Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Souls Collide

Two in passing,
hearts entwine,
page or chapter
souls collide.

Sunlit mornings,
starry nights,
document this
love of mine.

Two as one
and one as two,
when I share
my life with you.

No distance
never far
as you are here
in my heart.

Two in passing,
hearts entwine,
page or chapter
souls collide.

Friday, September 22, 2017


Move on over and
let me snuggle in your arms,
sharing in the moment as I
listen to your heart.

Hold still the image
don't ever let it go,
here to lift the spirit and
allow the love to grow.

The glimpse of forever
is how life should be,
as I wipe away the tears
creating sweet memories.

Might be that I'm dreaming
to feel you here with me,
as I close my eyes and visualize
our souls soaring free.


I whispered " I love you"
in hopes that you could hear,
like the stars outside your window
my heart was there to share.

I repeated in the darkness
to break the silence at hand
speaking with words of love
my soul now in command.

Scripted to the heavens
and joyous as one can be,
I thought of that first moment
when you stopped and said
hello to me.

Brightens like the sunrise,
comforts like a dream and
when all's said and done
you taught my heart to sing.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last Days of Summer

Tree leaves dancing
in all shades and hues,
a canvas in motion as
Autumn leaves a clue.

Cicada's music
crickets that don't sleep
as they prepare a goodbye
to that warm summer breeze.

Stories to be written
tomorrow's tales at best,
when hearts come together
and to love we leave the rest.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Nothing is worse than when you dream work....I woke up already exhausted.

One word thought...overwhelmed. 


Where is my sunshine?


When super glue can't even mend a broken heart
you feel the shards like that of splintered glass forever. 


Memories never fade or soften 
they are as clear as yesterday...that's a woman for ya. 


It's my shout in silence day, 
I am getting relatively good at it.


It is true we never stop learning...


Getting a hold on the moment... yep!


Easier to quit...


Ouch!!!! my head hurts.

Where is my blanket?

Monday, September 18, 2017


Today is like no other
since I will love you more,
more than you could imagine
for it's you whom I adore.

Touch of the heart
an embrace of sweet love
as I meet you on the cloud
in the heavens above.

So few moments
and so many dreams,
you are at the center
of myvery being.

 Love you more
you mean so much to me,
my sunshine and blue skies
you are my everything.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tis is Life..

Henry longfellow wadsworth...."Into each life some rain must fall. " Keyword ...some.

There is a similarity with each experience,
 the difference comes to play in how we react and again respond to the experiences. 


The human brain is not as complicated as one might think, 
for there are only six basic emotions.

Greed is defined as a selfish and excessive need for more
and in all reality there is a lot to be said to "less is more."


My morning smile...


When the stars fall
and the angels call
dreams appear and
thru it all we share.

I am in your arms
via thru the heart,
from the first day
our love founds its

My eyes closed tight
as I say good night
and feel your kiss
as you touch my lips.

It might be a dream but
that don't change a thing
for I love you more
than the night before.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Wind Blown Kiss

Sings > I'm gonna talk to the wind,
gonna send it your way,
pack it full of kisses
each and every day.

Warm Autumn breeze
to gently cross your lips,
I'm gonna send you my love
in each wind blown kiss.

I laugh and giggle
when I think of time with you,
when the sun shines bright
and the sky is always blue.

My heart races
and it might just skip a beat,
as I lay upon my bed
caught up in our daydream.

I'm gonna talk to the wind,
gonna send it your way,
pack it full of kisses
each and every day.

Warm Autumn breeze
to gently cross your lips,
I'm gonna send you my love
in each wind blown kiss.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Miss You

Just before night fall 
when trees a silhouette
create a canvas 
the evening at its best. 

I find myself daydreaming
like the night before, 
wondering what tomorrow
has for us in store. 

There is so much to be doing
and nothing at all 
but to share my day with you 
documenting forevermore. 

Right outside my window
dark and darker the night 
as the moon not yet in place
to shine down its light. 

Like one too many x-rays
cumulative the memories
bring with them a teardrop
that seers this heart in me. 

Caught between the sadness
and the happiness you bring, 
like the wall of distance that
separates you from me.

I lay here all alone
like the five year old in me,
questioning what's fair 
and relying on my dreams.

The sky complete in darkness
reveals that time goes on 
and my heart tells the story
as my soul sings out in song.

Precious are the memories
the moments that we share
as I have felt true love 
from one who dared to care.

There is no separating 
the two souls now as one,
I felt it like a burst of sunshine
when I was introduced to love.

Keeping busy sets free the mind.

I am having a moment
closes my eyes and falls into your arms.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Once upon a lifetime!

Life is so fragile 
that there is a gift in telling you I love you.


There is a stillness and a calm 
that creates a sense of peace.


The weather was beautiful 
there is a lot to be said to respecting mother nature.


I may not have jewels like king and queens 
but I have a greater wealth, I have your love. 


I can tire of a lot of things, 
never of loving you.

Prayer is equal to positive energy,
nothing wrong with positive energy.

I never asked for anything other than strength, 
with  strength we are capable of all things. 


I have empathy for those who have no control over a situation
but that doesn't cover stupid.


My greatest goal was to escape the negativity of another, 
tough when you are surrounded by it...but not impossible.

I think with inflation a penny for my thoughts is way to little...
I'm leaning more towards a dollar. 


With you each season is beautiful ... I can even enjoy the snow. 


When only one loves ... it's not even fireworks 
but when two love equally it's an ongoing display of beauty. 


I always believed you can live on love....I still do. 


Today was my great escape...sunshine, blue skies and white puffy clouds. 

I am like a rechargeable battery, 
I need positive energy to fuel my spirit. 


They say laughter is the best medicine, 
this is one time that the "they sayers" are right. 


To share in absolutely nothing with you 
is truly my everything. 

Friday, September 08, 2017


One of the coolest things about Classical Movies is that all ages could watch them and interpret them accordingly. I found that throughout my own life that I was able to see an experience and interpret it depending on my own place in time, age etc. I questioned what changes that allows us to understand or to appreciate the trials of triumph on this long drawn out journey. Does our perception of a moment in time change? I don't believe our ability to understand , hear or view is altered with time but as we grow, educate and in some ways develop a stronger sense of empathy we are able to see an experience from different perspectives. Sometimes it feels like  " mellowing with age" gives us greater appreciation and of course the knowledge to grasp without our own preset limitations. 
Looking at the world in times of peace and again at times of war, we find our own beliefs and yes judgment come into play. But I have also noticed that I've begun more to look at life not just from where I stand but from where someone else stands. It is like having an appreciation for a chapter that somehow leaves itself engrained in our character. 

Strength and weakness
we all have a few 
for I remember yesterday
when I knew not what to do.

Trusted in the darkness
 was begging for the sun, 
forgot about the laughter 
misinterpreted love.

I came to the realization 
that everything must be
that is how we grow 
and form our own belief.

It wasn't what about the chosen
but I found it was meant to be,
the crossing of two souls 
and the forming of dreams.

I couldn't explain it but 
I know what I feel ,
the magic of love 
for a moment made 
my heart stand still. 



Interpret a tear drop 
and what it means, 
sometimes of laughter
and a eternal scream. 

Emotional heartache, 
sadness and dispear
and occasional sorrow
tof the time we haven't 

Stories unwritten 
and from yesterday a few, 
each tear drop has both 
gray skies and blue. 

Sunshine and Storms

I saw the stars
fade into the night
as the morning light
through the trees appeared.

Morning to morning
and my heart to yours
as I wake in your arms
like the day before.

Summer fading
and the trees tell us so,
in a blanket of color
they put on a show.

Chapter by chapter
our love endures,
as we write the pages
like never before.

There when you close your eyes
holding you through the night,
again when you awake in the morn
I'm there through sunshine and storms.

I saw the stars
fade into the night
as the morning light
through the trees appeared.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Gray Skies

Amazing how a song can take you back to the exact moment in time as if that moment were current within our thoughts. "Don't let the sun catch you crying." Memories lock in moments and music replays them. The 1960's were an interesting time period for music. The times were becoming restless and music seemed to reflect that change.
Somehow whether we do it as a means of survival or to cushion the heartache we have a tendency to float upon the good moments. Music has always been an extremely important part of our lives. From listening to singing at holidays and more the music brings it all back to life. Occasionally touching on a sad moment , romance and joy.
The anniversary of my sisters one year since her death has just passed and though she was a troubled soul , I remember the child who danced in the rain and sang. Saying goodbye to so many family members hasn't gotten any easier, but just as a child is born someone passes away. This passage all a part of life. There is something about family that becomes the unspoken rule. Mostly because as children you live it together that you don't necessarily have to review it outloud.
I took the day off and with the skies over head a bit cloudy, I slept in a little too long and was in a lazy state of do nothing. Which always give me way to much time to think.

The child within us lives
through memories of long ago,
revealing our yesterdays
like seasons that won't let go.

Tears hidden behind the eyes
of all the stories locked inside,
from heartache to happiness
chapters within the mind.

Day by day the chapters
are recorded to time
a moment of yesterday
leaves behind a rhyme.

Jumping in a puddle
raindrops on the tongue,
scarey movies at night
an unconditional love.

Can't replace it
nor let it go,
but turning the page
writing as we go.

Gerry and the Pacemakers - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying


So many words
combinations a few
to express the emotions
that come with loving you.

Day after day
I take to documenting
the feelings from inside
that took me by surprise.

On earth and in the heavens
everywhere you look
all comes with reminders
what time took.

Happiness and sorrow
the reasons a few
when you said hello
and I fell in love with

So many words
combinations a few
to express the emotions
that come with loving you.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Emotional Response

I didn't go looking
but I can't help but see,
like the blue bird sitting
on a Sycamore tree.

Magical and wonderful
as a romantic dream
as I looked to the heavens
and your love appeared to me.

The colors of life
in shades of every hue,
bring the warmth of a day
when I share with you.

I wanna stay in this moment
in your arms gentle yet strong,
I wanna feel your heartbeat
and have you feel mine.

The concerto moves its audience
with a powerful musical display
as you move my spirit in a
most unique and wonderful way.

To the mountains and beyond the sea,
drain the rivers and soar free,
above the clouds in the sky
where we meet day and night.

I wanna share each moment
erase the darkness from the heart
replace it with sunshine and
at night give to you the stars.

Under the glow
of a midnight stroll,
the moon full
shines down on us.

Lighting the way
to you my love,
where I can see
where once it was

The Sentiment of the Heart

Intense feeling
emotions set free
sharing the love
and our dreams.

Deep breath
exhale with me,
your heart in mine
is our eternity.


You opened your heart
and I opened mine
from that moment
our hearts entwined.

Forever together
that's how it will be,
a treasure of love
and the gems are
you and me.

Tears of happiness
as I embrace the morn
thankful for all that
life has in store.

One day to another
one moment of time
each the blessing
when your soul met

The wind through the trees
preforms in a ballet of sort
as the branches grace the earth
with the winds from the north.

The canvas of life
speaks to us in many ways
as it documents each day
in the most unusual display.

Just outside my window
the skies are dark and gray
but I still see the sunshine
as your love remains.

The telling of a story,
chapters in review as
I see it all around me
whether skies are gray
or blue.

Some may see the darkness
and it's true that life is not fair
but I see such brightness as
we take a moment to share.

There is pain in the passing
as a season prepares to go,
but as long as I have you
the love continues to grow.

Like the flowers in the garden
with bloom after bloom
prepares each morning
as if the day was groomed.

The rain is falling
in an auspicious sort of way
as necessary as it is
the amount need be weighed.

Gray into blue skies
darkness into light
and a sunshine thru
the soul that makes
our world right.

The heart reveals
what we already know
that love likes ours
just grows and grows.

In your arms
is where I should be
to fall asleep and
wake in the morn.

Comfort the soul
with each embrace
as I gaze to the heavens
my heart begins to race.


At the mouth of a river
expect it to flood,
the bottom of a volcano
the lava will run.

Somethings are
inevitably true
beyond the gray skies
you'll surely find blue.


If I ruled the moment
and moment not I,
I'd be in your arms
for the rest of my life.

From our yesterdays
till the ends of time,
my heart in yours
will write the next

Chasing the moment
from the stars till the morn,
I wake up to find what
the day has in store.

Joy and laughter,
happiness and glee
when we take the time
to create new memories.

Forever and ever
that's you and me,
there is no dividing
what God meant to be.

Heart to heart
makes everyday spring
as our soul to soul
brings out the dream.

So I tell you
what you already know
that my love is forever
and continues to grow.

Monday, September 04, 2017


The moon lit the night 
and it appeared like morning,
kind of eerie as it seem 
to bring you near. 

The magic of your love
within my very soul, 
connected the miles
as i fell into your fold. 

No distance between us
you are here right beside me,
your arms wide open and 
I fit in them so perfectly. 

I am home when I am with you, 
I know it is where I'm meant to be, 
for you are my every thought 
you are the best thing that ever
happened to me.

It matters little what we are doing, 
just to spend a moment of your time, 
fate had brought us together and 
gave a title to the rhyme. 

I am ever so grateful 
happy as anyone can be, 
for our hearts became one 
when you said hello to me. 

Sunday, September 03, 2017


The sun does shine
behind the skies of gray,
as long as I have you
there is sunshine in my day.

From early morn
throughout all the storms
as long as I have you
there is sunshine  in my day.

Playing tricks with my mind
as the day battles with time,
as long as I have you
there is sunshine in my day.

Sings ..This Smile

This smile belongs to you
as does my whole heart
and the way I feel when
I think of you.

My feet lifted off the ground
I could barely hold myself down
as you look to the heavenly clouds
and you'll find me waiting around.

This dream belongs to us
as does each beat of my heart
and the way I feel when
I think of you.

This smile belongs to you
as does my hwole heart
and the way I feel when
I think of you.

Gray Skies... with sunshine hidden behind.

Whispers or shouting
my heart is just the same,
with words of love
each and every day.

Songs of happiness and glee
as gaze unto the heavens
and once more starts
the beginning of my dreams.


As if the weather
was crying with rain,
a blanket of darkness
blankets the day.

Weeping for a stranger
and all the hearts in plea,
the loss they are feeling
brings us to our knees.

Can't change yesterday
today is almost lost
but I am betting on tomorrow
that is all we truly got.

The trees stand in silence
the birds have gone away
and here in the moment
it's the heart that speaks
in its own way.

Whispers of passion
for you and you alone,
as I sings softly
let the wind send to
you my love.

Let it heal your heart
make the day feel anew,
give you that something
special, like you have
given too.

I didn't see faces
but hearts did appear,
with stories of woes
their hearts they shared.

I felt that something
when souls cross
and I hope they know
that all is not lost.

Our passage on earth
but a limited time
and though we don't
get it we leave behind
a rhyme.

Sorrow and heartache
for all to see
but they need remember
they leave a memory.

Woven like a colorful cloth,
tightly knitted but very soft,
that is the friendship that we share
when two hearts start to care.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Fa, la , la My Darling

Might not be angels
or a song bird on a tree
but the sound of music
accompanies me.

Sing fa, la , la my darling
fa, la, la here with me,
listen to your heart
and follow your dream.

The silence is broken
with the hum of my soul,
no words are needed
as the love unfolds.

Sing fa, la , la my darling
fa, la, la here with me,
listen to your heart
and follow your dream.

Cold and dreary
with rain falling down
as I take to my pillow
and snuggle it around.

Sing fa, la , la my darling
fa, la, la here with me,
listen to your heart
and follow your dream.

Spending the day thinking of you
remembering when the skies were blue,
closing my eyes and the sunshine appears
that is what happens when we dare to share.

Sing fa, la , la my darling
fa, la, la here with me,
listen to your heart
and follow your dream.


Flowers in the field,
blue skies above
seasons in passing
documents our love.

Exciting moments
like that of spring
wakes the spirit
and conjures up
a dream.

Moving on thru summer
how quickly time will pass
as Autumn color prepares
for another winter blast.

No goodbyes
only hello for you and I,
as we are the sunshine
that erases all of time.


I know the feeling
of loneliness
as I closed my eyes
to feel your kiss.

The embrace
across the smiles
touched my heart
and made me smile.

I know the feeling
of loneliness
as I closed my eyes
to feel your kiss.

My Heart

Today is a gift and
tomorrow a treasure,
with no guarantees
just like the weather.

So I take this moment
as the moment before
to tell you I love you
more and more.

As the darkness fades
and light takes its place
I'm reminded how quickly
a life can fade.

I don't take it lightly
and grateful am I
that you stepped in
to walk by my side.

The sense of peace
that I feel with you
warms my heart
and comforts it too.

Hills and moutains
rivers and seas
all disappear at the
start of each dream.

No matter the distance
how close or how far,
you are always with me
as you are here in my heart.