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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Sifting the memories,
the gems are left behind,
fun and laughter and
dreams of you and I.

Like sand through a strainer,
crystals shining in my mind,
sparkling  bits of treasure
that I hold deep inside.

I looked to the waves as
they rushed to the shore,
and listened as a whisper
to my heart implored.
If dreams are the gateway
and the window your soul,
than the view that I look
upon is of love as it unfolds.
I tossed the fur and
I shivered inside,
the splendor of love
outshines any thought
of the mind.

Warm is the spirit,
though the flesh is cold,
as the chill of your
memory still bright
and bold.
The heart speaks the truth 
and thus it conveys that the love
that it holds it holds to this day. 
Nothing is more beautiful than love in bloom..
as it is a treasure in motion.

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