Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Greatest Fear is to never feel your love...

Unseasonable temperatures play a bad game,sending sunshine to warm this winter day.What teases the spirit, makes a fool out of the trees as they are budding in a spring time green.

The ducks are mating and the rabbits graze as I saw as a flock of robin fly this way. Feels like spring, but you know it's not so, as I don't  smell the fragrance of an early rose.

Taking a glimpse of the clear blue sky, I didn't see a single cloud floating by. Winter holds the reign, taking control of nature and sends
a warm rain.

What seems like a pleasant warm spring day, leaves the hills in a vulnerable way. Without the snow to blanket the fields, the fruit of tomorrow will be bare without a shield.

Strong like a mule or weak like a kitten.

Is it human nature to be both strong and weak? Fear, oh! I know it well, wanting to embrace the day and hide from it. I thought is fear a form of protection like a shield or a warning of perceived risk and danger?
Whether the emotions that are triggered by fear are a learned behavior or instinctive, the need for the feelings of security are common to the human heart and soul. Who doesn't want to feel the warmth and comfort that comes with  laying in the arms of love? It is our quest, a basic need to live without fear. With love we can over come and rise above the negativity to meet the challenges of the day.
I call it the great escape whenever you are capable of distracting the mind from that which eagerly tries to overtake the moment. Maybe it is true, we all seek love and to some extent we all fear going through life without it.

Ease my troubled mind
and wash the pain away,
this is not a time of suffering,
only joy of hearts should remain.

Like the sun upon the mountain,
and the river as it flows, I send
to you my love for you to hold it
and watch it grow.

Once love is discovered,
there is no letting go,for
it is a true forever like
the wind that blows.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"The Wizard Of Oz": Dorothy - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (1939)

I imagine many children have at one time or another wondered where they belong or with whom. That special place, with that special person, where you can be exactly who you are without judgement. Like the movie which hinders on reality and fantasy, it teaches us it is okay to dream. Even as an adult I relate to the movie,  we can't find knowledge without friends to journey with us and the existence of fear exist and it all can be overcome if we simply believe. I watched the movie many times "the wizard of Oz"  and I saw it on stage and of course read the books as a kid and still there a feeling of melancholy that comes with viewing the movie. I feel no different at times than the ten year old who use to lay across the bed and look out the bedroom window and dream. Wondering exactly where this journey begins and ends and who will hold my hand.  It was the Beatles that said it best " Some say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one" Dreams are like fuel to the imagination and the imagination teaches us to have faith in tomorrow.
If our heart is home and happiness is found right where you fail to look, clicks feet together and chants " no place like home," because when I close my eyes, I know I will meet you there, as you are there deep in my heart.

Love is Reciprocal

Like the sun upon the water,
your love upon my heart.

Is it fate that redirects or our
failure to follow directions?
Spending a moment drowning in loneliness
is equivalent to a life time of emptiness.
You don't have to be taught what is acceptable,
I think it is obvious that love with out greed and
selfishness has all the elements necessary for happiness.
It has been said " you can live on love" I think that is so, 
love indeed feeds the soul and allows the heart to 
relinquish any pain that remain from our trials.


And I Love You So ... Helen Reddy

No truer words were ever sung...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

... and the songs played.

Busy is good! The day has passed so quickly. I have been up since two am and I don't feel tired yet. Managed to work on customer orders and preparing for a meeting in a few hours. There is irony to how things look different in a positive surrounding. It is not that what we are confronted with changes, so it must mean our way of dealing with life changes. How ever you look at it, we are not much different than children. When were young we rewarded with stars and ribbons and as we get older in sports we are rewarded with trophy's and certificates. But as time goes on we still need the balance, the acknowledgement and the rewards. For some that reward might be financial, to others a sense of peace, but for me it is the touch of souls, the embrace that crosses varied dimensions to share in the simplest element of love.

Took your hand and held it tight,
kissed your lips in the night.
Sent my love to you and woke
to find you sent it to.

Songs the memories stir, a
few even caused a blur,
but the ones that reminded
me of you, touched my heart
under the sky blue.

Music to calm the soul,
to remind me of love,
it makes me awfully
grateful, for you my
special love.

my favorite

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Those Little Things

The night was very quiet and silence ruled it well, that was until the moment your love broke the spell. Music played softly and directly to my heart with the words of love uniting us from afar. Peaceful the very moment and joyous as can be, when I reached out for your hand and felt you reaching back to me. Cradled between the clouds,sleeping in your arms as the night quickly passes and you give to me your heart. 

The night was very quiet and silence ruled it well, that was until the moment your love broke the spell. Whispers that only love can send and the magic of life that made you my friend. Something special happened and to all I'll tell, from the heavens an angel to earth fell. He brought to me his love, he introduced faith, instilling the dreams that were secured by fate.

Watching you sleep peacefully at night,
embracing the dreams that brings our 
love to life. 

Kissing you each morning and feeling
in return your lips gently meeting up
with mine. 

Sitting by the shore through sunrise
and sunset and counting our blessings
from the day we met. 

Those little things that people ignore
are very important as a reminder of
all that is in store.

Roses opening before our eyes 
and raindrops falling as the day
passes us by. 

Blue skies in the morning, 
stars in the night, the canvas
of life, always does it right.

Oh! when I close my eyes and I think of you,I can tell you this, my heart knows it true. Oh! When I close my eyes and I think of you, I feel your love. You are the sun that shine, the moon on starry nights,the wind that blows, the love that inside me grows.  Oh! when I close my eyes and I think of you, I get a chill and a sort of thrill. Oh! when I close my eyes and I think of you, I feel your love.

Your smiles,your arms,your heart and your love
 these are the little things sent down from God above. 

I once said you can get use to loneliness...I lied.
Many people can hold your hand,
but only one can hold your heart. 

YOU BELONG TO ME by The Duprees

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Some people burn an image
that never leaves the mind,
but you my love seared the
heart at the moment our 
souls entwined.

Your love is like a passage of very few words
but leaves an everlasting impact. 
There are characters that I have yet 
to comprehend their moment of entry and exit. 

Some souls are a mere fleeting moment in time,
 like a star that burns bright and quickly dies.
But the soul which endures all to embrace life,
is more than amazing...
Sometimes I find myself reviewing the past,
and  I soon realize that it is better
to embrace the future.

Holds your hand,
kisses your lips
 and embraces
 the dream.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I find winter to be at times difficult. Less days of sunshine, icy roads that make getting around difficult and cabin fever.By the way it only takes one day for cabin fever to set in.  I looked back to the time of childhood and the love of the season.Spending hours outdoors and waiting for that first snow fall. There was such an excitement, waiting to build a snowman, sledding down the hill , snowball fights and of course it wouldn't be complete without laying under the stars in the newly fallen snow and creating the form of an angel. I can almost smell the freshness of the season. That is until a few days later when the beautiful snow turns to slush. It all in some sense seemed to not be part of the plan, as if with knowledge comes vulnerability. In those days you just did for the sake of doing. Well that is way before we realized the vulnerability awareness that comes with knowledge.   One thing is for sure, winter gives you way to much time to think, dream and daydream. .I wondered if the late onset of winter meant that it would carry on beastly like into March and April. I know that I cannot relive yesterday and my today's will never remain the same and though tomorrow approaches it comes with a restless view of a changing time.
For as much dreaming as I do, I see myself as more of a realist. I see the bumps in the road, the path that fate lay and the choices that alter the seemingly  crooked and rocky roads. Our inflated dreams of what difference we can make in the world is overshadowed by the reality of our tiny stature in the realm of things. The options are so minimal, our curiosity and survival are in the forefront of our very presence.
One aspect of my life surfaced and it was that neither having poorly touched or not at all were not part of the quintessential dream and yet a necessity. I felt small in my need to survive and tackle all that I have yet to do and at the same time my emotional upheaval encourages  a need to retreat.

I touched on a moment,
it made me smile,
gave me a reason,
shortened the miles.

Held it close,
blew it away,
the haunting memories,
the dreams that fade.

I want to and I don't...
I am trapped,
can't move,
can't run,
can't feel.

The Brilliance of the Winter Sky

The evening seems to welcome my nightly dreams,
with a chill to the soul and a bitter awakening.
The stars shine brightly above with flames
that ignite like my heart from your love.

There is something amazing and wonderful,
when I am one with the universe I feel your hold.
Venturing into the winters night sky, in a dance
that closes the distance of your heart and mine.

Tracing the constellations with the mind,
I read the words written for all  of time.
The more I gazed, the clearer it all became,
that your soul and mine are one in the same.

Vivid is the silhouette upon the night sky,
the display of lovers is a spectacular sight.
Like stardust falls from the sky, I watched
the spirits come together as they gently entwine.

Paramount to the mind, this powerful image
is surely a sign. Dazzling they put on a show, 
in remembrance of the love that in our
hearts continues to grow.

Drawn to the image, like a fish to the 
sea. It brings us together in a celestial 
dream. My heart is always open so
that I will always see, the love
that stirs sweet memories. 

If you surround your self with death you get death, 
with life you get life, with love you get love. 
The snag is the actions of others...
My mind started dancing,
my arms held you tight,
melting warm wishes,
and whispers of delight.

The afternoon sun through
my window pane, snapped
me out of the dream and
a chill of reality remained.  

My mind started dancing,
my arms held you tight,
footsteps across the heavens,
I danced with you all night.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland

The hills, the snow all formed with the ice,
to create a scene that to my heart delights.
Caught up in the moment, I drifted away,
waiting your loving kiss both night and day.

I once was lost and not to be found,
until I saw what the storm brought down.
It scattered crystals of white and touched
on the dreams that my heart could not fight.

I stood in amazement at what I could see, your
lips waiting mine and your arms holding me.
From the hills to the river, from river to sea,
I followed your love and relived the dream.

The hills, the snow all formed with the ice,
to create a scene that to my heart delights.
Caught up in the moment, I drifted away,
waiting your loving kiss both night and day.

The Winter Stroll

Took a walk in the hollow,
it was all covered in ice,
the season of winter created
a sight.

Wicked the wind,
through the trees awoke,
the spirit within that only
memories stroke.

Cold and yet chipper,
I felt so alive as I took in
the weather with a brisk
walk and a quick stride.

Somethings can't be
explained but the hills
of the hollow my dreams

Distant and yet as close
as can be, the more I
traveled the closer you

Yesterday's rain an icy
blanket makes, from the
top of the hills to the shore
of the lake.

My body distant my heart
there with you, as I ran
faster and faster to reach
out to you.
The hollow seemed a little bit gray,
but the closer you looked the more
of life that was displayed. There is
the green of the fern, the hemlock
on the hills and the hedges of holly,
that separate the fields.

First I was saddened for I thought
only eyes could see and the hollow
a bit gray darkened my dreams. Soon
I realized that with the heart it reveals
the beauty from inside.

For a moment there was loneliness
that wouldn't go away, until a smile
surfaced from the memories you
and I made.

Down in the hollow,
between the hills,
I gazed at the stream
and I again began to feel.

The wind  bitter left
a kiss to my cheek,
and your love to my
soul made me believe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star dust

                                      The sounds of the gulls as the waves hit up against the rock,
                                                 begin a haunting of the soul, weep not heart.
                                                     We cannot rewrite yesterday...
                                                    The flowers only live a short time,
                                                               our love lives forever!
I was told that when you can't sleep at night,
it's because your mind doesn't stop talking.
We are just a breath away from eternity.
Sings>There is nothing in this world that can change my love for you, no matter where I go or what I do You'll always have my heart, my love is true to you. Like the flowers that wait to bloom, i'll always wait for you. There is nothing in this world that can change my love for you, no matter where I go or what I do. You are my daily dreams, the music that makes my heart sing, your the love of my life.

La da da de da, la da da de da.... sillys songs of love la da da de da da, la da da de da, means I love you.

There is nothing in this world that can change my love for you, no matter where I go or what I do. Like the star dust falling down from the sky, your magic brings a spark to my eyes. Wondrous is our embrace, even though we are not face to face. Love like ours is quite unique, it breaks the barriers with a simple breeze. Blowing your love here to me, I feel it like a wave at sea.

La da da de da, la da da de da.... sillys songs of love la da da de da da, la da da de da, means I love you. 

Tiny Little Glimpses of the ...

My obsession to write 
is in my desire to record,
the magic of friendship,
the mystery of love, 
the voice of the heart, 
the truth of the soul,
on the journey of life,
where dreams unfold.

There is nothing to divide us,
we are never truly alone,
as I hold your heart and 
I refuse to let it go. 

I'll always love you and
I want to you know, 
the stars of the heaven,
just for you glow. 

Silhouette cast in the moonlight,
the image a reminder of the love
of my life. 

My mind scattered with thoughts 
of you as I picture life, with 
dreams of loving you. 

The ocean waves wake the soul,
carrying away my spirit to where
the day unfolds. 

Walking over the hills, 
through the thicket I go,
feeling the pinch of life,
I trembled so. 

What is the meaning of
the darkness that looms?
For love had touched my
soul and refuses to let it go.

I felt your heart reach out
 to mine,an arouse my very
 being, like star dust falling
 from the sky. 

The touch of passion, 
the brilliance of the sky,
the love  that reached on
out and brought you to my side. 

This sweet Enchantment, 
a treasure of the heart, 
where memories are stored
and unite us from a far. 

Imagining your hands,
gentle through my hair,
and feeling your tenderness,
like a colliding star. 
I have stumbled through live 
more than once, savored 
the happiness of being loved. 

Incomplete without you, 
the emptiness inside, 
finds me hanging on with
the mind. 


Intertwined like a vine growing wild, connected forever by the image of your smile. The laughter that the two of us share, is mirrored in my heart with each moment that we share. Nothing can't separate the love that we have, for I am with you, till the sun no longer shines. 
I gave a promise, 
I vowed to you,
to write the words
and paint the sky blue.

I gave a promise,
I vowed to you, 
to write the words
and paint the sky blue.

When the energy passes
through the heart, it ignites
a fire brighter than any star. 

Choreographed in the heavens,
directed from above, the angels
got together and sent to us love. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bonded by Love

The simplicity of love is in the time shared...waking up to your sweet smile,the dance on the clouds, the dream to come true. Closing your eyes and whispering true, the words of love from me to you. The simplicity of love is in the time shared... a sleep in your arms, the breath of your charm and a stroll through life with you. The simplicity of love is in the time shared...

Hold my hand,
take my heart,
live the dream,
from the start.

Living in love,
each day with you,
just like lovers
were meant to do.

Hold my hand,
take my heart,
live the dream,
from the start.

Living in love,
each day with you,
just like lovers,
were meant to do.

Like the wind through the trees
your love reached out to me
and taking a hold, spun its
web around my soul.

I dried out the flowers,
the crystal I dusted today,
the clock was slowing ticking,
and the memories began to fade.

No signs of rainbows nor clouds
high up in the sky, all I see is the
blue  of the sky and the images
of you and I.

There are somethings that life just
can't explain, roads going nowhere
and love that simply fades away.

Real is the emotions explored by
the heart, the pleasure of love that
lights the darkest dark.

I really don't care what people have
to say, I was sent here to record the
love so that it will never fade.

Raindrops keep falling,
like tears from my eyes,
sorrow and heartache,
hidden deep inside.

Secrets secured with a kiss,
never, ever to leave my lips.
The magic that I feel inside
is here forever just you and I.

The striking beauty of cardinal at rest,
the sunlight through the trees and the
heart put to test.

Rainbows across the sky, like the
bridges of the heart, when your
heart met mine.
I ask a simple question,
no response do I receive,
where do I belong and
who belongs with me?
We walk this earth but once,
but experiences are many,
sometimes of happiness and
the heartaches are plenty.

We walk this earth but once,
and leave our foot prints on the
earth and our love eternal
a flame within heavens hearth.
Every beginning meets with an
end and every a beginning makes.
Teetering ....

Reliving every moment,
passing the time away,
sweet dreams of you
both night and day.

Somethings are forever,
and in the heart stay and
others a fleeting moment
cast just to fade away.

Trying to understand the
road without and end,
over hills and around the
curves smack a dead end.

Holding to a summer day
with flowers in the fields,
enough memories to block
the cold and bitter chill.

Sometimes I am as close
to you as I can be and other
times I feel like a ship lost
in a troubling storm at sea.

Reaching with my heart to
hold you next to me, to feel
your love just once more
if only in my daily dreams.


Nothing can break this link,
this connection to you, all
I need is to close my eyes
and there is the bond of two.

Dreams that make you mine
and a song that lovers sing, all
wrapped up in a dance, where
there is you and then me.

Smiles at the thought that life
is in disarray, because no
matter how difficult you are
in my heart to stay.

There is nothing you and I
can't do, we can travel
over barriers and make
the blue sky blue.

Love can rise above the day,
chartering paths where nothing
but darkness lay.

Sunshine in the morning,
starlight in the night,
true love from earth to
the heavens above.

Today we meet the challenge,
that distance dears to create,
we rise above the loneliness
to the magic of fate.

No longer traditional, I
was talking to the wind
whispering words of love
to you my dearest friend.

You feel so good in my
arms and I in yours,
that is the the joy of
life we began to explore.

Mountains, doors that block
the view and outages that
put gray in that sky of blue.

We have come together,
and  forever will we be,
heart and souls that
met out of need.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Song

I had a slow start to the day. I slept in a little to long, started moving a little to slow and when it is all said and done accomplished just wee to little. So as I look back at the day, I know that we are never alone.

I am with you each morning,
kissing you my sweet love,
I am with you each evening,
yes that is me giving you a hug.
I am with you each moment,
the starlight in the sky,
the river raging and the
mountains high.

I am with you each morning,
kissing you my sweet love.
I am with you each evening,
yes that is me giving you a hug.
I am with you each moment,
when you are ready to sleep
and with you my darling in
the start of each new dream.
My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

The words rather simple,
sugar coated in my dreams,
where I am holding you
and you are holding me.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

I am there where you are,
sunshine on a cloudy day.
I'll warm you at night and
hold you in a loving way.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

There is nothing that I won't do,
I talked the wind in sending to you,
all the love that I have to lay my
kiss each night upon you.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

Open your arms and let me in,
the clouds await me and you.
We're gonna dance the night,
I'll spend my life loving you.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

Listen close and you will hear,
the words my heart has written dear.
They say exactly what they mean,
and mean what they say.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

Close your eyes and you will see,
I am where I was always meant to be.
I right there in your heart and I
have been there from the start.

My gift to you is a love song,
a declaration from the heart,
inscribed upon the heavens
and seen high above the stars.

I'm gonna  write a love song,only for you and I.
The words to describe the joy and happiness
to last till the ends of time.

I'm gonna write a love song, only for you and I.
Choreographed in the heavens and sung by the
angels up above.

I'm gonna write a love song, only for you and I.
Like bridges across the river, this song a bridge
for you and I.

Hold me...hold me tight, kiss me ... kiss good night!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Intended Destination

 Beauty begins when you view with the heart 
and follow the dreams of the soul.

Words of yesterday,
written for you and I,
scribbled on a tablet,
aged with the time. 

Strolled the mighty river,
climbed a mountain high
and walked with you my
love, heart soul and mind.


The snow blankets the hills and again I dream...

We don't forget,
we do heal. 

Everything we need is right in front of us...
why is it at times so difficult to see it. 

Our wants and needs are much simpler
than we want to admit. 
I wondered why we had to experience heartache at all,
and then I realized that it to is part of the journey. 

Let's Dance

The steps don't really matter,
just follow the beat of your heart,
close your eyes and pull me close,
bridge the heavens to the earth with stars. 

Curious Desire

Delicate and so fragile a love,
that warms my heart adding
more of hope and faith on
the wings of a dove.

Soar my darling, let your soul
reach out to me, in the early
morning and at night when
you begin to dream.
The Journey

On this journey that I travel,
 the sun shines and even at
night there is still a blue to
the sky.

My heart weathered and
 troubled indeed, wonders
 what life holds for you
 and me.

The darkness like curtains drape,
separating wishes from the truth
of fate.

On one side there is how life should
be and far on the other side the one
in my dreams.

I sang with the stars shining in the night,
as if they could hear and make
everything right.

I need to know that you wanted me so
 and that our love like a flower will
continue to grow.

The Unseen Bridges

There are days warmed with your love,
dreams that bridge earth to the clouds above.
Like the rain as it falls from the sky, the tears
of happiness rolled down from my eyes.

There are stories written by the heart, that
tell of a journey that love indeed sparked.
The gifts flow like petals caught in the wind,
that is why I don't the beginning from the end.

The Words Of Love

I can't change the story,
the characters I don't write,
the words from the heart,
bridge the love of you and I.

I don't always understand,
the road in which we stroll,
mapped from the heavens,
from me to you the goal.
When you recognize the difference
and yet acknowledge the similarity,
you have witnessed the meeting of
 the mind and the bonding of souls.

I know what I feel...
There has never been a doubt in my mind
how life should be experienced, it is when
you meet that someone who chooses to
love completely without judgement.

Nothing is worse than telling
someone what they want to hear,
I would rather be disappointed
with the truth than lifted by a lie.
If one word from my lips falls upon your heart,
I will have succeeded in delivering my love to its intended destination. 
Threw away the last few pages,
from the chapters of the past.
Foolish I imagined sweet forever 
where love would always last. 

Left with dreams of sunshine
and rainbows through the sky. 
Felt my heart break and again
saw it soar to the highest high. 

Threw away the last few pages,
from chapters of the past. 
Foolish I imagined sweet forever,
where love would always last. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The January Freeze

As I watched the second hand move with ease,
like skates upon the ice, I felt my heart race to
meet the moment in time where I first embraced
the magic of love.


Takes a deep breath and holds still the moment..


I wanna live and I wanna laugh,
wake in your arms on this
uncertain path.

I wanna dream and I wanna love,
morning and night with that
special someone.

I wanna share and I wanna feel,
each moment with you that
sends a chill.

I wanna believe and I wanna know,
that you'll hold me forever and
never let go.
Snow frosted windows,wind blown desire,
from the moment the season first transpired.
Smiles...blows kiss!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Always on my mind, forever in my heart..

He uttered the words pretentious at first
a humble disclosure of his love immersed.
She responded with compassion in 
a whisper so soft life a feather in the
air that slowly wafts. 

Their hearts kept on beating, slowly at first
and then faster and faster from the heavens 
to earth. The day had concluded and their 
love was revealed, it had broken the
barriers and to the God's they now kneel. 

She smiled and he laughed and they danced
with glee, as they looked to the heavens 
creating new memories. Majestic their love
that lives on a like the sea , returning to the
shore in each of their dreams. 


That which brings me the most amount of comfort, 
embracing the heart and soothing the soul is the 
warmth of your love. 


Grace those clouds above,
let's dance the whole night long,
Listen to the song of love,
knowing where we belong. 

Hold tight the dreams of our love,
the warmth of you and I, one to one. 
Breath taking visions silhouette in the sky,
Magnifying the love of you and I. 

Happiness is hearts embraced. 

To comfort the heart
and assure the soul,
that love is eternal. 

If not for the dreams,
 the mountains would succeed in their earthly barriers. 


The beauty of a rose is in the formation of each petal,
just like life each segment reveals an extraordinary 
glimpse of a to quick passage of time. 
Closure is good it allows you to write a new chapter.
When you balance it out, 
leans towards happiness. 

Trying to explain
and to myself forlorn,
as all the similarities,
differences are born.

Rare and unique,
a chapter now lay,
where pages of laughter,
sorrow comes into play.

I glanced out the window
and to my heart such glee,
as the snowflakes were falling,
I drifted off into yesterdays memories.

Roads that seem to circle,
paths through mountains high
and the thorns of life that wake
the heart and make it cry.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Soul On Canvas

You warm my heart and 
bring sunshine to the day, 
the gift of your love 
is felt in many away. 

You  takes the chill 
right out of the night, 
penetrating my soul
with dreams of delight. 

We are all a walking canvas for the soul. How we display the inner workings of the soul depends greatly on the pattern of our thought process. The heart filled with love infuses the soul and creates a more colorful display regardless of where we stand in the journey. Sow negativity, seeds evil, grows pain. Allowing oneself to be aware of the beauty that surrounds us is the flotation device that life itself throws us.

Watched the birds, 
felt the snow, 
kissed the moment
and let it go. 

Held your hand, 
tasted your lips,
felt your arms, 
oh! heavens bliss. 

Whispers in song,
steps with glee,
dances with you,
through memories.

Watched the birds, 
felt the snow, 
kissed the moment
and let it go. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Night Sweet...

My mind drifts away,
where I can calmly say,
how much I love you so,
I just want you to know.

The day has come to and end,
and I sit here wondering if
you think of me, like I think
of you.

Another night and I sit here
all alone, don't know what
to do, don't know where
to go.

Dreams, dreams comfort me,
beyond the clouds where we
are happy and free.

The night breaks the barriers
of time, in a dance with you
and I, the tease of the soul
messing with my mind.

My mind drifts away,
where I can calmly say,
how much I love you so,
I just want you to know.

Cinnamon sticks, dried rose
petals, red lipstick and candles
glowing, all remind me of you.

Silence rules the night, but my
heart is giving it a fight, as it
beats louder thinking of you.

Cinnamon sticks, dried rose
petals, red lipstick and candles
glowing, all remind me of you.

Mild winter weather,
rain from the sky,
the season moving
before my eyes.

Spring is nearing,
I can feel as it nears,
with the longer days,
with you my dear.

My heart is dancing,
my soul sings the words,
in the dream where you
and I are arm in arm.

My heart is dancing,
my soul sings the words,
in the dream where you
and I are arm in arm.

The moon is full
and shines down
from the heavens
high, the glow of
happiness sent
for you and I.
There is a blanket of peace
and a bed of calm, just by
thinking of your arms.

There is a warmth from
my heart to my soul, just
by feeling your loving hold.

There is a beauty that only
lovers can see, makes the
sky bluer and the grass
mighty green.

There is comfort that
I find in the night,
when I think of your
embrace holding me

Brief Moment in Time

For a brief moment in time, I danced on clouds,
escaped reality and lived the dream.

You can't go back and you can't stand still,

that only leaves one option...

I laughed and I cried,
laughing is definitely more fun.
I can say I have lived through many an experience
and embraced with passion the joy of love.
Suffocating is like being weighted
down in a pool of water,
you try to come up for
 a breath of air but you find it
 impossible to move or breathe.
I did my best...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When I need you

Songs birds sing,
rivers flowing,
hearts that live
beyond the day.

Rainbows fall,
nothing matter,
nothing at all,
when you're not
 here with me.

Darkness looms,
as if the sun knows
not what to do,
and all I have is

Weep heart weep,
the stories I keep,
dreams and wishes
of another day.
What does it mean,
to know such a love
and touch it just to
watch it fade away.
The child was lost in despair
racing to hide, draped in fear.
The child weeps and yet no
one can see, the fallen tears
a river made and a bridge
to unite the dreams.


Breaks the silence...

Who decides what is right and wrong? The depth of our conscience wanes depending what side we are standing on. For what is right for one being may not be right for another. The barriers to overcome are challenged both by our willingness to be honest to self and  our responsibility of the actions we choose to take.

I cannot see freedom for I am blinded by my own judgement.
Truth and goodness and the rest becomes easy, 
through truth we are granted knowledge and 
with goodness granted love. 

We answer to our own reflection...


To imprison a spirit 
is to kill the soul. 

It was in the understanding of the whimsical dreams of fantasy,
that the clouds disappeared and I tumbled to the earth.

The simplicity of love is that it needs no castle or precious jewels,
for its beauty can be untarnished in the hearts of men.
The difficulty that I experience lingers on in the chance that tomorrow will never come...

For every emotion that the heart exposes,
another barrier is broken down.

Disappointments come in many forms,
and are created by overachieving expectations.

In understanding the wanting of the heart,
I overlooked the needs of the soul.

It is what thine eyes have seen, 
that create a difference in the awakening.

Remove the flesh,
reveal the soul.

The idiom " time is the great healer" does not take into
 consideration how deep the wound.

I write the words that time embraces,
the story of love and forevermore.
Whether in my arms or in my heart,
the love we share is an undying
connection of you and I my dear.
The grass is a vibrant green, the skies of blue, bluer with every dream. Life has new meaning, when I think of you as it makes the world take on a different hue.
Soft music,
dancing flames,
winter chill,
lonely nights,
broken heart,
flowing tears

So close and so far,
 separated by miles,
close as my heart.

Hold me,love me,
kiss me goodnight.
Simple dreams in a not so simple life.

True love has no ending, for it lives beyond our earthly form.

I am not afraid...

The pain is not in the piercing from a dagger,
it's the wound that is left behind.
It is remarkable our gift of insight,
that allows hope and faith a place in our hearts. 

Overshadowed by choices, withers in despair.

Deafened ears or silent cries?

Frolicking in a field of dreams...

... to watch you smile.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

All my loving - The Beatles (Lyrics)

Melancholy spirit,
pirouettes from the sky
spinning around in circles,
plays games with the mind.

Flutters like a bird lost in
a storm, broken wings
and a heart and soul
ripped par and lays torn.

My expectations are as my soul feels and my heart sees...

I can no longer challenge realities knock upon the door...
enters, reveals, blankets with darkness.

Petals in the wind,
in days of yesterday,
where hearts came
together and the
darkness began to

Gazing at the hilltop
where I once bravely
stood, trembling
from the quivers
through my heart
and soul shook.

No more tears,
I'll weep not once
for you, as I stand
alone and ponder
about the blue.

The sun is hiding,
the skies are gray,
darkness blankets
my heart and the
chill within me stays.

Void of feelings,
no emotions left
inside, no happiness
nor sadness nothing
left to make me cry.

No further than the
years of long ago,
for I am still lost
and don't know
which way to go.

Who will guide me,
and walk by my side,
hold my hand and
kiss my lips and
in my heart reside?

Destiny has spoken,
the script reveals,
from the first moment,
my heart had yet to heal.

Souls come together
and frolic like butterflies
set free and quickly parted
like the dividing of the great

I feel no ache, no sorrow
left in me, the void was
filled with time and taken
away and all that is left
is a form that creates a

The fool believes
the heart whispers all it knows,
and the soul runs and hides
so the memories let go.

No more tears, no ache inside
of me, I am but a lost soul
blowing like wind through
the trees. The day is just
beginning and I look to
the sky and wonder
if the words exist,
the words you and I.

I don't know what is left to give...

The whisper of angels,
the song of romance,
one more day and
one more chance.

I Am yours

I am yours,
I am yours,
can't you hear
the words of love
the whispers of joy,
the magic of like,
the dreams that toy.

I am yours,
I am yours,
you know this to be true,
that the day our souls
and hearts met, we were
destined like the sea to
the shore.

Shouting so the heavens hear,
the needs of my heart when you
are not near.

Remove the web of injustice,
and set the soul free.
Sorrow is hope in chains...
Whispers of my love for you
Dance With Me

Go ahead and do it,
take my hand and 
on the heavens let
our hearts command.

Go ahead and dream,
let your love free, 
hold me close and
dare to believe. 
One day with out love 
is like an eternity with heartbreak. 
Run, little rabbit run, 
but no further do you get,
running round in circles,

Sings>I can only say,
what dreams I had today,
they placed me in your arms,
I felt your beating heart.

I wanted to run away, to
be with you in every way,
to know and feel your love,
to dance in clouds above.

I can only say,
what makes me feel this way,
when I think of you and
making dreams come true.

I closed my eyes and to my
surprise, I found you waiting
there with all your love to
share, when I closed my eyes.

I can only say,
what in my heart replays,
the memories of you and
a sky so very blue.

This is perfection and happiness. If I could have a dream come true, it would be to feel the contentment of true loves embrace. Here we sit two lonely old people...

I am lost without you...

Norah Jones - Love me Tender

Norah Jones-are you lonesome tonight (with lyrics)

I Your Queen

Trapped in the abyss,
awaiting your love. 

Remove the barriers, set back time,
I'd rewrite this story of yours and mine.
I'd make you the king and I your queen,
we'd live in shear happiness through all
our dreams.

No shades of gray only sunshine,
no broken hearts only love so fine,
I'd wake each morning to your kiss
and pleasure your sweet lips.

Remove the barriers, set back time,
I'd rewrite this story of yours and mine.
I'd make you the king and I your queen,
we'd live in shear happiness through all
our dreams.


For You My Love

Infinity hasn't a clue, it
has no idea how much
love I have for you.

When our hearts came
together our souls couldn't
deny, that our love was
awfully special, it had the
makings of the blue sky.

Infinity hasn't a clue, it
has no idea how much
love I have for you.

When the angels started
singing, they sang for me
and you and the world
looked awfully beautiful
in a brand new hue.

Infinity hasn't a clue, it
has no idea how much
love I have for you.

I need to feel the tenderness of your kiss,
the embrace of your love with lips to lips.
To expand beyond the dreams of the day,
with the passion and desire making its way.

I want your heart next to mine, to feel
the rhythm and know you are mine.
Documenting this occasion of ours, from
the moment you set my soul on fire.


I am waiting for you,
caught in my dreams,
I don't know what to do,
my heart is breaking, my
mind is all

Sings >I wanna love you
and know you're
loving me too.

La la la la loving you,
la la la la loving you.

I wanna love you
and know you're
loving me too.