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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inner Light

It isn't the loneliness that caught me by surprise, the void I feel grew strong like the waves of a morning tide. The current which flows, raging out to the sea, takes with it my love sailing on your memories. It started with familiarity, humor and a lie that what I was feeling existed only in my mind. 
Was this some creation based purely out of need? My heart responded in away that I could feel, such void that resides within was without a shield. I felt all the emotions that one in love can feel as I heard the cliche " oh my heart be still" 
The script of life was written and the writer wasn't I, as I would have changed the chapters one letter at a time. I would have started it out with love and allowed for it to grow , in hopes that you would have soon known that it was in the heavens this love was sown. 
It is indeed magical the interlocking of souls that responds to the moment that this story first unfold. It came about with simplicity, a simple hello and I reckon grew from there and at that very second we both had known.
I whispered in the darkness that distance no longer would come to play and that you would hear the words " I love you " day after day. I reached on out to feel you as if you were reaching back,knowing that this is not a dream but based purely on fact.
It wasn't like the seasons that calendars are made, this love is not in passing, in my heart is where it stays. It comes with many reminders sunshine and skies of blue, for each represents what love can really do.
The treasure is immeasurable, the gems finer than gold, as peace, happiness and friendship, never tarnish or grow old. It brightens my mornings cast a light upon the night and like flame that blazes creates an inner light. 

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