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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remember This

The stars are mine and the stars are yours,
shining bright as they connect us from a far. 
The moon aglow from the heavens to earth,
leading me darling into your hearth. 

I have always been intrigued by a clear starry night and how something so far away can bring two people so very close. One sky filled with the mystical stars and the light of a full moon and filled with our  hopes and  dreams that lead us down the path of tomorrow. Your love I see, your warmth in me throughout the day prevails,creating a story page by page of love that cannot fail. 

 I love you,
 you love me,
 tied my darling 
 for eternity. 


I have traveled many places 
if only deep with in my mind,
I have felt your embrace,
kissed your lips as your 
heart entwined with mine. 

I have heard the song of love,
the melody of sweet, 
one by one the notes are played
like the music of our dreams. 


This I know 

Each and every morning, 
I share sweet love with you,
through the joy of laughter,
our love just grew and grew.

I have acknowledged that 
caring makes it so and as
I felt the gift of sharing 
there was no letting go.

We challenged the mountain,
we bridged the mighty sea,
laid a path of cobblestone, 
to lead us from our dreams.

Love is never judgmental, 
for it is the sun on a dark day .

... and you will have remembered the greatest of love. 

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