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Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Story

Love stories, the guy gets the girl, happily ever after and there is the occasional story whether real or fantasy or a mix of both like in the movie the Titanic . In the Titanic there is no happy ever after it ends with a blah kind of for all eternity romance. In the Titanic movie they build the story around Rose and Jack and I find myself laughing as everyone puts a different spin on  a scene near the end of the movie. You know the line ! Jack says "don't let go Rose , don't let go" and  Jack slides into the water and she floats off . Men see it as Rose didn't hold on to Jack tight enough or they both could have lived. Women on the other hand see it a bit of chivalry that the man made sure she was safe in that he was willing to give his own life.
True love stories are at times quite the opposite of the scripts we have viewed over the years. It doesn't always have the components necessary for your happily ever type story, but never the less is a love story.
If you remove the barriers of expectation and unite in away that rewards the heart, by stimulating the soul you will find yourself in a sort of revelation. Exactly what is revealed is the simplicity of love.     Touch the heart and remove  the uncertainty and there you find the joys of life are like that of  a summer breeze, free and ever flowing.

I left behind the words of love
 as a reminder for when we are gone,
 to that I hummed a melody of a
 whimsical unsung song.

 We took the moment and held
 it tight, we danced high in the
clouds,till the raindrops began
to fall and brought our cloud

No walls nor barriers to see,
 like the wind blowing atop the
trees. From earth to the heavens,
from the sea to the shore, from
the moment my faith in love
was restored.

Our love is undeniable,
when we met soul to soul,
never judging and always
true, that is the magic of
I love you.

Our love is a treasure true,
it made the sky a pretty blue,
it gave the world a different hue,
the gems of life that brought me you.

I looked on as the moon found its place in the sky
and I thought how trivial our needs compared to
the vast  universe and than I realized not trivial
at all, for we are one with it. My energy being
your energy and the oneness of our souls.

I cannot give my heart unto another, 

for you have yet to give it back. 

I went back to my childhood days,
there they were written and shall not fade,
but love is wonderful and ours is more grand,
as it meets with our daily romance demands.

So great a love that it can kiss from a distance,
wipe the tears from my eyes and when the day
is over lay tenderly by my side.

I hunger to feel your love...

The only thing that could out do falling
asleep in your arms would be to wake up in them. 

The Unbroken Embrace...is everlasting love.

Love is like a circle,
 no way on , no way off...dizzy.
It took me half a lifetime 
to find out that the dance is everything. 

It is not who leads and who follows, 
it's how you embrace.
There is no off switch to tears,
they just keep on coming.
I was afraid life could be worse,
it could have been, I could have not met you. 

There are so many ways to die...
 I think I have died a few times already. 
They say that life is not fair,
I'd like to tip the scale a little in my favor.
No two stories are ever the same...

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