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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Gray Skies

Amazing how a song can take you back to the exact moment in time as if that moment were current within our thoughts. "Don't let the sun catch you crying." Memories lock in moments and music replays them. The 1960's were an interesting time period for music. The times were becoming restless and music seemed to reflect that change.
Somehow whether we do it as a means of survival or to cushion the heartache we have a tendency to float upon the good moments. Music has always been an extremely important part of our lives. From listening to singing at holidays and more the music brings it all back to life. Occasionally touching on a sad moment , romance and joy.
The anniversary of my sisters one year since her death has just passed and though she was a troubled soul , I remember the child who danced in the rain and sang. Saying goodbye to so many family members hasn't gotten any easier, but just as a child is born someone passes away. This passage all a part of life. There is something about family that becomes the unspoken rule. Mostly because as children you live it together that you don't necessarily have to review it outloud.
I took the day off and with the skies over head a bit cloudy, I slept in a little too long and was in a lazy state of do nothing. Which always give me way to much time to think.

The child within us lives
through memories of long ago,
revealing our yesterdays
like seasons that won't let go.

Tears hidden behind the eyes
of all the stories locked inside,
from heartache to happiness
chapters within the mind.

Day by day the chapters
are recorded to time
a moment of yesterday
leaves behind a rhyme.

Jumping in a puddle
raindrops on the tongue,
scarey movies at night
an unconditional love.

Can't replace it
nor let it go,
but turning the page
writing as we go.

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