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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Greatest Fear is to never feel your love...

Unseasonable temperatures play a bad game,sending sunshine to warm this winter day.What teases the spirit, makes a fool out of the trees as they are budding in a spring time green.

The ducks are mating and the rabbits graze as I saw as a flock of robin fly this way. Feels like spring, but you know it's not so, as I don't  smell the fragrance of an early rose.

Taking a glimpse of the clear blue sky, I didn't see a single cloud floating by. Winter holds the reign, taking control of nature and sends
a warm rain.

What seems like a pleasant warm spring day, leaves the hills in a vulnerable way. Without the snow to blanket the fields, the fruit of tomorrow will be bare without a shield.

Strong like a mule or weak like a kitten.

Is it human nature to be both strong and weak? Fear, oh! I know it well, wanting to embrace the day and hide from it. I thought is fear a form of protection like a shield or a warning of perceived risk and danger?
Whether the emotions that are triggered by fear are a learned behavior or instinctive, the need for the feelings of security are common to the human heart and soul. Who doesn't want to feel the warmth and comfort that comes with  laying in the arms of love? It is our quest, a basic need to live without fear. With love we can over come and rise above the negativity to meet the challenges of the day.
I call it the great escape whenever you are capable of distracting the mind from that which eagerly tries to overtake the moment. Maybe it is true, we all seek love and to some extent we all fear going through life without it.

Ease my troubled mind
and wash the pain away,
this is not a time of suffering,
only joy of hearts should remain.

Like the sun upon the mountain,
and the river as it flows, I send
to you my love for you to hold it
and watch it grow.

Once love is discovered,
there is no letting go,for
it is a true forever like
the wind that blows.

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