Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


One sun and moon within the heavens
in a scene of both life and death, 
one a source of light and heat and the 
other a reflection since time of birth.

Distant as the stars that shine upon the sky and
as close as my very heart is where your love lies.
Brings a sense of wonder and a ache that still resides 
counting all the pages in the script written out by time. 

There seems no explanation nor reasoning of sort
that two would come together like never before,
exploring the impossible as impossible may seem
till the heavens redirected and sent your love to me.

The path that lay before us guides you and I in away 
that brings about hope and faith each and everyday,
our trials may be many and our tribulations a few 
but it all matters very little, to all of it I say "adieu." 

I speak not for the angels, their voices can be heard
spiritual in nature the heavens and earth concur.
I strive to understand this vessel we call life and
how two souls can journey both far and near
with a sort of magic at work.

I close my eyes to ponder on all that dreams can be
in hope that one day it will all make some sense to me,
I saw one world within another, two images as one 
though distant may be the body , we are closely 
united by love. 

Vivid are the images seared deep within my mind
like leaving some sort of imprint one moment at a time.
I reached into the darkness beyond the nightly storm
to feel the joy of sweet love from the one I so adore.

The stars now a blanket that warms the soul and mind,
bringing us together in its own sort of rhyme. 
No tears are fallen, my eyes no longer cry as I feel 
your embrace in the heavens work of the sublime. 


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