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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 28, 2013

I love you

I don't find myself melancholy with the rain but I do find I flounder, kind of wish washy as my thoughts review the days long gone. There is such beauty in the world that it is sometimes draped my darkness that we fail to see beyond. It is like the beauty of music, as I was listening to opera and symphony, I rejoiced in the time we have to share in the beauty life offers. I have always told my children God has given us each a gift, but it is up to us to seek out our gifts and to use them wisely. It does appear that some people have an easier time of doing that and others struggle never to reveal their true gifts within their own individual journey. As I look at my present position, of course money pays the bills, there is so much more that is important. Understanding, identifying and being grateful for the time we are granted. There are times that I felt my heart being chipped away at and I thought how dare I give this power over to people and situations and allow them to break down my existence. I rack it up to a time of weakness, a time faltering of faith and a misguided path in which I journey. Looking back into childhood, I was given the sight to understand the weakness of being humans. That each of us has a breaking point and its not what happens in life but how we respond to what happens in life. There are days I am emotionally rather tired and I think well I can't handle much more. It is that time that I wisest to redirect my energy.
Life is a puzzle, many piece we will find, putting them in place, can ease the mind. Understand the heartbreak, revealing through the time, the journey of life and the heavens fine. The skies blue, the sun shines bright as I think of you and make everything right. ~ I love you, that will never go away. I love you forever and a day. I love you, I can't deny, you are so sweet, to me a special treat. I love you, you make the skies blue, I love you no matter what we do. ~ Sings>The colors of life reveal to me, there is nothing more wonderful that a dream, when that dream includes you and me...includes you and me. ~ The love you give to me is all I'll ever need, it holds me in the night a reminder of a time. The love you give to me is all I'll ever need, it brings the sun and makes like so much fun. la la la la la la la ..

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