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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Sentiment of the Heart

Intense feeling
emotions set free
sharing the love
and our dreams.

Deep breath
exhale with me,
your heart in mine
is our eternity.


You opened your heart
and I opened mine
from that moment
our hearts entwined.

Forever together
that's how it will be,
a treasure of love
and the gems are
you and me.

Tears of happiness
as I embrace the morn
thankful for all that
life has in store.

One day to another
one moment of time
each the blessing
when your soul met

The wind through the trees
preforms in a ballet of sort
as the branches grace the earth
with the winds from the north.

The canvas of life
speaks to us in many ways
as it documents each day
in the most unusual display.

Just outside my window
the skies are dark and gray
but I still see the sunshine
as your love remains.

The telling of a story,
chapters in review as
I see it all around me
whether skies are gray
or blue.

Some may see the darkness
and it's true that life is not fair
but I see such brightness as
we take a moment to share.

There is pain in the passing
as a season prepares to go,
but as long as I have you
the love continues to grow.

Like the flowers in the garden
with bloom after bloom
prepares each morning
as if the day was groomed.

The rain is falling
in an auspicious sort of way
as necessary as it is
the amount need be weighed.

Gray into blue skies
darkness into light
and a sunshine thru
the soul that makes
our world right.

The heart reveals
what we already know
that love likes ours
just grows and grows.

In your arms
is where I should be
to fall asleep and
wake in the morn.

Comfort the soul
with each embrace
as I gaze to the heavens
my heart begins to race.


At the mouth of a river
expect it to flood,
the bottom of a volcano
the lava will run.

Somethings are
inevitably true
beyond the gray skies
you'll surely find blue.


If I ruled the moment
and moment not I,
I'd be in your arms
for the rest of my life.

From our yesterdays
till the ends of time,
my heart in yours
will write the next

Chasing the moment
from the stars till the morn,
I wake up to find what
the day has in store.

Joy and laughter,
happiness and glee
when we take the time
to create new memories.

Forever and ever
that's you and me,
there is no dividing
what God meant to be.

Heart to heart
makes everyday spring
as our soul to soul
brings out the dream.

So I tell you
what you already know
that my love is forever
and continues to grow.

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