Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, April 27, 2012

sweet kisses

Honey sweet kisses,
love to warm the heart,
the dreams of forever,
in starry filled nights.

Clouds in passing,
happiness abound,
on the road of life,
from heaven on down.

Some people write for others to read,
I write to escape. 
I don't know where I belong,
but I know where I don't belong.

Yes! I want to have fun.

I wanna share a baseball game,
 just to watch you smile,
walk along the beach and
dream with you awhile.

I wanna spend the day
sleeping in your arms,
listening to the raindrops,
free from any harm.

I wanna to comb your hair,
and then mess it with my hands,
give to you a kiss and free the
day of any plans.

I wanna sit on the bench,
the one where dreams are made,
hold your hand in mine and
give thanks for that first day.

I wanna share in your worries,
and make them fade away,
bring to you sweet happiness
and have it returned in a
special way.

I wanna share each season,
and new memories make,
but most of all my darling
I wanna be in your arms
when I awake.

Chocolate Chip Moment

I wanted to delete a few chapters,
unfortunately they are ingrained in who we are.

It's like tasting Crème Brûlée ,
but wanting jello.

The restless soul...

If my pillow could only talk back...

Somethings just aren't right,
but never the less a journey in progress.
Once I realized it wasn't about I,
it was a whole lot easier.

I don't believe life is always about choice,
destiny claims the right away.
If I accept the spinning of the web,
I deny myself the future.
It's not the one who starts your sentence,
interrupt's your sentence or finishes your sentence,
it's the one who actually enjoys what you have to say.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Passing Moment

In the garden there is dream,
in my heart your memory
where the visions of your
love appear to me.

The tales yet to be told,
some are new and some
are old, but they all have
the love of you and I.

In the garden there is a dream,
in my heart your memory,
where the visions of your
love appear to me.

Silvery gray clouds passing by,
dreams, dreams you and I.
Hills in a blanket of white,
the blooms of the trillium a
beautiful sight.

I saw you standing next to me,
my heart revealed the dream.
Rainbows arched across the sky
and there I felt your hand in mine.

Choices may not always seem right,
but the road to happiness is a battle to fight.
Time hardens the kindness of the heart,
quickly it passes taking both day and night.

Good Night My Love

May the whispers soft go haunting
and fall gently upon your ears
and leave with you my love
that only you will hear.

May you catch my kiss and leave
upon your lips all the magic
and passion swirling through
a moment of bliss.

May the night be kind and
the darkness be daring, so
that when you close your eyes,
it will be our hearts bare that we
are sharing.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Like lovers Do

If just one set of words 
find the path to eternities door,
than my promise will be complete
for we will have reached forevermore. 

I wanted to rewrite my yesterdays,
but with the wind they blew and
all that was left were memories
that in my heart are glued.

I reckoned with the past and
quickly let it go, for tomorrow
is awaiting and we will reach it
as through the  day we grow.

No word etched upon the heavens can
speak what's in the heart, for I have
embraced the dark of the night and
danced from star to star.

Peace had fallen and majestic the eve,
where love so warm and kind soothes
 the spirit and gives the gift of belief.

 I felt it from the moment you placed
your hand in mine and strolled on the
 journey that touched all depths of the

The day had quickly passed and it was
as if the night had summoned me, to
lay my head upon the pillow and
once again dream you next to me.

My fingers dance upon the keywords
and soon the words appear, a few
have the semblance of the love
we share.

But the night is quickly passing and
another day soon nears and as I close
my eyes I smile from the laughter
we share.


I spent a life time making excuses for what is. I have a good relationship with my daughter and I try to help remove her insecurities by telling her to like herself,  accept herself and to be herself. But I find that it's easier to give advice than it is to follow it.
I was working on products for the weekend event when it seem to all boil up, different music blasting from different areas of the house and I couldn't find the scissors and I know they are right in front of me. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the bigger picture.

Sandy beaches, blue waters
and my day with you, strolling
through life like lovers do.

In your arms, in your life,
like a summer day, you warm
my heart in an amazing way.

Sweet dreams, starry nights,
a kiss to the lips as I whisper
of love on a cloud of bliss.

Heavenly moments, passion inspired,
with my head on your chest I feel
the fire.

You are the flame of burning desire,
that grows with each second of
of each passing hour.


I feel like I am running out of time...

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Snow

What Makes It Special

The energy devoured
when one soul reaches
out to another.

The fire that warms
the heart on the
coldest of days.

The ability to know
when to give and
when to receive.

The dance that
removes you from
the earth.

The memories
that are stored

The laughter which
lives on through
days of sorrow.

The passion that
exudes from the

The treasure of
life, both beautiful
and priceless.

Realistically life is like a snow storm in spring, 
here today, gone tomorrow. 


I have bartered with the heavens, 
I'd give my heart and soul, to 
wake up in the arms of love 
and feel your tender hold. 

I'm not sure if the heavens heard
me or accepted my plea, but I
am holding on to your love,
if only through my dreams. 


When skies are gray and
the sunshine fades away,
I find myself thinking of you.

When nothing is in sight,
but the rain and dark of night,
I find myself thinking of you.

Perhaps you'll hear the whispers
the ones meant for you on the
clouds the wind fiercely blew.

Directed straight to you,
I'm sending all my love with
each and every kiss under
the skies of blue.

When silence reigns
in the dark of the night,
I offer my arms to
hold you tight.

When stress surfaces
in the middle of the day,
I'll open my heart and
your welcome to stay.

When loneliness enters
and distance remains,
close your eyes and
dream me your way.

Blessed am I by your Love, 
for I was given the gift from
heaven above. 

Happiness with laughter, 
hope with dreams and 
the faith in everything 
love brings.

Life would be empty,
my soul filled with despair,
heartache would grip,
if you my love weren't here.

Some may not understand,
the joy I feel inside, but
that's because they don't
know the love of you and I.

I still see out the window
of the days when I was young,
wondering where the road leads
and if I'd be loved.

The flowers still bloom,
the clouds still pass on by
and I no longer wonder
as I have you by my side.

One smile, one dream,two hearts 
and the sweetest of memories. 

One day, one life, two people 
and the strength to stand and fight. 

One word, one song, two souls
and the rest is just a blur. 

"Chip, chit, chitter "chirped the woodpecker
as she said good morning. 

"Chip, chit, chitter" at the feeder as she 
spoke direct to me. 

"Chip, chit, chitter" it is spring time dear,
no matter the snow.

"Chip, chit, chitter" and she flew away 
and along came another bird. 


The flowers withered, 
the day just passed away
and I was feeling lonely
wishing you here today. 

Like the tickle of laughter
that woke up my soul, 
you my love master, 
the tapestry of gold. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snuggles Under Blankets

It seems as if the month of April is behaving more like March, like the old adage " in like a lamb, out like a lion."  Mother nature  is filled with surprises and lessons, she teaches us to expect the unexpected , to respect and to embrace the moment. The weather men are calling for a mixed bag of unseasonable weather, strong winds, heavy rains , turning into snow and the chance of five or more inches of the usual winter white.  

Hold the moment,
embrace the love,
don't let go on 
those clouds above.

I'm waiting there for
you night and day, 
to hold you close as
the moments fade.

Hold the moment, 
embrace the love,
don't let go on 
those clouds above.

The sky belongs to 
you and I, you were
meant to be by 
my side.

Hold the moment,
embrace the love,
don't let go on 
those clouds above. 


If nothing else Shakespeare taught us that 
love never goes out of style. 


Nothing is worse than watching 
a rose shrivel and die...
I document with words,
so that our love will embrace eternity.

I am content knowing 
that I have experienced love..

It is amazing what you think you know,
until you fall upon what you don't know.
No moment will ever be
repeated exactly the same way.

The ship is sinking...

There can be equality with diversity,
when respect becomes the norm.

I have never been more right
or more wrong than when...


It is amazing how different things look,
when you gaze at life through the various sides.


Is it that I am smarter, older or wiser?


They say " never make the same mistake twice"
no worry there I am good at making new
mistakes all the time.


Technology is amazing
it made the world smaller.

Knowing that you are there
is enough to get me through the darkest days.


When I was a little girl, I saw through adult eyes,
now that I am an adult I see through the child's eyes.


I think the worse thing that
could happen to a person is to die alone.
Love has no equal,
it is above all emotions and actions.

Only half of me is sad,
the other half is happy.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Loving You

The Words Of Love

I wanted the words to be so special, so meaningful and true, I wanted them to be so unique that read they would define the love of two. I ask for all whose eyes would glance just once upon the love I write, to understand the magic that blessed us throughout our life. So I make it no secret as if from mountain tops I sing, the words of love so wonderful they merged our hopes and dreams. There is no deception, believe it if you will, this love is an everlasting treasure that eternity has reached out to shield.  Silence is betrayal for the love fills the air, like the sweet song birds of the morning and the memories incurred. No tears of sorrow, no emptiness of heart, not one drop shall fall upon my cheek, for I embrace our love so sweet. These words are a simple reminder that two merged as one and lived, laughed and gently embraced the purity of love.  

There is no parting,
no heartache or tears

,as two hearts are joined,
forever is shared.

It takes on the mountains,
it flows through the streams,
the love between us is
a sentiment sweet.

Like the dew of the morning,
you are there when I awake
and the chill in the night,
that my soul cannot shake.

Trickery maybe,
the song to my ear,
as each one seems
written of the love
 we share.

The heart never forgets, 
the bonding of two souls,
for the world took on a 
different view, when love
became the glue. 


There is no pain where there is love,
no heartache where there is faith, 
no sadness as long as 
we can dream.

When the darkness takes a hold of the night
and the stars in the sky are seen shining bright,
when I am  all alone with my pillow and I , I
close my eyes and think of our cloud in the sky.

I dream your love, the warmth of your hugs,
the sweetness of your kiss from you lips.
The magic of moment when dreams come true
and I wake up in your arms loving you.

Can't go back,
can't stand still,
runs, runs fast,
 into your arms.

Blue skies blue
and there I am
dreaming of you.

Blue skies blue
and there I am
with you.

Blue skies blue
with whispers of
my love for you.

If these words fall upon only one,
may they be yours ears my sweet
If the day comes to a quick end,
may it find in the arms of my

Friday, April 20, 2012

Panorama view of the heart

I was driving down the back roads today and actually relaxed and enjoying it. At that very moment, I could have driven off into the sunset. So much comes into play but I guess I still teeter on confidence, some days I have it another days it's not to be found. The more I am out and around people the more confident I am. In away I guess the interaction reassures the worth of a person.
You can't get through life without knowing at least one of the Beatles songs. As I looked at the road ahead me, this song came to mind.

The long and winding road that leads to your door
 Will never disappear

I've seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door
The wild and windy night that the rain washed away

Has left a pool of tears crying for the day
Why leave me standing here, let me know the way
Many times I've been alone and many times I've cried
Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried
And still they lead me back to the long and winding road
You left me standing here a long, long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here, lead me to you door

The Beatles.

The long and winding road, leads me to your door.

I have to remind myself how far I have come and how many accomplishments I've made. One cannot fully measure the achievements, until one knows where a person came from and what the endured. I think about how short life is and how little the time seems to be on earth and that always has me exploring exactly what our purpose is. When I was talking with my son, he said that " I am reading more into it, that life is and always has been about survival." To some degree that is true, that all we do is worry about survival, how will survive eat, clothe ourselves, shelter. But as I thought of the other animals in our earthly kingdom I began to question the survival and the need to enjoy life. All animals to some degree play, relax and take in the sun. The chickens like to sun in my main flower garden, they take their dust bather, stretch their wings in the sun and can be seen midday sprawled out. 
I find that we forget how to laugh and enjoy life. Laughter is so important and the enjoyment of companionship. There are so many things that I have learned, acceptance, mutual respect, the love of friendship and our own ability or inability to build and tear down walls. 
I went about the motions today, bathed, dressed, brushed my teeth combed my hair, did a few errands and worked on a few projects at home. Yet all I could see was what I didn't do and what still needed to be done. Imagine a flower that never blooms , a garden that never reaches harvest or a life incomplete, that is how I felt like I never quite see the rose in full bloom. 

Each and Everyday

Spring time flowers come and go,
taking with them the memories 
you and I have sowed. 

Sunshine warm against the face, 
a reminder of the love we share
each and everyday. 
I was glancing through some books and papers that my father had held on to, which were either given as a gift or a project from me to him from my early school days. I thought that poetry was really a recent adventure of mine over the last ten years. I continued to look through the yellowed papers and I realized that I had always had a love for poetry and that I obviously was drawn to various poets.
There was a reference that I changed or was changing and to that my sister said" she is just getting the opportunity to be who she always was" It didn't occur to me that time and place allows for growth. I was so busy wanting to believe everyone else was responsible  for my own self awareness. I looked around and the house revealed my own strengths and weaknesses. No one is at fault for my own mistakes, I alone allowed the curtains on life to remain closed. It wasn't necessary about learning who I was or exploring another part of myself, it was acknowledging the various aspects of my own personality. In away I was spending my life looking for acceptance, when I had yet to understand and accept myself.
My mother always said "that if you think you have it bad someone else has it worse"I never liked that phrase but as I gave it more thought, I realized it had nothing to do with how bad a situation is , but more importantly how we respond to life and confront that which we think are tragic situations.
I picked up a piece of jewelry that was given to me at one of the trade shows. Unique in its setting the personality of the individual could be seen reflected in the piece. I held the pearls to my cheek and the coldness of them flashed a memory. I had this awful ability of making a moment be a forever and a few weeks everlasting. I failed to place each happening in context to the lesson that was being taught at that time. It made me think of when you here someone say that"you can endure your own pain more than if someone else was causing the pain. " I guess that is like being our own worst enemy.
Knowing when to say goodbye is as important as knowing when to say hello. My bedroom has aura reminiscent of my own dysfunction. I was not dealing with my own situation or maybe I was by not dealing with it. I passed control in an obscure fashion as I was clearly expressing myself. Draws the drapes open, allows the sun shine in, doesn't run, doesn't hide but glances in the mirror and likes what is looking back.

Sweet and soft,
don't stand still,
rising high ventures
over the hills.

Kissed your lips,
held your hand,
felt your heart beat,
met the souls demands.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I wasn't looking

I wasn't looking and I
 didn't see time or day,
I wasn't living and I 
was wasting my life

Couldn't see beyond
the mountains or sea,
didn't understand the 
emptiness in me. 

I wasn't looking and I
didn't see time or day,
I wasn't living and I
was wasting my life

Until it happened
and love found the
way and the dreams 
of happiness were 
here to stay. 

I wasn't looking and I
didn't see time or day,
I wasn't living and I
was wasting my life

Unlocked the gate,
the path of life relayed
and it led me safely 
into your arms for
forever and a day. 

When the children and I drove through the old neighborhood everything seemed so much smaller than I remembered. The elementary school, the church and the city houses and streets all see seem to make less of an impact. There were no longer any fears, worries or struggles connected with those places, they were simply buildings. 
The mind has an incredible ability to take yesterday and retain it for tomorrow, this simple quest is the power of memory. Reviewing, acknowledging and occasionally the exploration of our response to a moment in time. 
There is a song or a word or a place I have been, there is a dream and a moment that I hold within. I go back now and than for a quick review and relive that magic that makes the skies blue. 

Can't go on living with your eyes close,
 to feel the love inside.  
Can't go on living in a dream world,
to feel your hand in mine. 
Can't go on singing the songs of love,
to fill the emptiness. 
Can't go on daydreaming of the kiss,
to imagine honey on my lips.
I made it through winter
 to feel the cold in spring.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Endless Combination of the Written Words of Love

Sings>I dream the dreams that place you in my arms, 
relive the moment you first entered my heart. 
I dance the dance in the clouds up above, 
step by step a little closer to you my love. 

The stars shine for you and I,  twinkle bright 
up in the sky. The starry image that is seen, 
cast your soul forever next to me. 

I dream the dreams that place you in my arms, 
relieve the moment you first entered my heart.
I dance the dance in the clouds up above,
step by step a little closer to you my love. 

So close and yet so far, 
so warm and yet so cold,
so happy and yet so sad,
so filled with energy and
yet so tired. 

Hell is being so very close to 
love and yet not being able to touch it. 
There is always a certain amount of fear
that builds barriers seen and unseen. 

My happiness is greater knowing 
you smiled, laughed and loved. 


Harmonious the meeting of heart and soul,
when united in love serenity unfolds. 

The Coyote was howling,
the chickens squawked in fear,
and yet it felt uncompromising,
as sunrise would soon near.

Relatively unbalanced,
till freedom quickly reigns,
and though fear surfaces,
the spirit acknowledges the day.

The deer runs, the apples fall,
the path tangled clears and
no longer blocked by mountains,
a view of heaven nears.

There will always be a certain amount of sorrow, 
as the script was not only written but staged. 

You can have trust without love,
but never love without trust. 

To doubt the bonding of souls, 
is to deny our connection to the world around us. 

Imagine our existence without the sun, the air and the water
 and  most of all without you...no existence at all. 

To be one with the world, 
is to be one with your love. 

We removed mountains by soaring, 
embraced rivers with bridges, 
kissed with the wind, 
embraced with the stars,
and opened the gates
via the heart. 


I want to make a memory,
hold you in my arms,
share the air we breathe,
while listening to your heart. 

I want to feel your touch,
your flesh next to mine, 
stop the clock from ticking,
sending chills down the spine. 

I want to make a memory,
before the day is gone, 
one that will last forever, 
like a well written song. 

Sometimes under the most adverse conditions 
a light shines and reveals the positive. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Story

Love stories, the guy gets the girl, happily ever after and there is the occasional story whether real or fantasy or a mix of both like in the movie the Titanic . In the Titanic there is no happy ever after it ends with a blah kind of for all eternity romance. In the Titanic movie they build the story around Rose and Jack and I find myself laughing as everyone puts a different spin on  a scene near the end of the movie. You know the line ! Jack says "don't let go Rose , don't let go" and  Jack slides into the water and she floats off . Men see it as Rose didn't hold on to Jack tight enough or they both could have lived. Women on the other hand see it a bit of chivalry that the man made sure she was safe in that he was willing to give his own life.
True love stories are at times quite the opposite of the scripts we have viewed over the years. It doesn't always have the components necessary for your happily ever type story, but never the less is a love story.
If you remove the barriers of expectation and unite in away that rewards the heart, by stimulating the soul you will find yourself in a sort of revelation. Exactly what is revealed is the simplicity of love.     Touch the heart and remove  the uncertainty and there you find the joys of life are like that of  a summer breeze, free and ever flowing.

I left behind the words of love
 as a reminder for when we are gone,
 to that I hummed a melody of a
 whimsical unsung song.

 We took the moment and held
 it tight, we danced high in the
clouds,till the raindrops began
to fall and brought our cloud

No walls nor barriers to see,
 like the wind blowing atop the
trees. From earth to the heavens,
from the sea to the shore, from
the moment my faith in love
was restored.

Our love is undeniable,
when we met soul to soul,
never judging and always
true, that is the magic of
I love you.

Our love is a treasure true,
it made the sky a pretty blue,
it gave the world a different hue,
the gems of life that brought me you.

I looked on as the moon found its place in the sky
and I thought how trivial our needs compared to
the vast  universe and than I realized not trivial
at all, for we are one with it. My energy being
your energy and the oneness of our souls.

I cannot give my heart unto another, 

for you have yet to give it back. 

I went back to my childhood days,
there they were written and shall not fade,
but love is wonderful and ours is more grand,
as it meets with our daily romance demands.

So great a love that it can kiss from a distance,
wipe the tears from my eyes and when the day
is over lay tenderly by my side.

I hunger to feel your love...

The only thing that could out do falling
asleep in your arms would be to wake up in them. 

The Unbroken Embrace...is everlasting love.

Love is like a circle,
 no way on , no way off...dizzy.
It took me half a lifetime 
to find out that the dance is everything. 

It is not who leads and who follows, 
it's how you embrace.
There is no off switch to tears,
they just keep on coming.
I was afraid life could be worse,
it could have been, I could have not met you. 

There are so many ways to die...
 I think I have died a few times already. 
They say that life is not fair,
I'd like to tip the scale a little in my favor.
No two stories are ever the same...

Middle of Spring

Bullfrogs sunning and Trout Lilly blooming as the hawks court high above the trees, we are caught up in the middle of spring. I watched the hills come alive and the clouds pass on by as the hollow sang a familiar tune, no words or melody of sweet, just the magic of you and I. The Robins returned to build their nest, as the sun rises and the fish spawn and the hollow now dressed in its best I watched the hills come alive and the clouds pass on by as the hollow sang a familiar tune, no words or melody of sweet, just the magic of you and I. ~

  The bonding of souls, 
 is the embrace of life.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heart and Soul

Down by the stream


In The Garden

There is a seat in the garden,
there is a place in my heart,
for you to join me from afar.

There is a memory to make, 
there is a dream to come true, 
as I whisper the words " I love you."
There is a seat in the garden, 
there is a place in my heart,
for you to join me from afar.                                                              
There is a dance in the heavens,
there is a song yet to be sung, 
as we embrace the moment of love.                                                             

Sings>Sit beside me and hold my hand,tell me you love me and place no demands. Watch the flowers bloom before our eyes and catch a glimpse of the first sunrise. Sit beside and hold me close, whisper words of love and don't let me go. Sit beside me and share the day, you and I and a glass of lemonade. Sit beside me and let the time pass away, eternity has made a play. Sit beside me and kiss me sweet, make a memory that can't be beat.

...one more page.

Sifting the memories,
the gems are left behind,
fun and laughter and
dreams of you and I.

Like sand through a strainer,
crystals shining in my mind,
sparkling  bits of treasure
that I hold deep inside.

I looked to the waves as
they rushed to the shore,
and listened as a whisper
to my heart implored.
If dreams are the gateway
and the window your soul,
than the view that I look
upon is of love as it unfolds.
I tossed the fur and
I shivered inside,
the splendor of love
outshines any thought
of the mind.

Warm is the spirit,
though the flesh is cold,
as the chill of your
memory still bright
and bold.
The heart speaks the truth 
and thus it conveys that the love
that it holds it holds to this day. 
Nothing is more beautiful than love in bloom..
as it is a treasure in motion.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remember This

The stars are mine and the stars are yours,
shining bright as they connect us from a far. 
The moon aglow from the heavens to earth,
leading me darling into your hearth. 

I have always been intrigued by a clear starry night and how something so far away can bring two people so very close. One sky filled with the mystical stars and the light of a full moon and filled with our  hopes and  dreams that lead us down the path of tomorrow. Your love I see, your warmth in me throughout the day prevails,creating a story page by page of love that cannot fail. 

 I love you,
 you love me,
 tied my darling 
 for eternity. 


I have traveled many places 
if only deep with in my mind,
I have felt your embrace,
kissed your lips as your 
heart entwined with mine. 

I have heard the song of love,
the melody of sweet, 
one by one the notes are played
like the music of our dreams. 


This I know 

Each and every morning, 
I share sweet love with you,
through the joy of laughter,
our love just grew and grew.

I have acknowledged that 
caring makes it so and as
I felt the gift of sharing 
there was no letting go.

We challenged the mountain,
we bridged the mighty sea,
laid a path of cobblestone, 
to lead us from our dreams.

Love is never judgmental, 
for it is the sun on a dark day .

... and you will have remembered the greatest of love. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Snow

I am looking for the sunshine and expected the rain, but the snowflakes are falling and the season is on delay. I woke to see a carpet in an unusual white blanketing the spring time hills where once flowers in bloom was all that was in sight.  The winds are  brisk and blowing and the day is awfully cold, feeling more like old  man winter is still in control.

Sings>Gonna take advantage of the season at large and send him the love  I have been holding in my heart. I gathered all my emotions and I whispered to the blue, "when the wind starts a blow in , pack in a kiss or two. "

Gonna take advantage of the season at large and send him the love I've been holding in my heart.  Whether it's rain drops or snowflakes falling from the sky, may they be a reminder of the love inside.

Gonna take advantage of the season at large and send him the love I've been holding in my heart. I chose the river long and it gave to it my love song, sailing it from me to you, with the simple message " I love you"

Gonna take advantage of the season at large and send him the love I have been holding in my heart.  Encompass the earth and the stars at night, my love is shining down like the bright sunlight.

Just as evil embraces war,
love is deeply entwined with peace. 

Monday, April 09, 2012

Embrace the Euphoria

Grand be the gesture, 
wonderful indeed, 
to embrace the Euphoria, 
like sunlight to the cheeks. 

Lips to lips a treasure, 
heart to heart divine, 
the mystical impression,
like a well infused brine.

I have seen the beauty, 
not the lust of flesh, 
that creates a vision,
that eternity will attest. 

The touch like magic,
reached out to my soul,
and tethered tightly with
the most powerful of hold.

My how the memories weave through the mind, teasing the spirit as they try to realign. From the first a breath of laughter, that tickles the soul, releasing the darkness and giving to life a treasure to behold. Like coral of the ocean, a pearl from the sea, the kiss from your lips and the comfort in  the dreams. I have acknowledged and time has recognized the script that was written and the love that nothing can presides.

Once more I gazed into the night 
and watched the stars shining bright,
it was obvious that I could see the 
stars over you were the stars over me. 

Mountains and rivers deemed to divide,
but nothing can remove you from my side,
as I have hold you in my heart, like the
heavens embrace the twinkle of stars. 

I woke in the night, my heart skipped 
a beat and I gasped in the darkness 
with a will to believe...

...and the curtains closed. 

Pierces the heart,
 awaken the soul.


Sung by the heavens,
embraced by the sea,
seared to my heart 
our immortality. 

...not a note but a whole damn song. 


The Bigger Picture

Earth is not replaceable, every time we allow a piece of it to be destroyed for what we think is human necessity, we reveal a deeper level of our ignorance.`

Evil spouts greed, hate and selfishness 
and is ultimately the weakness of all men.

           The beauty I see is 
             through the canvas of life. 
One with the hollow .
its demise affects me
in ways that are 
detrimental to the 
well being.

The seasons spoke,
the flowers bloomed,
nesting birds and the
green that grew. 

Hills and valleys, 
rocks and streams,
natures landscape
and the bullfrog sings. 

Science claims that they have recreated the beginning of life and therefore they know exactly what created the universe. Whether this a theory or a conjecture depends on the reality of the individual. I am known for quoting "you don't see the bigger picture. "  I use to believe that the quote meant looking at the impossible through the windows of possibilities or in the more commonly use term of " thinking outside the box. As I see it greed has dominated and is quickly destroying the Earth, which reminds me of one my favorite quotes from my teenage years " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. " My mind is scattered in a variety of directions from the destruction of the hollow, to the simplicity of life and the humans ability to complicate and destroy the natural balance. 

Faces flash before me of people who have passed away over the years. Was their life the sum of mere existence? Sometimes a word, a thought or an action surfaces and I realized that a part of them lives on in me and it is up to me to pass that on. The answer to our existence varies with each person. If you replace hatred with love and sorrow with happiness you inevitably alter the future and hopefully in a positive way. 

I wanted and end,
where there was a beginning. 

In a short period of time 
the lessons of life were overwhelming. 
Rerouting is the tool of destiny...
we always end up where we 
were always meant to be. 

Greed and Destruction 
are one in the same. 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

The full moon exchange

When I think I have forgotten how to laugh,
you tip the scale with smiles, bringing out
all the laughter as the day unravels.

You comfort in an amazing way that shows
just how much one can care and you leave
with it a reminder that we are and awesome

I found myself lost like a ship at sea, swaying
back and fourth trying to find my way out
of the dream.

There are no words that can clearly 
express the love in my heart...a few have come close. 

It has been a long day...without you
it will be an even longer night. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

Lighter days, 
warmer nights,
spring delight,
and review,
Easter season
a time to renew.

 I had a conversation with my son's girlfriend. We were talking about life  and where we expected to be and what we wanted out of it. She said" I think of you like Snow White, with the birds flying around you and the animals embracing your warmth." I thought it was an unusual description of myself and yet I had heard that a few times before from other people. How people perceive us and who we are sometimes varies depending upon what people connect with. I don't believe we change and yet we are still different to different people. There are many aspects to a personality and people occasionally identify with one or two pieces of a whole being. I thought how we relate to one and other, parent, friend, lover, employer and the list goes on .But how do we see ourselves and what is our merit?
Like a puzzle with many pieces, we believe we need many to complete us. In reality it is not about fulfillment, more so it is enhancement. Who brings out the positive qualities and lays to rest the negativity? We go about stroking our emotions and trying to improve on who we are for mere acceptance. When acceptance must come from self.

My heart whispers
and this the plea,
"look inside and
beyond the dreams"

I am the mountains
and I am the sea,
a moment in time,
and a sweet memory.
Renewing my love for you...
moment by moment, day by day. 

Friday, April 06, 2012


I am the night sky,
I am the stars that shine.
The embrace from a far,
that touches your heart
I am yours and you my
love are mine.

I am the wind that blows,
I am the rivers flow,
reaching you in the night,
just to kiss you goodnight.
I am yours and you my
love are mine.


Sings>Take a little dream and
add a memory and watch it
place me in your arms.

Take a little love and add some
 fun like a  walk on the beach in
the sun.

Our love is special as special
as can be, it dances in the
moonlight as we visit in
each others dreams.

Take a little dream and
add a memory and watch it
place me in your arms.

Take a little love and add some
 fun like a  walk on the beach in
the sun. 

The flesh may be separated by
the mountains and the sea,
but you are in my heart
through sweet memories.

You Can't Rewrite the Wrongs

Sit beside me and listen close, 
to the crackle of sap and the 
snap in the air. The fire ablaze
as it warms the heart and your
 love embers which ignite the
soul like that of kinder to coal. 

If tears are for healing and 
your love is the float, I am
drifting to see in need of 
a boat. Weep no more as
I reach out to you and find
that you are reaching out too. 

Sit beside me and listen close,
to the crackle of sap and the
snap in the air. The fire ablaze
as it warms the heart and your
 love embers which ignite the
soul like that of kinder to coal.

I feel colder today 
than I had felt all winter.

Your kiss,
your arms, 
your love,
my dreams. 

You  can't change the yesterdays,
nor relive what time has taken away.
If I could rewrite the wrongs, I'd
cast you daily in my arms, while
we danced to the singing of our song.

You can't change the yesterdays,
nor relive what time has taken away.
Ya just have to let it all go and
let he love inside of us flow.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Forever Dust

It is one of those kind of days, like a storm in waiting. The sun brazen   breaks through the heavy clouds to cast a light upon the newly birthed green leaves of the lower growing shrubs. I can't help but to stare out the bedroom window and watch as the wind orchestrates a dance that brings the hollow to life. There is a variety of wildflowers blanketing the hills. I am always amazed how mother nature has the ability to throw out colors and paint a picture that changes every couple weeks. It seems as if we started with shades of yellow and gold and now all the native flowers are in bloom. There is a softness to it, almost a blend of calm and a beauty that romances the soul.
Sweet kiss to the cheek,
your touch to my heart,
the warmth of your love,
both near and a far.
The magic of love is that it is never very far,
for I have experienced such a love.
The hand reveals a life spent, 
the heart a life renewed. 
I could find sadness in all that I don't have,
except that I have all one 
can need or want ,
 for I have your

Watching a flycatcher as she returns to nest,
amazing is her return as she uses my bedroom
window and secures a place to perform her best.

Placing aside all the days worry and allowing
my mind to explore the peace as I watch the
fruit blossoms caught in the wind begin to flurry

The greatest of gifts,
 to love and be loved.
Love is awfully simple,
it is magical indeed, 
it can replace a tear
with warm smiles and
sweet memories. 

I reviewed the pages from days of long ago,
a lifetime in passing filled with highs and lows.
Treacherous the crossing, leery the soul, to
travel through the darkness and somehow 
let it go.

I thought it was betrayal, sinful if you will,
to remove the shield from heartache
 and allow the vulnerabilities of life to 

The journey full of sorrow,  that if a soul
could bleed, drained of life was I  and 
as dormant as the winter trees. 

I woke up in the morning,
a chill to my soul, as if 
the night had ended and
taken from me your most
precious hold. 

Time strikes with a vengeance, 
a reminder of its control, taking 
with it our youth and replacing
it with a calendar for fools.

For we can count the days 
and not one will we hold still,
as each quick passing moment, 
breaks down the strongest shield.`
I have come to terms with all
my yesterdays and no longer
can the tears of life leave their
stain on me. 

For today is quick in passing 
and the years have slipped away
and whether it was time or fate,
the outcome is still the same.


Love is many things to many people... to me its a kiss good
morning and a kiss goodnight.

Truth can be painful but it will always
 guide you in the right direction.

The unknown is the greatest of fear,
that which you cannot see nor feel,
but affects you never the less.
When I think how much more 
and than I think of you and say more....much more. 


Closing my eyes and we are hand in hand,
Closing my eyes and I feel your hug, 
Closing my eyes and we are caught in a kiss,
Closing my eyes for a moment of bliss. 

Prison is the locked gates upon the mind,
unlocks the gates and frees the spirit. 

I need my train conductor... I think I can.
Overly sensitive... so that is why I wipe away the tears. 

Sharing hearts,breathes love,
sharing souls, awakens the passion.
I need a lifelong hug. 
The biggest loser in life,
is one who uses another 
as a pawn in a game. 
Of course the biggest winner,
is the one who recognizes,
the purity of love. 

Scattered memorabilia has no meaning,
but that which touches the heart,
is created of forever dust.