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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Forever Dust

It is one of those kind of days, like a storm in waiting. The sun brazen   breaks through the heavy clouds to cast a light upon the newly birthed green leaves of the lower growing shrubs. I can't help but to stare out the bedroom window and watch as the wind orchestrates a dance that brings the hollow to life. There is a variety of wildflowers blanketing the hills. I am always amazed how mother nature has the ability to throw out colors and paint a picture that changes every couple weeks. It seems as if we started with shades of yellow and gold and now all the native flowers are in bloom. There is a softness to it, almost a blend of calm and a beauty that romances the soul.
Sweet kiss to the cheek,
your touch to my heart,
the warmth of your love,
both near and a far.
The magic of love is that it is never very far,
for I have experienced such a love.
The hand reveals a life spent, 
the heart a life renewed. 
I could find sadness in all that I don't have,
except that I have all one 
can need or want ,
 for I have your

Watching a flycatcher as she returns to nest,
amazing is her return as she uses my bedroom
window and secures a place to perform her best.

Placing aside all the days worry and allowing
my mind to explore the peace as I watch the
fruit blossoms caught in the wind begin to flurry

The greatest of gifts,
 to love and be loved.
Love is awfully simple,
it is magical indeed, 
it can replace a tear
with warm smiles and
sweet memories. 

I reviewed the pages from days of long ago,
a lifetime in passing filled with highs and lows.
Treacherous the crossing, leery the soul, to
travel through the darkness and somehow 
let it go.

I thought it was betrayal, sinful if you will,
to remove the shield from heartache
 and allow the vulnerabilities of life to 

The journey full of sorrow,  that if a soul
could bleed, drained of life was I  and 
as dormant as the winter trees. 

I woke up in the morning,
a chill to my soul, as if 
the night had ended and
taken from me your most
precious hold. 

Time strikes with a vengeance, 
a reminder of its control, taking 
with it our youth and replacing
it with a calendar for fools.

For we can count the days 
and not one will we hold still,
as each quick passing moment, 
breaks down the strongest shield.`
I have come to terms with all
my yesterdays and no longer
can the tears of life leave their
stain on me. 

For today is quick in passing 
and the years have slipped away
and whether it was time or fate,
the outcome is still the same.


Love is many things to many people... to me its a kiss good
morning and a kiss goodnight.

Truth can be painful but it will always
 guide you in the right direction.

The unknown is the greatest of fear,
that which you cannot see nor feel,
but affects you never the less.
When I think how much more 
and than I think of you and say more....much more. 


Closing my eyes and we are hand in hand,
Closing my eyes and I feel your hug, 
Closing my eyes and we are caught in a kiss,
Closing my eyes for a moment of bliss. 

Prison is the locked gates upon the mind,
unlocks the gates and frees the spirit. 

I need my train conductor... I think I can.
Overly sensitive... so that is why I wipe away the tears. 

Sharing hearts,breathes love,
sharing souls, awakens the passion.
I need a lifelong hug. 
The biggest loser in life,
is one who uses another 
as a pawn in a game. 
Of course the biggest winner,
is the one who recognizes,
the purity of love. 

Scattered memorabilia has no meaning,
but that which touches the heart,
is created of forever dust. 

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