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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Be Still My Heart..." Mark Twain

If you never allow yourself to love,
you might avoid a broken heart, 
but you will never know what it is
 like to dance upon the clouds. 


If I could leave behind one gift, I would want it to be the acknowledgement of our love, for in our existence, comes reality and with reality truth. 

I wanted to cry but no tears would fall, 
to run but my feet were anchored, 
to forget but in my will to forget
I only remembered more. 

If you never allows yourself to sing,
you might find silence but it will be the silence
 that speaks that will be heard within the heart. 


I stood in front of the mirror of life and 
faced my vulnerabilities and time snickered. 

Love would never intentionally cause pain, 
but never the less it does. 
Real love does exist, 
rare though it maybe...


One moment might be our forever
and one day our eternity. 

When you can find beauty in your partner no matter
the moment...you have found true love. 

Forgiveness allows one to heal, 
remembering builds a shield. 

I never felt guided by anything,
maybe that is why I have always been lost,
I am still trapped on this earthly plateau. 
I had a picture on my desk for over 20 years, 
today I noticed it said  " I believe" Do I ? 

My promise... to always love
and to forever document it. 

Love is unique, 
it really has no set rules.


My heart spoke and 
my soul danced as I embraced love. 

Love is what I am when I am near you, 
what I am when thinking of you and
what I am when we are separated. 


Sometimes you just don't recognize what you have
until you realize it's gone. 

My eyes speak the truth and my heart beats with joy... I indeed love. 

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