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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tiny Little Glimpses of the ...

My obsession to write 
is in my desire to record,
the magic of friendship,
the mystery of love, 
the voice of the heart, 
the truth of the soul,
on the journey of life,
where dreams unfold.

There is nothing to divide us,
we are never truly alone,
as I hold your heart and 
I refuse to let it go. 

I'll always love you and
I want to you know, 
the stars of the heaven,
just for you glow. 

Silhouette cast in the moonlight,
the image a reminder of the love
of my life. 

My mind scattered with thoughts 
of you as I picture life, with 
dreams of loving you. 

The ocean waves wake the soul,
carrying away my spirit to where
the day unfolds. 

Walking over the hills, 
through the thicket I go,
feeling the pinch of life,
I trembled so. 

What is the meaning of
the darkness that looms?
For love had touched my
soul and refuses to let it go.

I felt your heart reach out
 to mine,an arouse my very
 being, like star dust falling
 from the sky. 

The touch of passion, 
the brilliance of the sky,
the love  that reached on
out and brought you to my side. 

This sweet Enchantment, 
a treasure of the heart, 
where memories are stored
and unite us from a far. 

Imagining your hands,
gentle through my hair,
and feeling your tenderness,
like a colliding star. 
I have stumbled through live 
more than once, savored 
the happiness of being loved. 

Incomplete without you, 
the emptiness inside, 
finds me hanging on with
the mind. 


Intertwined like a vine growing wild, connected forever by the image of your smile. The laughter that the two of us share, is mirrored in my heart with each moment that we share. Nothing can't separate the love that we have, for I am with you, till the sun no longer shines. 
I gave a promise, 
I vowed to you,
to write the words
and paint the sky blue.

I gave a promise,
I vowed to you, 
to write the words
and paint the sky blue.

When the energy passes
through the heart, it ignites
a fire brighter than any star. 

Choreographed in the heavens,
directed from above, the angels
got together and sent to us love. 

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