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Friday, April 20, 2012

Panorama view of the heart

I was driving down the back roads today and actually relaxed and enjoying it. At that very moment, I could have driven off into the sunset. So much comes into play but I guess I still teeter on confidence, some days I have it another days it's not to be found. The more I am out and around people the more confident I am. In away I guess the interaction reassures the worth of a person.
You can't get through life without knowing at least one of the Beatles songs. As I looked at the road ahead me, this song came to mind.

The long and winding road that leads to your door
 Will never disappear

I've seen that road before it always leads me here
Leads me to your door
The wild and windy night that the rain washed away

Has left a pool of tears crying for the day
Why leave me standing here, let me know the way
Many times I've been alone and many times I've cried
Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried
And still they lead me back to the long and winding road
You left me standing here a long, long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here, lead me to you door

The Beatles.

The long and winding road, leads me to your door.

I have to remind myself how far I have come and how many accomplishments I've made. One cannot fully measure the achievements, until one knows where a person came from and what the endured. I think about how short life is and how little the time seems to be on earth and that always has me exploring exactly what our purpose is. When I was talking with my son, he said that " I am reading more into it, that life is and always has been about survival." To some degree that is true, that all we do is worry about survival, how will survive eat, clothe ourselves, shelter. But as I thought of the other animals in our earthly kingdom I began to question the survival and the need to enjoy life. All animals to some degree play, relax and take in the sun. The chickens like to sun in my main flower garden, they take their dust bather, stretch their wings in the sun and can be seen midday sprawled out. 
I find that we forget how to laugh and enjoy life. Laughter is so important and the enjoyment of companionship. There are so many things that I have learned, acceptance, mutual respect, the love of friendship and our own ability or inability to build and tear down walls. 
I went about the motions today, bathed, dressed, brushed my teeth combed my hair, did a few errands and worked on a few projects at home. Yet all I could see was what I didn't do and what still needed to be done. Imagine a flower that never blooms , a garden that never reaches harvest or a life incomplete, that is how I felt like I never quite see the rose in full bloom. 

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