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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

Lighter days, 
warmer nights,
spring delight,
and review,
Easter season
a time to renew.

 I had a conversation with my son's girlfriend. We were talking about life  and where we expected to be and what we wanted out of it. She said" I think of you like Snow White, with the birds flying around you and the animals embracing your warmth." I thought it was an unusual description of myself and yet I had heard that a few times before from other people. How people perceive us and who we are sometimes varies depending upon what people connect with. I don't believe we change and yet we are still different to different people. There are many aspects to a personality and people occasionally identify with one or two pieces of a whole being. I thought how we relate to one and other, parent, friend, lover, employer and the list goes on .But how do we see ourselves and what is our merit?
Like a puzzle with many pieces, we believe we need many to complete us. In reality it is not about fulfillment, more so it is enhancement. Who brings out the positive qualities and lays to rest the negativity? We go about stroking our emotions and trying to improve on who we are for mere acceptance. When acceptance must come from self.

My heart whispers
and this the plea,
"look inside and
beyond the dreams"

I am the mountains
and I am the sea,
a moment in time,
and a sweet memory.
Renewing my love for you...
moment by moment, day by day. 

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