so worthwhile,
your love battles the miles.

You made me fall in ....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures

You know how a song haunts you so much and you can't shake it? Even worse it strokes memories of people, places and things. I needed a song to override another, so to redirect my thoughts. Kind of like a " zip Dee do da song. "  No matter where I redirect my mind keeps dwelling, " what if?"

What if we held on tighter?
While time spun us all around.

What if our yesterdays were changed?
To place you in my arms once again.

What if dreams really do come true?
The rest of my days would be
entwined soul to soul with you.

I can see beyond the dreams,
sandcastles and gulls at sea.
I can see you there as if the
distance had faded away.
I can see the love we share,
its the magic that I adhere.
I can see forever love, for
I'll keep you here with me.

If I were to wake up , may
it be in your arms, where
all is made possible via the

If I were to make a wish,
I'd make my wish come
true, to be there with you
my darling dancing under
the blue.

If I were to say goodbye,
it wouldn't be for your ears,
because nothing can separate
the love that true lovers share.

Simple Little Pleasures

To wake up and see your smile,
to feel your arms around me.
To taste the sweetness of lips
as we celebrate the memories.

To live as if it was forever,
and love with passion and desire.
To know that we are bonded,
through the heart and soul.

Once more to hold you hand,
once more to feel your embrace,
once more to taste your kiss
while hearts race.

Once more to hear your voice,
once more to see you smile,
once more to stroll with you
through the heavens blue.

Once more to whisper sweet
one more to live the dreams.
Once more to share a day in
this  most amazing way.

Allow your heart to see...

Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes and allow your heart to see. The bridge of eternity as it bridges our hearts beyond belief. Cross it if you will and there you will find that I have always been there waiting since the beginning of time.

Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes and allow your heart to see. The silhouette of lovers is you dancing here with me. There is no faltering in our steps, no mistakes, failure or mess, for I am in your arms where our hearts can gently rest .


Hum a melody,
sing a song,
shout from
the heavens
as I welcome
you along.

Passion and
desire, the
magic of
life, brings
you close
as I kiss you
good night.

My fingers pressed lightly on the keys,
typing a few words of what you mean
to me.

The darkness quickly fades as
my thoughts of you bring sunshine
to the day, making blue, skies out
of gray.


I tucked you away, safe within my heart and
when the days are over you are never very

I can feel your arms holding me in the night
and your lips sweet pressing gently to mine.


I was not taught blind faith,
but to question everything.
There is something special about this dream,
awake or sleeping it brings you next to me.
I dance in the heavens with you by my side
and again on the earth if only in my mind.
I don't look to the many yesterdays or the
tomorrows that have not yet been played.
For you and I are living in the now and
just the thought of you brings a smile.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dreaming of a Rainbow

I'm sitting here dreaming,
dreaming of a rainbow,
a rainbow that leads
from my heart to yours.

When ever I need you,
I know that you'll be there,
at the end of the rainbow
is each day we've yet to share.

I'm sitting here dreaming,
dreaming of a rainbow,
a rainbow that leads
from my heart to yours.

When Souls Come Together

Sing with the heart,
dance with your soul,
meet in the heavens
lets dreams unfold.

Place your hand gently
in mine as we are
together for the
rest of life.

Where the ashes rest have little bearing
as my love with rest in your heart.
I am seemingly lost in the dark,
but  to he who knows me
well I am there
in the heart.
I closed my eyes and
allowed my heart to see
and there in the dark
was the love that you bring.
I saw entwined the
magic of life,
when souls come
together and everything
feels right.

Lord, I am grateful...

There are times that I wanted so much more and I kept thinking life should be different and I should be on a different path. I have experienced more than I thought I could or would and I know that we are touched by many as we have touched many. I find expectation to be the tool of emotion that leads us to the road of disappointment. Therefore I shall be grateful that I am here another day to share the warmth and magic of love.

Lord, I am grateful,
you have given me
another day, blessed
me with opportunity
to love in this special

Lord, I am happy,
happy to have walked
on this earth, to live
and dream on the
clouds and know
each days worth.
Lord, I found peace,
for content is my
soul, as I collided
with love and love
has this special hold.

Lord, I am grateful,
you have given me
another day, blessed
me with opportunity
to love in this special

Another Summer Day Wishing You Were Here With Me

This was my first of spring thoughts. Some times it is a random search that brings a post back to life. Also when a comment was left which was a basic Hello and bye. You can read allot into a simple hello and even more into a bye. I need to get back to work and make products but before I do I'll add a few thoughts and a glimpse of a day long gone.

I don't necessarily
know the rules of
the game. I thought
simple right and wrong
would be easier with
 each day.

I looked for simplicity
and complicated is what
I found, sorrow and darkness
that sometimes brings ya down.

My heart saw how life
should be and whispered
words that would last for
 all eternity.

I know that time will pass
and I too shall fade away,
like a summer day that
yesterday will gain.

I'll walk along the path
of our dreams just to find
you have always been here
 with me.

Gets Me Through The Day

A Little bit of loving
gets me through the day,
winds circling blow
your memory my

A little bit of sunshine,
a little bit of rain,
a little bit of loving
gets me through the day.

 I woke up in contentment
 and I can tell you why,
 I knew that I was touched by
 your love deep from inside.

A little bit of sunshine,
a little bit of rain,
a little bit of loving
gets me through the day.

The clouds of gray quickly
moved aside as I watched 
the sun's rays bring the
 hollow to life.

 A little bit of sunshine,
 a little bit of rain ,
 a little bit of loving
 gets me through the day.

Sweet little song bird
on the window pane,
gathering grasses to
 build a nest today.

 Sweet little song bird
on the window pane,
prepares for tomorrow
despite the wind and rain.

Sweet little song bird
on the window pane,
whistling a tune that
makes the darkness fade.

 Sweet little song bird
on the window pane,
reminds me how blessed
we are to share the day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sometimes the words just come together
and the music plays to my heart and I
share in a moment where dreams
bring you from a far.

Star lit skies and a moon shining down
and  there we are dancing on the
clouds as they gently waft on by.

Sometimes the words just come together
and the music plays to my heart and I
share in a moment where dreams
bring you from afar.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunless Summer Sky

I will try to explain,
what brings the summer rain,
makes the sky gray and darkens
the day.

The heart speaks out loud and
yet you'll hear no sound, like
tear drops in the rain that
seem to fade into the day.

I felt you next to me,
like the first days of spring
and quickly you disappeared
as if you were never here.

I knew not how to feel,
I looked for the shield
to protect my heart and
soul from memories of old.

The mountains seemed afar
like skies filled with stars,
I couldn't reach for you
no matter what I tried to do.

I couldn't bare a goodbye
and so I hid deep inside,
to avoid the lonely days
of a Sunless Summer Sky.

Each moment that we are apart
is a goodbye all over again.
I wiped the tear drops from my eyes,
each one a day in review, I cried not for
the yesterdays but the tomorrows that
would never be reviewed.
Time is the great controller, it tells us
how long we will be here , it sets the
stage of life and rules the time we
have to share.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Great Escape

I can only remember a brief time in my life where I felt in control of my life. I tried to understand what exactly clicked into place that allowed me to be who I am. It was not any one particular thing , more like a puzzle and all the pieces fit. But since that time my life escalated out of my control like a massive twisting and turning slide, with no end. No matter how many steps forward, I find myself sliding back. Struggling to make it through a day , disconnected and lost.
I was at a flower show yesterday and smiling and laughing, the women said with all that is going on, it is amazing how you deal with it. They have no clue what is really going on in my life. I told them it was like the 60's song "the funny little clown. " I guess all my life I have been that way battling to rise above the negative that so anchored to my life.  My educational display was received greatly and they want it to compete in the state competition. One of the women said they don't you are a professional. It made me think how about how we are perceived in this world.  Inside I still feel like the ten year old ,except I know the world a little better than I did as a child.
It occurred to me as I have not been in the greatest of health and as I type aching all over, that reality " bites."  There I am making products for others and to tired to get up and get and use them for myself.
Lost and feeling alone, I realized I no longer had the great escape. There was no place I could run, no place to get away, even the corners of my mine are filled. Each stride that takes me away reveals barriers like walls of steel that cannot be penetrated.

The Stations of life,

I experienced the passion of a day,
friendship and dreams so fine,
the heartache that comes from
living and the experiences that
scars for life.

I once felt the joy of freedom,
the compassion one soul feels
for another, the magic of life
when the heart no longer suffers.

But gone is my youth, my days
are lonely at best, I think of
all of my options and wonder
if I should go north, east or west.

They say" the grass is not greener,"
that "the sun shines on all corners
of life," that "you can't run from
your memories and that this is life's
greatest test. "

To my room I hid, where the day is
dark like the night and I laid there
thinking of tomorrow and the
twisting stroll of the rest of my life..

Happy Fathers Day!

It is amazing how much sticks with you from childhood. I was asked if I always loved poetry and wrote it and instinctively I was prepared to say no. But it wasn't until my father had passed away a few years ago and I was given a little box filled with the years of poetry that I had shared with him, some of the great poets and others pieces that I had created. The letters, books and childhood pictures were a collection of my childhood, the building blocks of life. My father was a intelligent man with only a grade school education, but he read every book he good get his hands on. He had taught me many lessons, one being that knowledge was attainable through books. I had also come to realize that you step upon many a shore through a good book.
I can visualize him with those dark reading glasses, his head on a pillow and a book in his hands. I would sit beside him and he would tell me what he was reading and I would tell him what happened at school. We were a bit estranged from each other in my adult life. We both needed the healing space that only times provides. I learned so much from him in such a short period of time, lessons that would last a life time.

Happy Fathers Day Dad !

I couldn't wait to share my day, 
as we sat upon the porch and
watched the different birds
that migrated like the seasons
He taught me the love for nature
and to hold on with faith, he
gave to me the lessons that
I hold dear to this very day,

There was the love for music,
the songs he dared to sing,
from childhood play songs
to his favorite western themes.

There were dances in the kitchen,
learning the basic box step and
wiping all those tear drops on
the days when life was a mess.

Something's weren't obvious
but I have them to this day,
the many gifts he gave to me
appear in very different ways.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

love you

Just a little bit crazy,
crazy over you,
wishing and dreaming
to make the sky blue.

Just a little bit lonely,
till I made it come true,
took to the heavens to
to have my dance with you.

Your love makes the sun brighter each day
and makes the blue sky chase away the gray.
I am waiting on that cloud on a puff filled
air in space, to hold you close for the rest
of my days.


There is no room for sadness,
no sorrow or despair, for all I
need is your love and to
hold you here.

I could run to the top of a mountain
and call on out to you, but instead
I'll send my love in the clouds on
the blue.

There is no room for sadness,
no sorrow or despair, for all I
need is your love to hold
you here.

Ya gotta hold on to your dreams,
never let them go, the road to
a happiness just goes and goes
and goes.

Ya gotta believe of all we say and
do, for happiness is dependent
on the time I share with you.

I felt the magic that only love can give,
I felt the joy that grew from within.
The road has many a bends and a few
detours that lead to the end.

I spoke to the heavens and questioned
above,  "what is the reason for a life with
out love? "I held it close as I kept it so
near, as there is no happiness if there is
no love to share.

I felt the magic that only can give,
I felt the joy that grew from within.
The road has many a bends and a few
detours that lead to the end.


Finding that someone who will hold you in the night,
the kiss of passion that no heart could ever truly fight.
The days are quickly passing and lonely am I,
as I walk along the shore of life reaching to the sky.

Every time we say goodbye (playlist)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Like a flower that blooms and withers...

I have always been taken by the Lantana Flower. It has this whimsical mystery to it, as its little flowers are of various colors in one cluster.It is like Mother Nature's little rainbows.  I keep a planter filled with Lantana growing in the greenhouse or on the porch . I think of it as my prized possession and it wasn't until I was down to South Carolina that I saw the Lantana growing like weeds. To my amazement I saw it growing through the cracks of the side walk and profusely scattered about on the sandy back shores. This fascinating plant reminded me that it is only a treasure if you think it is a treasure, as to some it is merely a flower growing wild or a weed that easily reseeds.It does bring to light , placing a spin on the old adage " in the eyes of the beholder." I looked around at the brick brac on my desk ,  useless items that held a rich array of memories. I felt a bit saddened, items, moments in time, nothing to some, everything to me. The reminders of life and how quickly it passes, fleeting it seems to have a little less importance.

They were just lilacs,
memories of old,
lost moments and
stories untold.

They were just dreams,
never to come true,
racing through the heart,
lost upon the blue.

Clouds of LIfe

I was always a lyrics person. I guess that was the sensitive side of me coming out. When everyone was head banging to rock music, I was listening to the words of various songs. I can remember those faraway thoughts and the distance that the songs bridged. Two songs come to mind one was the Beatles "Close your eyes and I'll kiss you
                     Tomorrow I'll miss you 
                     Remember I'll always be true

                     And then while I'm away 
                      I'll write home every day
                      And I'll send all my loving to you "

The song reminds of  a place and time and the bridge that my poetry has created over the years. I feel as if by writing " writing home everyday" that I am keeping united my heart with the experience of love. 
The other song that keeps popping in and out of my mind over the last few days. Is "somewhere over the rainbow " in a mix with  "Charlottes web". I think many people relate to a dream coming true and yet find them self tangled in the web of life. I really can't explain it completely but I will try. It is kind of like making the motions on a path of survival. Yet I know that the feelings of survival are not unique to me alone, that everyone is trying to keep pace with the world around them. 

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
and the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true."

Dreams are much more like a balloon over extended with air and just ready to pop. They are there and then they are gone. I took time out to relax a little and distant myself from normal routine. Yet my mind propelled forward as I reached out to bring you near. 

I took a ride on the clouds of life, 
sitting above the heavens looking 
down on my life. 

I saw the yesterdays when you 
were here with me and the journey
that awaits through out my dreams.

There is the choices we make and
the quest that is out of our control, 
when fate unleashes its hold. 

I took a ride on the clouds of life, 
sitting above the heavens looking
down on my life. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Dreams

I want to run away,
leave the dreams for
another day.

I want to love you so,
with that love would
continue to grow.

I want to hold you tight
and kiss you gently
good night.

I want to run away,
leave the dreams for
another day.

Spider Kisses

Sometimes all we are taught is survival. 

I took to the hills and the flowers and trees
and the flowers and trees they took to me.
One with earth and the heavens above, as
I find myself running to the arms of my love.

I looked to the mountains, I gazed out at the sea,
I journeyed through all of my  many dreams.
Holding your hand wherever I go with the warmth
of your love which you generously bestowed.

I took to the hills and the flowers and trees
and the flowers and trees they took to me.
One with earth and the heavens above, as
I find myself running to the arms of my love.
Hiding so no one will see,
to the attic or behind the trees,
like a child who runs and hides,
I take you in my mind to keep
me company.

Hiding so no one will see,
to the attic or behind the trees,
like a child who runs and hides,
I take you in my mind to keep
me company.

I held on because I knew well
that you were the strength that
would lead me out of hell.

I saw it in your actions, viewed
it in your smile, the love that
surfaced across the miles.

I held on because I knew well,
that you were the strength that
would lead me out of hell.


Silly mementos and songs that I sing,
all reminders of my many dreams.
From the moment I wake up, till I lay
there fast asleep I imagine what it
would be like to have you next to me.
I don't write for others to read,
the words are from my heart and
of the sweetest memories.

Like the sun that shines and
the brightest moon glow,
I write the words upon the heavens
and in the wind they will blow.

I find myself lost in a dream,
lying here wondering what else
life will bring.

Did I find love or did it find me
or am I just wishing you here
with me.

I find myself lost in a dream,
lying here wondering what else
life will bring.

The song of night bird and a
few crickets are all that can
be heard.

I find myself lost in a dream,
lying here wondering what
else life will bring.

In a fountain by the river,
in a stroll through life,
I walked hand in hand
but it didn't feel right.

I knew that tomorrow
the sun would shine on
through and yet there
be one more chance to
stop the hands of time.

Spider Kisses

You took the web,
sticky as can be and
freed me with a kiss
and gave to me a dream.

You made it all seem possible,
 you took the time to believe,
in the warmth of love,
while making memories.

Sunday, June 09, 2013


I know there is gateway which leads to tomorrow,
and that all is surely not said and done, as I an
not where I belong and there is still a few songs
 to be sung. 

It is the last visual of death 
that reveals the moment of life. 
Nothing is worse than an unexpected and  unannounced guest, so I thought. But as I dwell, it is in general the connection with people that introduced the first steps of fear.  The threads which entwine hearts and souls creates a network that complicates. It is not the connection within our earthly form but the disconnection with our outer being. Forever is not our stroll upon the earth, for earth provides us with a limited amount of time.

I found the child who climbed the mountains,
who swam the river deep, felt the distance
of heart and again a soul that weeps.

Disconnected with emptiness and fear, as
a journey begins and ends on a road
we have yet to share.

It is not so much the how or why or where
one should run, for it is in the darkness
that the heart and soul are shun.

Reviewing the madness, with nowhere to
hide, a bridge to nowhere is all that we
will find.

Trust and faith are synonymous as you cannot have
 trust without faith or have faith without trust. 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Someday, when you are all alone...

I woke up in your arms to ease my soul
and then I opened my eyes...

I find peace of mind to be the greatest comfort,
therefore I have come to terms with...

Happiness is an emotion conjured up
by our own will to create an illusion.


The city reminded me ,
that life indeed goes on. 

You can never go back 
therefore you can never be the same. 

Life is not ruled by fate, 
but my misguided choices. 

I listened to the music and a day came back to me,
when my eyes were all sparkle and the smiles
were all that anyone could see. I was lost in
a moment and I couldn't deny that it felt so
good to lay there by your side.

I never liked how time redirects, writing a
script that it feels like a terminal mess. As I
find my life is nothing without you, I reach
above to the heavens  to find that sky of blue.

Nothing can change my heart, nothing is gonna
take my dreams away. I'm gonna love you forever,
if forever is all that there can be.

Nothing can change my heart, nothing is gonna take
my dreams away. I'm gonna love you forever, if
if forever is all that there can be.

I listened to the music and a day came back to me,
when my eyes were all sparkle and the smiles
were all that anyone could see. I was lost in
a moment and I couldn't deny that it felt so
good to lay there by your side.

I never liked how time redirects, writing a
script that it feels like a terminal mess. As I
find my life is nothing without you, I reach
above to the heavens  to find that sky of blue.

It's just a memory, a blip in time,
when dreams seem so very real
and it felt like you were mine.

I took a chance , I fell for romance
and danced upon the clouds and
heard my heart beat out loud.

It never fades away, the time
when dreams are made and
you were in my arms as you
are in my heart.

It's just a memory, a blip in time,
when dreams seem so very real
and it felt you were mine.

I can paint a rainbow out of  the colors of love,
from the red of passion to the blue from above,
sunshine yellow and the green of life and a
little bit of purple for faith in our special love

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Be Still My Heart..." Mark Twain

If you never allow yourself to love,
you might avoid a broken heart, 
but you will never know what it is
 like to dance upon the clouds. 


If I could leave behind one gift, I would want it to be the acknowledgement of our love, for in our existence, comes reality and with reality truth. 

I wanted to cry but no tears would fall, 
to run but my feet were anchored, 
to forget but in my will to forget
I only remembered more. 

If you never allows yourself to sing,
you might find silence but it will be the silence
 that speaks that will be heard within the heart. 


I stood in front of the mirror of life and 
faced my vulnerabilities and time snickered. 

Love would never intentionally cause pain, 
but never the less it does. 
Real love does exist, 
rare though it maybe...


One moment might be our forever
and one day our eternity. 

When you can find beauty in your partner no matter
the moment...you have found true love. 

Forgiveness allows one to heal, 
remembering builds a shield. 

I never felt guided by anything,
maybe that is why I have always been lost,
I am still trapped on this earthly plateau. 
I had a picture on my desk for over 20 years, 
today I noticed it said  " I believe" Do I ? 

My promise... to always love
and to forever document it. 

Love is unique, 
it really has no set rules.


My heart spoke and 
my soul danced as I embraced love. 

Love is what I am when I am near you, 
what I am when thinking of you and
what I am when we are separated. 


Sometimes you just don't recognize what you have
until you realize it's gone. 

My eyes speak the truth and my heart beats with joy... I indeed love. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013


As I sat in a parking lot with no where to go, tears flowing down my face, the strangest things come to mind. When I was a child, my father not so happy with the situation at the time, he would say to me" I should have taken you and run away" He said it so many times that I began to wonder what life would have been like had he had that willpower, the faith and the health to make that step. I find myself almost trapped in a situation where I am not comfortable. Not so fond of my adult children at the moment and I find that what I put my life into was easily taken away by eminent domain. It makes you realize that we put such value on things that can be stripped away within minutes. I find myself saying, I want to pack up and move , run away start a new in South Carolina. But I also find my obligations to be fuzzy and very unclear. We start this journey as a infant , as one and we end it as one.
I looked around at my desk, there are a few mementos of people who tried to redirect the path, a snow globe, a crystal ball an angel, heart shaped frame with no picture and some bric-brac that the children gave me. I looked at it and I thought to myself, I am somehow not where I was meant to be. I don't know if like my father , if I have the willpower, faith and if my health will hold up, for me to continue on this journey .
Part of me knows that friendship, partnership, companions, lovers ,takes two to be all that it can be. I have felt like I have been so giving all my life, that there is not much left in me to give. Raising six children was a detour in itself. I find myself just wanting to scream out loud and say hey this isn't right, I want off this ship!!
My head spinning quickly falls into a memory of a hermit who lived up north in the woods. He had this little shack, gardened out back and there was nothing glamours at all about his life. But than I thought you know, if you don't bother with people you can't be hurt and if you have nothing , there is nothing to lose. The visual is clear, though I can't see his face, I can see the outer frame of his tattered clothing, the shack in which he called home and the simplicity of his life.
Once a friend she said " I have always been so jealous of you" I thought to myself, Jealous? Of what hard work? Of the trial and tributes of crazed and tattered path. Of the loneliness I have felt all my life? What was it she could possible be jealous of?

I can't explain the darkness
nor wish the gray away,
for the stinging of madness
pierces deeper everyday.

I find no arms of comfort,
only loneliness and despair
for all that I have embraced
emptiness is what adheres.

I am trying to land this on a positive note. I am having a difficult time of it. But here goes.

There are many bridges
that lead beyond our dreams,
above the hills and mountains,
arched over memories.

The sun was brightly shining,
the leaves of trees dancing in
the wind  and I knew at that
moment that all comes to and end.

There are no days of sorrow,
I linger not in the past nor
do I regret the choices , I'll be
free at last.

There is beauty in the moment,
I feel it in my heart, for I have
journeyed through this life and
recreated many a new path.

From your lips came comfort
and from your heart came care,
as I reached beyond the madness,
to once more sweet love share.