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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Winter Stroll

Took a walk in the hollow,
it was all covered in ice,
the season of winter created
a sight.

Wicked the wind,
through the trees awoke,
the spirit within that only
memories stroke.

Cold and yet chipper,
I felt so alive as I took in
the weather with a brisk
walk and a quick stride.

Somethings can't be
explained but the hills
of the hollow my dreams

Distant and yet as close
as can be, the more I
traveled the closer you

Yesterday's rain an icy
blanket makes, from the
top of the hills to the shore
of the lake.

My body distant my heart
there with you, as I ran
faster and faster to reach
out to you.
The hollow seemed a little bit gray,
but the closer you looked the more
of life that was displayed. There is
the green of the fern, the hemlock
on the hills and the hedges of holly,
that separate the fields.

First I was saddened for I thought
only eyes could see and the hollow
a bit gray darkened my dreams. Soon
I realized that with the heart it reveals
the beauty from inside.

For a moment there was loneliness
that wouldn't go away, until a smile
surfaced from the memories you
and I made.

Down in the hollow,
between the hills,
I gazed at the stream
and I again began to feel.

The wind  bitter left
a kiss to my cheek,
and your love to my
soul made me believe.

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