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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clouds of LIfe

I was always a lyrics person. I guess that was the sensitive side of me coming out. When everyone was head banging to rock music, I was listening to the words of various songs. I can remember those faraway thoughts and the distance that the songs bridged. Two songs come to mind one was the Beatles "Close your eyes and I'll kiss you
                     Tomorrow I'll miss you 
                     Remember I'll always be true

                     And then while I'm away 
                      I'll write home every day
                      And I'll send all my loving to you "

The song reminds of  a place and time and the bridge that my poetry has created over the years. I feel as if by writing " writing home everyday" that I am keeping united my heart with the experience of love. 
The other song that keeps popping in and out of my mind over the last few days. Is "somewhere over the rainbow " in a mix with  "Charlottes web". I think many people relate to a dream coming true and yet find them self tangled in the web of life. I really can't explain it completely but I will try. It is kind of like making the motions on a path of survival. Yet I know that the feelings of survival are not unique to me alone, that everyone is trying to keep pace with the world around them. 

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
and the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true."

Dreams are much more like a balloon over extended with air and just ready to pop. They are there and then they are gone. I took time out to relax a little and distant myself from normal routine. Yet my mind propelled forward as I reached out to bring you near. 

I took a ride on the clouds of life, 
sitting above the heavens looking 
down on my life. 

I saw the yesterdays when you 
were here with me and the journey
that awaits through out my dreams.

There is the choices we make and
the quest that is out of our control, 
when fate unleashes its hold. 

I took a ride on the clouds of life, 
sitting above the heavens looking
down on my life. 

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