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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When I need you

Songs birds sing,
rivers flowing,
hearts that live
beyond the day.

Rainbows fall,
nothing matter,
nothing at all,
when you're not
 here with me.

Darkness looms,
as if the sun knows
not what to do,
and all I have is

Weep heart weep,
the stories I keep,
dreams and wishes
of another day.
What does it mean,
to know such a love
and touch it just to
watch it fade away.
The child was lost in despair
racing to hide, draped in fear.
The child weeps and yet no
one can see, the fallen tears
a river made and a bridge
to unite the dreams.


Breaks the silence...

Who decides what is right and wrong? The depth of our conscience wanes depending what side we are standing on. For what is right for one being may not be right for another. The barriers to overcome are challenged both by our willingness to be honest to self and  our responsibility of the actions we choose to take.

I cannot see freedom for I am blinded by my own judgement.
Truth and goodness and the rest becomes easy, 
through truth we are granted knowledge and 
with goodness granted love. 

We answer to our own reflection...


To imprison a spirit 
is to kill the soul. 

It was in the understanding of the whimsical dreams of fantasy,
that the clouds disappeared and I tumbled to the earth.

The simplicity of love is that it needs no castle or precious jewels,
for its beauty can be untarnished in the hearts of men.
The difficulty that I experience lingers on in the chance that tomorrow will never come...

For every emotion that the heart exposes,
another barrier is broken down.

Disappointments come in many forms,
and are created by overachieving expectations.

In understanding the wanting of the heart,
I overlooked the needs of the soul.

It is what thine eyes have seen, 
that create a difference in the awakening.

Remove the flesh,
reveal the soul.

The idiom " time is the great healer" does not take into
 consideration how deep the wound.

I write the words that time embraces,
the story of love and forevermore.
Whether in my arms or in my heart,
the love we share is an undying
connection of you and I my dear.
The grass is a vibrant green, the skies of blue, bluer with every dream. Life has new meaning, when I think of you as it makes the world take on a different hue.
Soft music,
dancing flames,
winter chill,
lonely nights,
broken heart,
flowing tears

So close and so far,
 separated by miles,
close as my heart.

Hold me,love me,
kiss me goodnight.
Simple dreams in a not so simple life.

True love has no ending, for it lives beyond our earthly form.

I am not afraid...

The pain is not in the piercing from a dagger,
it's the wound that is left behind.
It is remarkable our gift of insight,
that allows hope and faith a place in our hearts. 

Overshadowed by choices, withers in despair.

Deafened ears or silent cries?

Frolicking in a field of dreams...

... to watch you smile.

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