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Friday, September 08, 2017


One of the coolest things about Classical Movies is that all ages could watch them and interpret them accordingly. I found that throughout my own life that I was able to see an experience and interpret it depending on my own place in time, age etc. I questioned what changes that allows us to understand or to appreciate the trials of triumph on this long drawn out journey. Does our perception of a moment in time change? I don't believe our ability to understand , hear or view is altered with time but as we grow, educate and in some ways develop a stronger sense of empathy we are able to see an experience from different perspectives. Sometimes it feels like  " mellowing with age" gives us greater appreciation and of course the knowledge to grasp without our own preset limitations. 
Looking at the world in times of peace and again at times of war, we find our own beliefs and yes judgment come into play. But I have also noticed that I've begun more to look at life not just from where I stand but from where someone else stands. It is like having an appreciation for a chapter that somehow leaves itself engrained in our character. 

Strength and weakness
we all have a few 
for I remember yesterday
when I knew not what to do.

Trusted in the darkness
 was begging for the sun, 
forgot about the laughter 
misinterpreted love.

I came to the realization 
that everything must be
that is how we grow 
and form our own belief.

It wasn't what about the chosen
but I found it was meant to be,
the crossing of two souls 
and the forming of dreams.

I couldn't explain it but 
I know what I feel ,
the magic of love 
for a moment made 
my heart stand still. 



Interpret a tear drop 
and what it means, 
sometimes of laughter
and a eternal scream. 

Emotional heartache, 
sadness and dispear
and occasional sorrow
tof the time we haven't 

Stories unwritten 
and from yesterday a few, 
each tear drop has both 
gray skies and blue. 

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