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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I love you

Common words , old adages, clichés over used words of the English language. Common words for an uncommon love. There are many ways to express a feeling or emotion and some can become repetitive. It is as if people ran out of words of expression.

...with every fiber of my being,      
from the bottom of my soul
to the core of my being
with every ounce of my being
with each passing moment
with every beat of my heart
with every breath I take
To my dying day
To my last breath.
With all my heart
Butterflies and flowers, honey to a bee,
the mountains to the blue sky and then there is you to me.
This Blanket of peace,
a warm morning smile,
the dreams of my life
that crosses the miles.
From heavens gate
to this earthly form
I love you my sweet,
it's our forevermore.
The arching willow
is shallow indeed
flows in the wind
its branches of
It didn't stand the time,
faded to a mere memory,
like waking to a dream
and remembering nothing.
The arching willow
is shallow indeed
flows in the wind
its branches of
I found peace through your heart,
and that is where I'll stay, there in
your arms all night and day.
The power of love
supersedes any
mountain or river
or silly old sea.
The arch of happiness,
the magic of dreams,
the power of love
brought you to me.
Butter to bread is pretty yummy,
potatoes in the soup is the norm,
you to my heart is breathtaking
as I wait to see what tomorrow
has in store.  
Flowers to a field is picturesque,
the sun rises and the sun sets,
you can count on our love
it passed times test.
I can't erase the memories,
there are more than a few,
I rather create new ones of
my time with you.
Laughing and giggling,
sharing from the heart,
together two souls
created a spark.

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