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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Déjà Vu

Haunted by a memory, dream, time passed , a clip of thought or something that has yet to happen . There is a visual that doesn't seem to pass and I can't quite comprehend what it means.  It's a place, people I don't know, surroundings I have never seen and this visual that has come back to haunt me time after time, from many years ago. I can almost feel the moment, see the outline of faces as if I were  there in that moment...déjà Vu

My heart races,
the dreams surreal
as I find myself
moving while
standing still.

Climbing a mountain,
wading through streams,
wondering what it all

The darkness is all is see
except for the images
right out of my dreams.

I am a little bit afraid
and I will tell you why,
rainbows are falling
from the sky.

The sky was once blue
with sunshine and now
it is now filled with
clouds of gray to
drape the mind.

I know somewhere,
somewhere they do,
that someone waits
to love me true.

I know somewhere,
somewhere far away,
arms of my sweetheart
will hold me night and day.

I know somewhere,
somewhere in the blue,
my dreams will surely
come true.

I know somewhere,

Forever is nothing,
if I am not with you,
the mystical image cast
entwined souls in the blue.

Just imagine your embrace,
the warmth of your love and
a kiss face to face.

Music of angels in sweet song,
the sounds from the heavens
welcome us along.

Forever is nothing,
If I am not with you,
the mystical image cast
entwined souls in the blue.


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