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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Miss You

Just before night fall 
when trees a silhouette
create a canvas 
the evening at its best. 

I find myself daydreaming
like the night before, 
wondering what tomorrow
has for us in store. 

There is so much to be doing
and nothing at all 
but to share my day with you 
documenting forevermore. 

Right outside my window
dark and darker the night 
as the moon not yet in place
to shine down its light. 

Like one too many x-rays
cumulative the memories
bring with them a teardrop
that seers this heart in me. 

Caught between the sadness
and the happiness you bring, 
like the wall of distance that
separates you from me.

I lay here all alone
like the five year old in me,
questioning what's fair 
and relying on my dreams.

The sky complete in darkness
reveals that time goes on 
and my heart tells the story
as my soul sings out in song.

Precious are the memories
the moments that we share
as I have felt true love 
from one who dared to care.

There is no separating 
the two souls now as one,
I felt it like a burst of sunshine
when I was introduced to love.

Keeping busy sets free the mind.

I am having a moment
closes my eyes and falls into your arms.

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