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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Words of Love

When you find yourself gazing at the stars,
remember I am there looking from a far. 
Magical as each  moment can really be 
as it unites your soul here with me. 

The fire warms the flesh on this cold winter day 
like you my sweet warm my heart in a loving way.
Accompanied by the music that flows from my soul,
conjures up the images of the dreams that unfold.

This love so true, this love of mine is only for you, 
graced by the heavens above for you my special one. 
How many words need be written for you to know
that you are loved with no strains of sorrow. 

Shouts in silence , no words do we hear, 
the heart tries to overcome what time has not spared. 

You might say the winter stands in all its beauty, 
a blanket of white brightens valleys and hills,
January is in passing , ready to say goodbye 
and another month will document the time. 

How can this love grow stronger and stronger with time,
I asked myself that question and my heart answered in rhyme. 
Special moments, passion and desire, leave a message
ingrained in the soul like the mark of a blazing fire. 


I watched the birds 
before twilight near, 
sitting on the branch
awaiting the sunflowers 
to share.

What made this day special 
what made it feel anew, 
as all my emotions are 
of my love for you. 

I thought I must be crazy, 
insane in so many ways, 
as I close my eyes and
felt your love in every drop
of rain. 


My heart hasn't aged 
it feels like all those years ago, 
as the passion deep inside me 
has yet to slow. 

It is stronger with each moment
powerful emotions indeed, 
as I think about you 
and your smile so sweet. 

Delight can be seen in my eyes
a twinkle that I just can't hide. 
You consume my thought day after day
and that is something that can't be taken 

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