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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Always on my mind, forever in my heart..

He uttered the words pretentious at first
a humble disclosure of his love immersed.
She responded with compassion in 
a whisper so soft life a feather in the
air that slowly wafts. 

Their hearts kept on beating, slowly at first
and then faster and faster from the heavens 
to earth. The day had concluded and their 
love was revealed, it had broken the
barriers and to the God's they now kneel. 

She smiled and he laughed and they danced
with glee, as they looked to the heavens 
creating new memories. Majestic their love
that lives on a like the sea , returning to the
shore in each of their dreams. 


That which brings me the most amount of comfort, 
embracing the heart and soothing the soul is the 
warmth of your love. 


Grace those clouds above,
let's dance the whole night long,
Listen to the song of love,
knowing where we belong. 

Hold tight the dreams of our love,
the warmth of you and I, one to one. 
Breath taking visions silhouette in the sky,
Magnifying the love of you and I. 

Happiness is hearts embraced. 

To comfort the heart
and assure the soul,
that love is eternal. 

If not for the dreams,
 the mountains would succeed in their earthly barriers. 


The beauty of a rose is in the formation of each petal,
just like life each segment reveals an extraordinary 
glimpse of a to quick passage of time. 
Closure is good it allows you to write a new chapter.
When you balance it out, 
leans towards happiness. 

Trying to explain
and to myself forlorn,
as all the similarities,
differences are born.

Rare and unique,
a chapter now lay,
where pages of laughter,
sorrow comes into play.

I glanced out the window
and to my heart such glee,
as the snowflakes were falling,
I drifted off into yesterdays memories.

Roads that seem to circle,
paths through mountains high
and the thorns of life that wake
the heart and make it cry.

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