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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unwritten Chapters

Life is about the impact that we have on others and the impact that they leave within us. I never realized what a network life really is. How many people we come in contact with and how they without knowing alter our life, sometimes for the better and other times well maybe not in such a positive way. But no matter how or what it all becomes part of the experience. We are not always the author but never the less we find ourselves somewhere written into the pages of the book of life.

I sensed in you a comfort zone,
and a compatibility of the soul
the connection tightly woven
as the days of life unspool.

It is within my own being
the void in which you fill
consumed by the moment
like a rollercoaster thrill.

Today is unlike yesterday
for I love you even more
and though it seems impossible
that more could be in store.

Your charm warms my spirit and
your laughter takes me on a high
that graced with a sort of magic
like a spell both day and night.

I found in you a treasure
but not of precious gold
your friendship is the gem
that never tarnishes or gets old.

Bewildered by your absence
where the pages bear no words
and yet the script is written
unclear and a little blurred.

I looked to the heavens
the stars were shining bright
one sky above the two of us
and one path that feels so right.

The wind rules the mountains,
the trees bow at whim and
in the silence of the night
another dream begins.

I felt lost in the moment
where darkness makes it move
and a loneliness surfaced
as if it had something to prove.

I waited for the sunrise
for the clouds to pass on by
in hopes that you to were waiting
to be here by my side.

I wanted to shout
so all the world could hear
and that somehow you would know
how much one soul could care.

Love ignites the passion
that fuels my very soul
in a blaze of forever
that has yet to be told.

I take this moment
to tell you what my heart reveals
and let you know I love you
till the ends of time stands still.

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