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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, June 09, 2013


I know there is gateway which leads to tomorrow,
and that all is surely not said and done, as I an
not where I belong and there is still a few songs
 to be sung. 

It is the last visual of death 
that reveals the moment of life. 
Nothing is worse than an unexpected and  unannounced guest, so I thought. But as I dwell, it is in general the connection with people that introduced the first steps of fear.  The threads which entwine hearts and souls creates a network that complicates. It is not the connection within our earthly form but the disconnection with our outer being. Forever is not our stroll upon the earth, for earth provides us with a limited amount of time.

I found the child who climbed the mountains,
who swam the river deep, felt the distance
of heart and again a soul that weeps.

Disconnected with emptiness and fear, as
a journey begins and ends on a road
we have yet to share.

It is not so much the how or why or where
one should run, for it is in the darkness
that the heart and soul are shun.

Reviewing the madness, with nowhere to
hide, a bridge to nowhere is all that we
will find.

Trust and faith are synonymous as you cannot have
 trust without faith or have faith without trust. 

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