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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

...in my heart.

The only thing that could be better than falling
asleep in your arms,is waking up
in your arms. 

I accept...
Sings>There is no mountain we can't climb,
no river to wide, no dreams we can't live
as long as you are by my side.

It should be known.... that I love!
The sky now bluer, 
the grass more green,
the world is beautiful,
when through the heart 
it is seen. 

I pulled you close,
I kissed you sweet,
and there is where 
the story is tweaked. 

I whispered the words from my heart  unto the heavens above,
with a stipulation that with the wind it reaches you my love.
The request was quite simple and to the darkness it gave light
and as I closed my eyes to sleep I felt the magic of my beloved.

Slow and deep each breath, absorbing your energy and returning
it with the greatest of pleasure in the lasting embrace of eternity.
Stars light the heavens, the moon cast a glow and your  love so wonderful and delightful ignited the flame that led beyond the dreams.

I shan't battle the love...
for it is not with me, 
but a part of me. 

My darling, my love...

I can't fall asleep and my mind is definitively overactive.  I am a firm believer that the last thought you have before you fall asleep will dictate your dreams. My mind traveled to places I would rather not be and first they were rather controlling. I once said to a friend,
"I am scared" and they said " welcome to the real world."   What was I really afraid of ? Not being able to grasp the purpose of our life in its full context. I realized that on the journey we are experiencing our reaction to our emotions. That life is filled with lessons and the results are not easily recognized. The wonderment of the world, the heartache, sadness and the ease of misinterpreting the experiences sometimes overshadows reality.

Run, run fast,
and jumps into your arms. 
Fluffed the pillow and pulled the blanket close, 
gazed into the darkness and left my spirit go. 
No longer lying here alone, I am meeting you 
on the clouds where our love can freely flow. 

No darkness, nor skies of gray , only dreams 
of love when hearts set out to play. Whimsical 
the dance with you and you alone. Viewed in
the heavens where our love is shown. 

Don't just hold my hand, 
hold it tight and pull me close. 
Rolls over into your arms...good night.

Recently I was asked, " what is it you want to be remembered for?" At first I thought I wanted to be known for making a difference in the world. As I gave it more thought many different aspects of my life surfaced. I lay across the bed surrounded by darkness and there reality and the dreams of the day battled. I felt as if I spent my life touching with out feeling and occasionally feeling without touching. I tried desperately to see the path, laden with bricks of truth and stumbling before time could reveal which way to journey. In some ways I believe I am here to prepare my daughter for her journey. That personal happiness had not woven the threads of life to remain throughout the final destination. But as time will have it, it sets limits. I looked back over my life, remembering that I believed that faith would alter the outcome. In retrospect I really don't understand the past, the present or the future. They say each person writes their own story, I don't think that is necessarily true, maybe fate does play a part. My son Nicholas said it best " Mom's been held here against here will, this is just not her" When I over heard that for the first time,someones acknowledged the fish out of the fish bowl.

 The irony is that I started my young life not wanting to be alone, to the realization that I am alone even when surrounded by people.

No two people can see the same situation alike...

So what is our intended purpose?

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