Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unwritten Chapters

Life is about the impact that we have on others and the impact that they leave within us. I never realized what a network life really is. How many people we come in contact with and how they without knowing alter our life, sometimes for the better and other times well maybe not in such a positive way. But no matter how or what it all becomes part of the experience. We are not always the author but never the less we find ourselves somewhere written into the pages of the book of life.

I sensed in you a comfort zone,
and a compatibility of the soul
the connection tightly woven
as the days of life unspool.

It is within my own being
the void in which you fill
consumed by the moment
like a rollercoaster thrill.

Today is unlike yesterday
for I love you even more
and though it seems impossible
that more could be in store.

Your charm warms my spirit and
your laughter takes me on a high
that graced with a sort of magic
like a spell both day and night.

I found in you a treasure
but not of precious gold
your friendship is the gem
that never tarnishes or gets old.

Bewildered by your absence
where the pages bear no words
and yet the script is written
unclear and a little blurred.

I looked to the heavens
the stars were shining bright
one sky above the two of us
and one path that feels so right.

The wind rules the mountains,
the trees bow at whim and
in the silence of the night
another dream begins.

I felt lost in the moment
where darkness makes it move
and a loneliness surfaced
as if it had something to prove.

I waited for the sunrise
for the clouds to pass on by
in hopes that you to were waiting
to be here by my side.

I wanted to shout
so all the world could hear
and that somehow you would know
how much one soul could care.

Love ignites the passion
that fuels my very soul
in a blaze of forever
that has yet to be told.

I take this moment
to tell you what my heart reveals
and let you know I love you
till the ends of time stands still.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gazed into Your Heart

It's not of flesh this meeting
as I recognized from the start, 
that this was very different 
as I gazed into your heart. 

 The view quite amazing 
and I quivered as you jest, as
something else was happening
and this was love at its best. 

I need not look into your eyes 
or see that smile of yours appear 
while life took on a different view 
when two souls stopped to share.

As if the puzzle was completed and
your heart fit comfortably in mine
I found this unique connection which
was lost in some God forsaken rhyme. 

The feelings of love, compassion and desire intrigued me even more with each passing hour. I knew it was different and yet very much the same as I felt the comfort like two as one molded out of clay.

Skies of stardust and mountains into sand, as nothing could redirect this unwritten plan, maybe not of fate or destiny's design but I am ever certain your soul was to meet up with mine.

If this be the challenge  for some eternal bliss to conquer all of distance and unite with a kiss, when time no longer passes and the days have slipped away, I'll meet you in the clouds where our love will be on display.

This love has no measurement as it grows with each passing day , companion, friend and lover just a breath away. It may seem a bit obsessive for me once more to say" I love you more than a lifetime of those tiny drops of rain . "

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Smile or Two

Rearranging words,
adds a smile or two,
think of all the love
that flows through
me and you.

Your heart close to mine,
our souls have bonded too,
this makes my skies a
beautiful kind of blue.

The winter makes its rounds
and snow is on the ground,
and it all appears beautifully
as I warmed by your smile.

It is no surprise
when you are here with me,
everything is wonderful
like a perfect kind of dream.

The cloud in passing
invites us to come aboard
and sail the heavens with
only goodness in store.

Take me once more into your arms
walk with me as I melt from your charm,
this is love as love would have it be,
uplifting and wonderful a special memory.


Friday, January 27, 2017


I felt the sun within my soul,
your love upon my lips
and as the day passed on
I tucked away your kiss.

Like rivers flow to sea
and streams through the hills
I feel the magic of your embrace
and the love that the heavens willed.

No ache, sorrow or sadness,
not one single sign of despair,
even though you are at a distance
your love is felt here.

My eyes maybe closed
but my heart is open wide
and as I take to the heavens
you are with me deep inside.

Unlike cut flowers that quickly parish,
your love forever lives and
in my  very darkest moments
that very same love a gift gives.

It showers me with happiness
and the true feelings of joy and
reminds me of the passion
that deep within my soul I feel.

No pressure for tomorrow,
for today I have it all,
the warmth of love infused
that creates a winter thall.

Words of Love

When you find yourself gazing at the stars,
remember I am there looking from a far. 
Magical as each  moment can really be 
as it unites your soul here with me. 

The fire warms the flesh on this cold winter day 
like you my sweet warm my heart in a loving way.
Accompanied by the music that flows from my soul,
conjures up the images of the dreams that unfold.

This love so true, this love of mine is only for you, 
graced by the heavens above for you my special one. 
How many words need be written for you to know
that you are loved with no strains of sorrow. 

Shouts in silence , no words do we hear, 
the heart tries to overcome what time has not spared. 

You might say the winter stands in all its beauty, 
a blanket of white brightens valleys and hills,
January is in passing , ready to say goodbye 
and another month will document the time. 

How can this love grow stronger and stronger with time,
I asked myself that question and my heart answered in rhyme. 
Special moments, passion and desire, leave a message
ingrained in the soul like the mark of a blazing fire. 


I watched the birds 
before twilight near, 
sitting on the branch
awaiting the sunflowers 
to share.

What made this day special 
what made it feel anew, 
as all my emotions are 
of my love for you. 

I thought I must be crazy, 
insane in so many ways, 
as I close my eyes and
felt your love in every drop
of rain. 


My heart hasn't aged 
it feels like all those years ago, 
as the passion deep inside me 
has yet to slow. 

It is stronger with each moment
powerful emotions indeed, 
as I think about you 
and your smile so sweet. 

Delight can be seen in my eyes
a twinkle that I just can't hide. 
You consume my thought day after day
and that is something that can't be taken 

Sings Loving you, loving me.

Loving you, loving me,
a smile and a dream.

Wanting you , wanting me
that is all I ever think.

I can carve the moment
for you and I to share,
inserting only happiness
in knowing that you care.

Loving you, loving me,
a smile and a dream.

Wanting you, wanting me
that is all I ever think.

I can feel your presence
the magic of two,
whether skies are gray
or whether they are blue.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


                         If you should think of me, think kindly,
                         for love is all I have and I give it to you simply and without demand. 

I never felt such loneliness
nor met up with despair,
for I had never met with love
until you first stopped to care.

I stood before the angels,
to whisper in gratitude
but as my chest tightened,
I knew not what to do.

Frozen in the moment,
I could not step away
as I thought about my life
and how changed in this
most miraculous way.

To be given such a gift
and have it stripped away,
like a kiss upon my brow
it never ever fades away.

I begged the Lord for reasoning,
who holds the pen and writes?
But I received no response 
that would give to me some 

Bravery wasn't my strong point
for fear had stepped on in 
and that directed my life 
and denied me the one 
who cares. 

I could write a million poems 
and not one could explain 
the feelings deep within my heart
from your love that is so ingrained. 

It is not about perfection 
or some fairytale of sort, 
the love that moves all mountains
is at the center of my core. 

The tears tell a story,
they speak directly from the heart, 
they tell of love and passion and 
how the memories cannot depart.

It's the willow and the oak tree, 
one is here and the other gone, 
up rooted by the wind and the 
other growing strong. 

It is not necessarily fate,
the timing came into play
and left an imprint on my 
soul in this most unusual way.
It is no secret that I love you, 
you can see it in my eyes 
as I feel it in my heart 
time after time. 

The great poets have spoken
but little did they know 
that such a love would linger
and with distance still grow.

The silence is most haunting ...


The fern still green
peeks out from the snow
as a reminder that soon
spring flowers will grow.

I don't wish to rush the season
as time already goes to fast
and so I document the words
both current and from the past.

So many questions
the answers but a few,
when I gaze at the heavens
I wonder if you are looking too.

I lay my head upon the pillow
where my thoughts race away
thinking about the moment
you first came my way.

Detours on the journey,
roads more than a few,
some under gray skies
and some under blue.


Heartache is the price
love would have us pay,
caught up in a web of
the devil had laid.

Tears upon my pillow
as I wish you were here
and at this very moment
you were with me to share.

Simple pleasures
waking in your arms,
candle light dinner
underneath the stars.

I just wanna love you
like it was always meant to be,
you here beside me
for all eternity.


I never go anywhere alone,
as I carry you in my heart.

If everyone took the time to dwell in the arms of love,
the world would take on a different view. 


I don't ask that you see as I see or feel as I feel but embrace the possibility of your own utopia Allowing peace to comfort and free you of the negativity that surrounds our world. Indigenous by nature, loves occurs naturally. When such love is fostered and allowed to grow it overpowers the threads of evil that weave their way into our substructure.  We are more than an emotion, a thought or an action we are the foundation in which our love stands. Like a moment in the wind, love can redirect and guide. Upon inhaling pureness of such love we exhale leaving behind only the cleansing of a soul. 

My Love

I reached into the darkness and felt the energy that empowers love, 
It is the touch of heart, the bonding of souls in an unequivocal display of emotion.
Your love lifts my spirit as it embraces all that I am. Bridges the distance as we
gaze unto one heaven. We stand upon one earth, while all along knowing
what dares to divide strengthens...this is my love, your love joined as one. 

I don't need to promise forever 
as it was written in the heavens and is secured in my heart. 

Different pillows 
 same night sky. 


Bonded by a dream 
sealed with love 

                 Feel my love,
                for you my sweet,
                feel my love
                reaching out to you.

               No mountains high
               can keep you from
               this heart of mine,
               as this is how love
               should be.

                Feel my love,
                for you my sweet,
                feel my love
                reaching out to you.

               Hum along
               no words for this song,
               all you need is
               to believe.

                Feel my love,
                for you my sweet,
                feel my love
                reaching out to you.

Every song that I hear
and moments we share,
all bring a happiness
of one who cares.

Every night I dream
and visions complete,
the magic of love
on the clouds above.

Every son that I hear
and moments we share,
all bring a happiness
of one who cares.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reaches out..

Some day when you are ... you will hear me say 
that " I love you, love you with all my heart."

An emotional attachment 
as I hold you in my heart 
and think about the love 
we've shared from the start.

Reaching to the heavens
and gazing at the stars, 
I've broken down the barriers
that keep you afar. 

The power of the subconscious
places you in my nightly dreams
as I find a certain amount of comfort
as I close my eyes to sleep.

I placed my hand over my heart 
to be there close to you 
as you are there my sweet love 
in all that I do.

When I wake in the morning 
and all through the night ,
each beat of my heart 
with yours unites. 


I repeat the words, 
the words of my heart, 
"hold my hand sweet love, 
my heart is already yours. "

Do what you will 
there is no giving back,
for you had it from day one
and that my friend is a fact. 

I don't like winter, 
the days are dark and long
and without you here 
the season is without song. 

I don't like time 
its cruelty at its best, 
choosing the moment and
putting our hearts to the test.

To explain the trials of any given season 
one must interpret the outcome of their own experience. 

...and I will sing a lullaby.

To share in your happiness
and dream by your side 
to wake in the morning
our souls entwined. 

To feel your love 
like that of my heart
and welcome you here
into my arms. 

I'd take each moment 
as blessed we are, 
to wish our forever 
that we never would part. 

Each second and moment in time, 
is a gift from your heart to mine. 

Indulges in the memories 
to bring you by myside. 

Sleep walking through life 
to feel your embrace. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Whispers To The Seas

.. to feel your heart beat. 


Fingers to my lips, sending you a kiss, 
the seal of love in a moment of bliss.


Sometimes life is a blur,
until the fog lifts and  
reveals true love.

This ache called love...


Life is a ride down roads 
I'd rather have not traveled. 


Falls upon deaf ears 
only to be heard by the heart. 


The interlocking of hearts
 is a unpolished form of forever. 


Shouts to the world,
whispers to the seas,
wind over mountains
carry on this dream.

Song of the heart
music of the soul
blended with love
a treasure unfolds.

Shouts to the world
whispers to the seas,
wind over mountains
carry on this dream.


Brings light to the darkness
for you are the sun that shines through my very soul.

The magic of a song, 
the music of the heart, 
where you first entered 
to jump start from afar.

The joy of the dream, 
the fondest memories,
comfort of your friendship
is everything to me.

Listen to the songs played 
in the key of sweet love,
dances in the heavens 
on the clouds above. 

Tighter and tighter
the embrace of two,
woven out of passion
a love within us grew.

Vacation is a form of mental reboot,
shutting down to allow a restart at a later date. 


My Feet Left The Floor

I took to the kitchen
like times before,
spinning in circles
my feet left the floor.

Tightly closed eyes
and a airlock embrace
as I danced with you
in this magical way.

I took to the clouds
in bright skies of blue
to share in the love
I deeply have for you.

Solely embedded in
this heart of mine,
there you will stay
for all of time.

I took to the kitchen
like times before,
spinning in circles
my feet left the floor.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inner Light

It isn't the loneliness that caught me by surprise, the void I feel grew strong like the waves of a morning tide. The current which flows, raging out to the sea, takes with it my love sailing on your memories. It started with familiarity, humor and a lie that what I was feeling existed only in my mind. 
Was this some creation based purely out of need? My heart responded in away that I could feel, such void that resides within was without a shield. I felt all the emotions that one in love can feel as I heard the cliche " oh my heart be still" 
The script of life was written and the writer wasn't I, as I would have changed the chapters one letter at a time. I would have started it out with love and allowed for it to grow , in hopes that you would have soon known that it was in the heavens this love was sown. 
It is indeed magical the interlocking of souls that responds to the moment that this story first unfold. It came about with simplicity, a simple hello and I reckon grew from there and at that very second we both had known.
I whispered in the darkness that distance no longer would come to play and that you would hear the words " I love you " day after day. I reached on out to feel you as if you were reaching back,knowing that this is not a dream but based purely on fact.
It wasn't like the seasons that calendars are made, this love is not in passing, in my heart is where it stays. It comes with many reminders sunshine and skies of blue, for each represents what love can really do.
The treasure is immeasurable, the gems finer than gold, as peace, happiness and friendship, never tarnish or grow old. It brightens my mornings cast a light upon the night and like flame that blazes creates an inner light. 

..to the heavens.

I took to the heavens 
to dance there with you, 
I took to the dream in
hopes it would come true. 

I closed my eyes 
and quickly realized
my heart beats faster
when you are by my side.

Somethings are meant to be
like flowers and bumble bees,
my soul entwined with yours 
as we embrace forevermore. 

The hills whispered in song
as the wind was blowing strong, 
I am certain that it is true 
your name came out of the blue.

I took to the heavens 
to dance there with you,
I took to the dream in 
hopes it would come true.


Like clouds upon the heavens part
your love is found within my heart,
together beyond the seas and 
throughout my nightly dreams. 

Embrace of souls forever entwine
twist and spiral throughout time,
the song of lovers fills the air as a
reminder of what two have shared.

The dance of memories prevail
as if they placed me in a spell 
locked door of glass reveals
that only time can truly heal.

Silence broken in the night 
music of the heart sings of life,
where you are here close to me,
in reality and not in dreams. 

The bond adheres to all we are,
like the heavens embrace of stars,
for somethings can't be explained
the love has somehow refrained.

No sin is created of such love
for it down it came from above,
blessed are we of this chance 
to share in life's greatest dance.

My head upon your shoulder,
your arms a treasure to delight
as we take to the heavens 
each and every night. 

One heaven above us 
one earth for us to share
and distance has no power
to part this love we share.

I felt it in a tear,
heard it in the rain
 saw it in the morning dove
that wasn't a bit afraid.

Two worlds merging,
so small it has become,
when mountains disappear
by the empowerment of love.


Silly to name my pillow
but I named it after you,
when I hold it tight tonight
I'll whisper " I love you"

I'll dream us together
just a normal kind of day,
falling asleep in your arms
and to feel them when I awake.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I wandered through the seasons
as if my soul were soaring free,
throughout the hills and valleys
to find myself once more in spring.

Tis spring my favorite season 
where all life begins a new and
white trillium blanket the hills 
under skies of a gentle blue. 

Beneath the towering Sycamore 
where the waters shiver cold
the wind partners with the trees
as a gesture of what's in store.

Storms awaiting tomorrow 
wicked in their own way 
stretch across the mountains 
in clouds both dark and gray. 

The flowers began swaying
their blooms a bit frayed 
as a stark reminder that
this too shall pass away. 

I held onto my pillow 
my blanket I pulled tight
engaged into the moment
the poet in me took flight. 

Though winter is upon us and
spring just a thought away,
the solitude in which I dwell 
holds on to yesterday. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I felt a heavy as the darkness dwelled,
it was surely winter that sent a spell,
memories , reminders, darkness of sea
set in motion an unusual dream.

Many roads joined as one
sorrow, heartache and precious love,
day to day words were shared
of how one truly cares.

Sweet love lay a claim
for the experiences to this very day,
perhaps the emotions set free
soared beyond a simple dream.

I shall tell you and you alone
as vines entwine and love grows,
tis the darkness that holds me down
and your love that lifts me from
the ground.

Not that I should compare from land and mountains an ache appears. The void deep as the darkest sea questions all that is meant to be. Fragile from a thread we dangle and yet a strength of might reveals, that only hearts and souls unite in the upward flight of heaven's light. Imprisoned by circumstance , waits once more for one more chance. Eyes may twinkle, smiles appear at thoughts of life we both must share. No words from these lips of mine but the words of heart are an everlasting brine. Yearning for that peace in time where arms are open and you are mine. I'll weep no more upon this earth as the heart and soul remain our hearth.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another Winter

Here in the hollow, 
in the middle of the woods, 
I face another winter
as few really could. 

The deer are digging 
at the roots of the fern 
and the feeders are filled
with a variety of birds. 

The hills stand silent to be
awakened by the wind and
the night is approaching 
as if the day has yet to begin. 

I find myself dreaming 
to fill this void from inside
wishing you were here 
and not within my mind.

No rainbows to arch the sky
or a bridge to unite you and I,
but still I see the stars shining
bright they belong to you and
I each and every night. 

Snow once more falling 
blankets the hills in white
sending a deep chill 
which I can't fight.

It is just a few months till May,
I am being very optimistic 
as each day and night passes 
and the snow will soon fade.

My fingers on the keyboard
and my thoughts there with you
as I write the words 
my heart takes to the blue. 

Call it crazy this silly thing 
that comes from deep inside 
and feels so like magic 
or a gift of love that springs
from the mind.

Hold onto the memories
cast away all the gray
replacing it with images
as the embrace of love

Wednesday, January 04, 2017


One sun and moon within the heavens
in a scene of both life and death, 
one a source of light and heat and the 
other a reflection since time of birth.

Distant as the stars that shine upon the sky and
as close as my very heart is where your love lies.
Brings a sense of wonder and a ache that still resides 
counting all the pages in the script written out by time. 

There seems no explanation nor reasoning of sort
that two would come together like never before,
exploring the impossible as impossible may seem
till the heavens redirected and sent your love to me.

The path that lay before us guides you and I in away 
that brings about hope and faith each and everyday,
our trials may be many and our tribulations a few 
but it all matters very little, to all of it I say "adieu." 

I speak not for the angels, their voices can be heard
spiritual in nature the heavens and earth concur.
I strive to understand this vessel we call life and
how two souls can journey both far and near
with a sort of magic at work.

I close my eyes to ponder on all that dreams can be
in hope that one day it will all make some sense to me,
I saw one world within another, two images as one 
though distant may be the body , we are closely 
united by love. 

Vivid are the images seared deep within my mind
like leaving some sort of imprint one moment at a time.
I reached into the darkness beyond the nightly storm
to feel the joy of sweet love from the one I so adore.

The stars now a blanket that warms the soul and mind,
bringing us together in its own sort of rhyme. 
No tears are fallen, my eyes no longer cry as I feel 
your embrace in the heavens work of the sublime. 


Sunday, January 01, 2017

My Broadway... sings

There are songs
I have yet to sing,
on the road I have
yet to travel.

There is a life
I have yet to live
and a love I have
got to give.

There are songs
I have yet to sing,
on the road I have
yet to travel.

There are steps
I've failed to dance
on this earth where
nothing is by chance.

There are songs
I have yet to sing,
on the road I have
yet to travel