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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Like a flower that blooms and withers...

I have always been taken by the Lantana Flower. It has this whimsical mystery to it, as its little flowers are of various colors in one cluster.It is like Mother Nature's little rainbows.  I keep a planter filled with Lantana growing in the greenhouse or on the porch . I think of it as my prized possession and it wasn't until I was down to South Carolina that I saw the Lantana growing like weeds. To my amazement I saw it growing through the cracks of the side walk and profusely scattered about on the sandy back shores. This fascinating plant reminded me that it is only a treasure if you think it is a treasure, as to some it is merely a flower growing wild or a weed that easily reseeds.It does bring to light , placing a spin on the old adage " in the eyes of the beholder." I looked around at the brick brac on my desk ,  useless items that held a rich array of memories. I felt a bit saddened, items, moments in time, nothing to some, everything to me. The reminders of life and how quickly it passes, fleeting it seems to have a little less importance.

They were just lilacs,
memories of old,
lost moments and
stories untold.

They were just dreams,
never to come true,
racing through the heart,
lost upon the blue.

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