Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Where Our Love Dwells

The morning moon
still shining bright
bridges mountains
to love unite.

Deep with devotion,
the sentiment felt
explores the passion
on my knees I knelt.

I need not speak
or whispers send
for deep in silence
our souls ascend.

Bonded two as one
script upon the heart
the eternal seal of
our precious love.

No more yearning,
the truth speaks clear,
the moment of love
from the day we shared.

Crush the darkness
with stars of bright
from your heart
the guiding light.

Enjoy the moment
it's forever ours
the spell unbroken
where our love dwells.


I don't see a rainbow,
my blue skies all but gone
and the sun had faded as
I daydream in your arms.

I don't wanna wake up
if it means you are not here,
I'm dancing with memories
my heart dares to share.

I can't find the words
to tell you how I feel,
this love of you and I
could never be mirrored.

Greater than the greatest
as wonderful as can be,
the love we share rules
day and night dreams.

I hear your voice
in every love song,
feel your embrace
to right the wrong.

I can't find the words
to tell you how I feel,
this love of you and I
could never be mirrored.

You're the lead in our love story,
my companion and my friend,
the sweet love of my life
and that I don't pretend.

Share the air
that you breathe,
wake up in the morn
beyond the dreams.

Breakfast for two and
a kiss on your cheek,
hands embraced and
love filled memories.

Snuggling with you,
just to watch you sleep
or sharing in the moment
where your smile is
all I'll see.

It has been said that "for everything there is a season." Many years ago a friend sent me a book "A Conversation with God." The book was chapters that basically said good or bad our journey was meant to be. Life is filled with experiences both good and bad. Every experience unique to each individual as you cannot compare as they say" apples to oranges."
We moved many times when I was a child and for some reason, I can't open the doors to any of those houses in my mind. Well that is except for the basement of one when I was maybe six years old. It had two adjoining rooms with dirt floors and walls that were not quite finished. The rooms were separated by a curtain and on one side my father had his Ham radio. It was a two way radio set up where he could talk with people from around the world. I remember hearing voices in different languages and he would spend hours talking and listening. On the other side I had a little table set up and my mother had dishes packed away. China from various places such as Germany and France. Delicately designed and fragile teapots and tea cups. I would listen to the radio and pretend that I was having tea parties in different places in the world. Concrete walls and dirt floors faded as the imagination created visions of beautiful places. I can't remember the upstairs, living room or bedrooms, etc.  but the place where I spent hours playing was somehow my escape. I had away of running without ever moving my feet.
I once thought the experiences created character but in all reality character chooses how we respond to experience. The gates are always there we choose which ones to open and which ones to go through and who will journey along with us. Fate obviously plays a part as people are set in our path at particular times and places.

The Gateway To Your Heart

I surely wasn't looking
and certainly not prepared
for the gateway to love
revealed that you cared.

On this crazy journey
that we all call life,
placed your hand in mine
as our souls entwined.

Chapter upon chapter
blown in the wind
except for the ones
that you are in.

You are special and
wonderful indeed,
as you dared to journey
along side me.


Dancing with an angel
or laying in your arms,
sharing sweet kisses
both near and from afar.

Pleasuring the moment with
this most unselfish love.
I give to you my heart
and you sent yours down
from above.

Dancing with an angel
or laying in your arms,
sharing sweet kisses
both near and from afar.

Gazing at the moonlight,
jumping star to star,
our hearts race as our
souls have come so far.

Dancing with an angel
or laying in your arms,
sharing sweet kisses
both near and from afar.

I woke up to the sunshine
and fell asleep to the rain
and it all seem so perfect
as our love free reined.

We took to the heavens
our souls soaring high
and fell back to earth
from the blue of the sky.

Two complete as one,
when hearts overflowed
and sealed this most
perfect love.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

and love you I do.

Mesmerized by the dance of the hollow,
branches and song birds dancing with the wind.
the shadows on the window create a scene,
like a ballet of nature summoning me.

The hills lay in blanket of yesterday
and thru the leaves tomorrow finds it way.
Faith acknowledge all that we can do,
when we embrace the love of two. 

I can feel you here with me
as you are my everything,
though distance separates
the body our souls encompass
the dreams.

Dancing to the music
the heart strings are played
and the words are meaningless
it's your love that leads the way.

You are here with me,
love is kind of funny that way,
it is full of happiness and joy
and shines like the sun down
on me.

I wanna sing
as long as you can hear,
I wanna dance
as long as you're in my arms,
I want to love
as long as I am loving you.

You are my sunshine in the morning,
my happiness through the day and
when I close my eyes to sleep you're
just a dream away.

I wanna sing
as long as you can hear,
I wanna dance
as long as I'm in your arms,
I wanna love,
as long as I am loving you.

Spinning in circles,
silly as can be,
knowing you are just
a thought near to me.

I wanna sing
as long as you can hear,
I wanna dance
as long as I'm in your arms,
I wanna love
as long as I am loving you.

hmm singing, hmm dreaming
there is something about the moment,
hmmm laughing, hmm smiling,
hold you close to me.

Know that I love you
and love you I do,
like a rose in the garden
our love continues to

Colors of life in every hue
a rainbow that arches with
red, white and yellow and
yes some blue.

Heart to heart and
a soul to soul,
that is our forever
when life with you unfolds.

Know that I love and
love you I do,
like a rose in the garden
our love continues to


Follow your heart,
I have followed mine,
it led to me to you the
love of my life.

Nothing or no one can
change how I feel,
this glimpse of forever
where time stands still.

With you beside me,
the skies are so blue
and the rivers flow is
like a heart overfilled.


Blue Sky

I looked to the heavens and
the clouds were dark and gray
and a storm was upon us,
until they parted and a little
blue remained.

March but a few days away
brings with it the uncertainty.
taunting wind and rain of a
season in its unexpected game.

The crocus had surfaced
filled with hope and faith
on a journey of a lifetime
that leads us to another day.

Flowers dried upon the window
reminisce the turning of a page
as we look to tomorrow for
the warm and sunny skies of May.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm singin in the rain (lyrics)

The Stars Above Us.

See the stars above us,
way high up in the sky,
like a blanket from the
heavens over you and I.

The dark of night whispers
from my heart to yours,
words of a forever love
to you who I adore.

See the stars above us,
way high up in the sky,
like a blanket from the
heavens over you and I.

Bridges over mountains
built of love and dreams
connecting your soul to
mine for all eternity.

See the stars above us,
way high up in the sky,
like a blanket from the
heavens over you and I.

No one could understand
the magic that endures,
fills my heart with love
and still there is more in

See the stars above us,
way high up in the sky,
like a blanket from the
heavens over you and I.

I'm Singing In The Rain

Da da da da, da da da da

I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again.
I'm laughing at clouds.
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And i'm ready for love.

Let the stormy clouds chase.
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
just singin in the rain.

Compliments you
and completes you,
a forever kind of love,
where souls unite as one.

Peaceful an embrace,
it's wonderful indeed,
touches the heart
making everyday like

Memories of you and I,
dancing on the clouds
hearts beating together
as one.

I can ensure you,
this dream is real,
fueled by love till
the earth stands still.

Excites the spirit
a breath away,
touching my heart
in an unordinary way.

I can ensure you
this dream is real,
fueled by love till
the earth stands still.

Wherever you travel
and whatever you do,
I'll be there with you,
it's a dream come true.

Spring Snow

Time documents all seasons,
but the proof of our love lay
deep within my heart.

There is something incredibly wonderful
about a love without barriers as nothing can obstruct
or prevent passage of our souls bridged from one heart to another.

Closing my eyes and I am that much closer...

To know love is to experience the magic of each season. Exposing the heart to reveal the souls intention. Waiting on spring as we race to bask in the summer sun, dancing through fall and exploring the first snowflake of winter as a celebration of love.

Respect is never outdated.

Tears of joy cleanse the soul,
like the first rain in spring.

The ability to sense your love
and to always keep it very near,
I tucked it away within my heart
as an eternal gift to share.

Rainbows across the heavens,
a summer sun brightly shining down
and a river passing through the hills
from country to town.

Tis the end of February
though it feels like spring,
snow squalls without warning
replaced with a burst of sunbeams.

Awakening from winter,
the days are longer with light
and a breath of energy that
gives the soul renewed sight.

Monday, February 22, 2016

ENDLESS LOVE Lionel Ritchie duet w Diana Ross w lyrics

Full Moon

Taken back by the experience
as the moon took to the sky
while rising above the hills
I was truly mystified.

Two hearts divided by mountains
rivers, roads and woodland streams,
are now joined together under
the full moon's light beams.

Distance truly faded,
two souls merged as one,
as we look unto the heavens
and feel the surge of our love.

There is something special
about the glorious beams of light
as it brought us closer together
taking us to a  higher height.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

...as the song bird sings.

It wasn't the usual song that the song bird sings,
his tune was a bit different like the first sound
of spring. Calling on a mate or advertising spring
I was happy to hear the little song bird sing.

The fern stood strong through the winter days
and as the snow melted they appeared on display,
perking up a little as the fronds of green performed
a dance with the wind in a artistic kind of way.


My work computer contains photographs of flowers in bloom and trees, paths through the woods, the sun on the pond, foot prints in the snow and hearts in the sand. Flipping through the files was like peering into my heart. Years of emotion, trials and triumphs were stored away in random files, unlabeled and disorganized.  Yet never the less they triggered the memories of the chapters of my life.
My daughter looking through the files for family pictures would click on the files and say oh Mum's poetry. Even though the poetry and pictures had been on display many times, it felt like an invasion into privacy as she flipped through what seem like a lifetime to me. Pictures and poems or life and love? I was agitated and yet laughed it off as my heart was viewed as merely words on a screen.
It reminded me of the song" The Funny Little Clown." The first time I heard that song, I thought it was written about me. I didn't realize that it was 1964. I was six years old thinking I was the clown, always laughing on the outside but crying on the in. I managed to carry that through life smiling when you are really crying. Time is funny that way it documents moments in our life, reminding us of days long gone by.
But I think it was even more than that, the computer was a world an escape. Knowledge, companionship, work, access and a array of information that covered any topic possible. It made me think i about when you pass away and they open a drawer and dump the remains into the trash. Because those who remain do not have the memories or the emotional attachment. But in all reality it was my private space that I choose to share or not. I have mixed feelings as I remember taking the bicycle out for the first time and with my eyes closed riding down the back rural road. I remember the various senses picking up. The sounds around me, the wind on my cheek and through my hair and the first taste of freedom. Life by no means became easier, there was much to overcome. Free yet entangled,,
That is where the little song bird comes in, think spring! The new season filled with new days in a new chapter. Wiping away the many yesterday tears and the camouflage of a smile and starting a new. Welcome wind, rain and sunshine...and yes welcoming spring.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throughout The Day

One look at the heavens and you quickly realize that
man over exaggerates his importance in the bigger picture.
I once questioned timing and distance but it wasn't until I understood that we are
energy that overcomes all obstacles...for I feel you in the night,
wake to you in the morn and carry your love with me
throughout the day.

My Thoughts

The sun a bit deceiving shining brightly in the morn
and though it lit the heavens the hills were white from
where the snow adorned.

I knew the season was in passing and soon spring
would fill the air reminding us of all that we have
yet to share.

It may not be understood by all that pass our way
nor does it really matter as it is what time has
yet to convey.

Nor is it just a simple need that anyone can fulfill
but a rather complex emotion that renders my
heart still.

The message of the soul which speaks not of
voice or song but speaks through all of matter
whether of the heavens or earthly born.

The revelation appears through a flowers bloom,
the sun set , the moon rise and the stars that
blanket the heavens blue.

When you look around and all is as it should be,
remember that it was created by our love
and dreams.


I have shared all aspects of my emotions with the world and yet this sacred place within my heart and soul are reserved for you alone. Together and yet apart, close and yet distant, severed  by the mountains and united as one by the heavens. This eternal paradise surrounds us with a tranquil sense of peace, that can only heighten our awareness of true love.

Our emotional connection is a gift acknowledged
 by the heart and blessed by the heavens.
I once wondered does all of love experienced
feel the same as the magic between our two hearts....impossible.
Our life is like a tapestry woven
with golden threads.
To comfort the heart,
excite the soul is to challenge the journey.
If our paths had not crossed the world would be much darker and colder.
Just knowing you love me ....
It is not that we search to find such a love,
I think love searched us out...uniting our heart and souls.
I could never imagine what it is my heart now feels,
for there is not enough time in a day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

...from me to you.

One cannot silence the soul,
its voice is eternal.
The canvas of color takes on a different hue from golden shades of sunshine to a sky of royal blue. Happiness is a requirement you and I share, to wake unto your arms, knowing that you care.
Energy is transferable through the heart and soul.
Passion flows between us
like the rage of the sea,
powerful the impact
of your love on me.
The mountains faded,
the gray skies turned blue
and as I smiled upon waking
I knew just what love could do.
It is a beautiful morning
and a wonderful day,
as you lift my heart in
the most amazing way.
The sun has yet to rise
and the stars have faded true,
in the middle of a moment
of sharing love with you.
Tears of happiness,
caught me by surprise,
as I wiped away each one
a story came to mind.
Intrigued by the chapters,
each page in review
revealed our love and
what dreams can do.

There is a bounce in my step,
a silliness I do confess and
the smile that you can see, is
your love shining out from me.

There is a energy we share,
two hearts that really care,
lifts me out of my despair
like angel wings in the air.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes,
I have closed mine,
open your heart,
I have opened mine.

Feel the moment
our souls now one,
feel the magic of
this special love.

Close your eyes,
I have closed mine,
open your heart,
I have opened mine.

Bridge the miles,
no mountains or sea's,
only you lying here
next to me.

Close your eyes,
I have closed mine,
Open your heart
I have opened mine.

City lights,
country fields,
clouds in passing
then there is you
and I laughing.

Starry night,
gray skies
and the moonlight
embracing your
love tonight.

Sweet darling, sweet darling ...I love you true. My morning, my evening , my whole night thru. You're the love that I feel when I open my eyes and the passion that holds me close in the night.
Sweet darling, sweet darling...I am talking to you, can you hear my whispers of love for you.  You rule my nightly dreams casting yourself in the lead.
Sweet darling, sweet darling... my kisses I send to you my companion and my best friend. I am there with you as you are with me , just remember to believe.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The wind broke the silence
as it whispered your name,
rustling through the trees
the branches gently sway.

The symphony of sound
becomes a Sonata in form,
playing with the memories
of you who I adore.

Imprisoned by the darkness
only to be freed by your love,
on this arduous journey where
our hearts unified as one.

Gazing out the window
my thoughts turned to you,
feeling your embrace as
lovers sometimes do.

No distance between us
for you are here with me,
kept safely in my heart
for all eternity.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Simple yet eloquent
gardenia's blooming,
fragrance sweet with
soft petals of white.

The sun is rising,
the view you see
is not as wonderful
as you lying next
to me.

I'd rather do nothing
by your side, just to
look deep into your
warm eyes.

No dancing necessary,
I'd rather feel you
next to me and listen
to your heart beating.

This heaven is ours
and special as it can be,
the sharing of a moment
the magic of our dreams.

Waking in your arms
as the time passes by
just to fall asleep
with you by my side.

Be My Valentine

Here in the darkness I lay
as time passes slowly away,
my mind drifts like a ship
at sea, sailing to your heart

You've been cast the lead
in every love story and dream.
My angel darling, the love
of my life, you warm my
spirit on the coldest of nights.


You've had my heart
from day one,
that is when I recognized
this heaven called love.

Wise and wonderful
and magical indeed,
a true romance story
right out of a dream.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Song

Music by the heart,
lyrics from the soul.
Words on a page are meaningless
until viewed by the heart and felt by the soul.

The angels are writing
and I just hold the pen,
your name next to mine
that is the message they

Creating a moment
deep soul inspired,
joining hearts together
hotter than any blazing

Music empowering
our love to supersede
and dance upon the heavens
like an unending dream.

Our song is special
no beginning or end
round and round we
go until eternity is

Pillow Snuggles,
dreams all night,
holding you close
for the rest of my

Morning smiles
no tears at night,
I have your love
to hold tight.

Pillow snuggles,
dreams all night
holding you close
for the rest of my

Happiness is yours
and mine to not
see it would mean
we were both blind.

Pillow snuggles,
dreams all night
holding you close
for the rest of my

Take me to your heart

The Bangles - Eternal Flame

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Light to the darkness,
sunshine when it's gray,
the bridge of happiness
where we meet each day.

Sharing my pillow,
smiles that never fade
the warmth of your heart
is here with me to stay.


My greatest escape
puts Houdini to shame,
meeting you on the clouds
where in your arms I lay.

Flowing silk in white,
stars shining bright
love that conquers
the darkness of the night.

Music of two hearts,
dreams that makes us one,
the smile on my face
rejoices in our love.

Lifetime of proving
how much I love you so,
more and more each day
this love of ours grows.

Peace and contentment
is what many desire
but it is our normal
that passion inspired.


When rain comforts
and snow is a delight
the seasons in passing
document our life.

With you the sun shines
and it warms my very soul,
like a blanket of heaven
where our dreams unfold.

You couldn't be any closer
as you are here in my heart,
distance matters little as
we rule the stars.

The heavens celebrate
in this magic we call love,
where souls meet on the
clouds up above.

You couldn't be any closer
as you are here in my heart,
distance matters little as
we rule the stars.

You can feel it in the wind
and see it in the sky too,
even in the night our love
twinkles like a star blue.

You couldn't be any closer
as you  are here in my heart,
distance matters little as
we rule the stars.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I love you

Common words , old adages, clich├ęs over used words of the English language. Common words for an uncommon love. There are many ways to express a feeling or emotion and some can become repetitive. It is as if people ran out of words of expression.

...with every fiber of my being,      
from the bottom of my soul
to the core of my being
with every ounce of my being
with each passing moment
with every beat of my heart
with every breath I take
To my dying day
To my last breath.
With all my heart
Butterflies and flowers, honey to a bee,
the mountains to the blue sky and then there is you to me.
This Blanket of peace,
a warm morning smile,
the dreams of my life
that crosses the miles.
From heavens gate
to this earthly form
I love you my sweet,
it's our forevermore.
The arching willow
is shallow indeed
flows in the wind
its branches of
It didn't stand the time,
faded to a mere memory,
like waking to a dream
and remembering nothing.
The arching willow
is shallow indeed
flows in the wind
its branches of
I found peace through your heart,
and that is where I'll stay, there in
your arms all night and day.
The power of love
supersedes any
mountain or river
or silly old sea.
The arch of happiness,
the magic of dreams,
the power of love
brought you to me.
Butter to bread is pretty yummy,
potatoes in the soup is the norm,
you to my heart is breathtaking
as I wait to see what tomorrow
has in store.  
Flowers to a field is picturesque,
the sun rises and the sun sets,
you can count on our love
it passed times test.
I can't erase the memories,
there are more than a few,
I rather create new ones of
my time with you.
Laughing and giggling,
sharing from the heart,
together two souls
created a spark.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

No Valentine For Me

Dancing without moving
to the song of your heart,
in an embrace of love
that takes to the stars.

The sky is quite amazing
in a celestial kind of way,
where the heavens invite
you to dream the night away.

When you and I are together
there is nothing I can't do,
I can climb a mountain
just to lasso for you the moon.

The sky is a shade of
subtle like pink and blue
and a canvas of color that
I wait to share with you.

You empower my spirit,
you challenge me in all I do,
with your sweet love making
 all my dreams come true.

You can't be my valentine
for that comes once a year
and everyday I celebrate
with my sweet teddy bear.

You're my first thought
each and every morning
and my dreams at night,
more than a valentine
you are my whole life.

We don't need a holiday
from a silly hallmark store,
for the heavens scripted a
card for you whom I adore.

Everyone can see it,
it makes the sky so blue
and gives sun to a rainy day
that is what our love can do.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Rambling Rose

I saw a heart
like a flower bloom
and in my life it
just grew and grew.

Revealed a beauty
seldom seen
inside out
for all to see.


You are the breeze
that travels relentlessly
over the many miles to
bring a sense of happiness
that awakens the soul to

You are the sunshine
of my early morn,
warm and wonderful
bringing light even in
a storm.

You are the tears
full of sudden joy,
shared from the
heart and through
the soul employed.

You are central to my being,
for you revealed the love,
that only one person to
another can share in the
heavens above.

You are the flame
that continuously burns,
with the touch of passion
felt with each and every
True love never falters,
nor does it fade like a dream,
it gains in  a steady momentum
continuously picking up speed.


My Turn To Watch You Sleep

To hold and love
as I watch you sleep,
tucked in your arms
in the middle of a dream.

Nothing between us,
there is only you and I,
no rivers or mountains
nor roads long and wide.

Sharing the stars and
the clouds passing by,
my heart to yours
for all of time.

It's my turn
to watch you sleep,
to place a kiss
tenderly on your cheek.

Think Spring

Little more winter,
ice, snow and sleet,
a season in passing,
will bring us to spring.

Holding your hand
day after day with
dreams of tomorrow
along the way.

Little more winter,
ice, snow and sleet,
 a season in passing,
will bring us to spring.

Full of hope and faith,
our precious love is
more beautiful with
each passing day.

Little more winter,
ice, snow and sleet
as a season in passing
will bring us to spring.


Sunday, February 07, 2016

Joy Riding

We took to the hills
while in circles I drove,
laughing and giggling
as I mastered the roads.

I held the wheel,
I ruled the road
even though I had
nowhere to go.

I thought of you
the whole night long
while singing another
one of those seventy's

Singing old songs
like we were sixteen
as I raced on home
to share in this dream.


Standing at the window
distance between you and I,
until we broke the barriers
and our souls took to the sky.

I could feel your love
as it took me by surprise,
channeling all your energy
I can feel as if I can fly.


I spend my days dreaming and
all my thoughts you consume
and in the dark of night I am over
whelmed by my love for you.

My heart was yours for the taken
and my soul had always belonged
with you, no matter the season
our skies are always blue.
I spend my days
mountains away
and yet I race to
share each moment
that comes into play.

I cherish each moment
like a treasure to behold,
your love within my heart
as an eternal hold.


my nights overwhelmed
belong to you,
with each thought a tear falls

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Night Sky

I gazed unto the heavens,
the stars were a sparkle bright
and at that moment I knew
the stars above me were
shining down on you tonight.

It was quite amazing and
magical as it could be
and I couldn't quite explain
it but I knew you were
somehow here with me.

Mystery in the making
this love of you and I
challenges all of earth as
it is seen in the blue sky.