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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 09, 2012

The Bigger Picture

Earth is not replaceable, every time we allow a piece of it to be destroyed for what we think is human necessity, we reveal a deeper level of our ignorance.`

Evil spouts greed, hate and selfishness 
and is ultimately the weakness of all men.

           The beauty I see is 
             through the canvas of life. 
One with the hollow .
its demise affects me
in ways that are 
detrimental to the 
well being.

The seasons spoke,
the flowers bloomed,
nesting birds and the
green that grew. 

Hills and valleys, 
rocks and streams,
natures landscape
and the bullfrog sings. 

Science claims that they have recreated the beginning of life and therefore they know exactly what created the universe. Whether this a theory or a conjecture depends on the reality of the individual. I am known for quoting "you don't see the bigger picture. "  I use to believe that the quote meant looking at the impossible through the windows of possibilities or in the more commonly use term of " thinking outside the box. As I see it greed has dominated and is quickly destroying the Earth, which reminds me of one my favorite quotes from my teenage years " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. " My mind is scattered in a variety of directions from the destruction of the hollow, to the simplicity of life and the humans ability to complicate and destroy the natural balance. 

Faces flash before me of people who have passed away over the years. Was their life the sum of mere existence? Sometimes a word, a thought or an action surfaces and I realized that a part of them lives on in me and it is up to me to pass that on. The answer to our existence varies with each person. If you replace hatred with love and sorrow with happiness you inevitably alter the future and hopefully in a positive way. 

I wanted and end,
where there was a beginning. 

In a short period of time 
the lessons of life were overwhelming. 
Rerouting is the tool of destiny...
we always end up where we 
were always meant to be. 

Greed and Destruction 
are one in the same. 

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